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Heze Medical College (菏泽医学专科学校, website) was established in 1950. It is a provincial public full-time general medical college. It is under the leadership and management of the Shandong Provincial Health and Health Committee and accepts the management and guidance of the Provincial Education Department. In the 69-year history of running a school, the school has always adhered to the direction of running a socialist school, firmly established the fundamental tenets of the people, and upheld the spirit of the school motto of “Hanging Pots and Helping the World”, and cultivated a large number of high-quality skilled medical care for the party and the country Health personnel have made outstanding contributions to the cultivation of primary medical and health personnel in the province.

Heze Medical College currently has more than 12,000 full-time students, 597 full-time teachers and 363 part-time teachers. The school covers an area of 1,200 mu, with fixed assets of 1.1 billion yuan, teaching equipment and equipment worth 110 million yuan, and a library of 1 million paper books. At present, with the care and support of the Heze Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, a new campus covering an area of more than 1,100 acres is under preparation and is expected to be put into use in 2021.

Heze Medical College currently offers clinical medicine, nursing, pharmacy, stomatology, preventive medicine, medical testing technology, medical imaging technology, optometry technology, rehabilitation treatment technology, traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation technology, elderly service and management, elderly care and management, 17 majors including health management, medical nutrition, and pharmaceutical production technology, of which 3 majors in clinical medicine, pharmacy, and medical testing technology are national “Higher Vocational Education Innovation Development Action Plan (2015-2018)” projects; the major of clinical medicine is The first batch of demonstration sites for health service majors in vocational colleges in China; majors in clinical medicine and nursing majors are key financial support major construction projects; majors in clinical medicine, nursing and midwifery are provincial specialty majors; majors in health care and clinical medicine Group is a brand professional group in Shandong Province. Possessing 29 provincial excellent courses including pharmacology, physiology, diagnostics, internal medicine, internal medicine nursing, and surgical nursing.

Heze Medical College has 16 on-campus practice bases including clinical skills training centers and nursing skills training centers. There are currently 1 directly affiliated hospital, 3 non-directly affiliated hospitals, 1 integrated rehabilitation base for medical care, and more than 190 practice teaching bases outside the school. The school continues to deepen school-enterprise cooperation, and cooperates with Lunan Pharmaceutical, Chenxin Pharmaceutical, Tiger Pharmaceuticals and other companies to establish “Lunan Class” and “Chenxin Class” to implement orders and targeted training.

Heze Medical College and Weifang Medical College reached a cooperation agreement to jointly recruit a “3 + 2” training course for nursing majors. Signed cooperation agreements with Lanark County College, UK, Women’s University of the Philippines, Caotang University of Korea, Gachon University, and University of West Scotland. The school has participated in the “China-UK-Global Education Partnership” fund “Belt and Road” oral health project, established multi-party cooperative relationships, and promoted professional and cultural exchanges between schools and students.

School graduates are mainly employed in medical and health units and pharmaceutical factories, with high employment quality, strong stability, and high social recognition. The number of students admitted to the university and the admission rate have ranked among the top universities in Shandong Province for 19 consecutive years. Heze Medical College is now the national health and aged service productive training base, the national higher vocational education innovation development action plan unit, and the Shandong high-quality higher vocational college construction unit. Advanced collective of health science and technology education “” Provincial civilized unit “” Safe campus “” Provincial garden-type unit “” Provincial advanced sanitation unit “” Provincial advanced unit of social security comprehensive management “” Shandong province university students’ advanced social practice Units, “Advanced Youth Volunteer Service in Shandong Province” advanced units of ideological and political work in Heze City, garden-type units in Heze City, advanced units of Shandong Education Charity Award and other honorary titles.


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