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Heze Vocational College (菏泽职业学院, website) is a state-run full-time ordinary college approved by the People’s Government of Shandong Province in December 2012 and filed by the Ministry of Education. The college is located at No. 999 Changcheng Road, Mudan District, Heze City. The campus covers an area of 865 acres and the planned construction area is 310,000 square meters. 6 teaching and training buildings, 12 student apartment buildings, 1 student restaurant, 1 student bathing center, 1 stadium, 1 tourism and hotel management training center, with an area of 200,000 square meters, have been basically completed. Value of 800 million yuan, 128,000 books. It has successively been named the National Vocational Training Base for Retired Soldiers, the Shandong Province Outsourcing Service Training Base, the Shandong Tourism Industry-University-Research Cooperation Base, and the Shandong Top 100 Student Funding Work Unit. It has two professional projects in Shandong Province, including the e-commerce professional group and artificial intelligence professional group.

Heze Vocational College has 10 departments including commerce and logistics department, mechanical and electrical engineering department, transportation engineering department, information engineering department, economic management department, food and chemical engineering department, construction engineering department, tourism management department, five-year college department, and basic teaching department unit. Now open e-commerce, logistics management, accounting, mechatronics technology, elevator engineering technology, industrial robot technology, computer application technology, animation production technology, automotive inspection and maintenance technology, new energy vehicle technology, applied chemical technology, industrial analysis technology, There are 21 majors in food biotechnology, construction engineering technology, building decoration engineering technology, photovoltaic power generation technology and application, distributed power generation and microgrid technology, tourism management, flight attendant, music performance, and internet finance. At present, there are 7,500 full-time students in our college.

Heze Vocational College currently has 38 on-campus training bases, mainly including e-commerce, equipment manufacturing, information technology, chemical engineering, automobile maintenance, accounting and finance, tourism services and other training rooms, teaching equipment and equipment 18.44 million yuan, and on-campus training bases The total construction area is 7089 square meters. There are 1,000 teaching computers and 170 online teaching classrooms. It is planned to invest an additional 68 million yuan this year and next year to build training rooms for e-commerce entrepreneurship, smart logistics, smart manufacturing, Internet finance, and flight attendants.

Heze Vocational College currently has a total of 398 faculty members, of which 312 are full-time teachers, 97 are professional and technical titles of deputy or higher level, 146 are graduates with a master’s degree or above, 165 are teachers under 35, and 58 are national or provincial outstanding teachers 4. Provincial teaching experts. Among the full-time teachers in the school, 30.24% are teachers with senior professional titles, 28.39% are teachers with a master degree or higher, and 40.12% are teachers under 35.

Our school adheres to the market-oriented, service-oriented, and prominent school-running concept. With the guidance of the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, and work-study integration, we have promoted the formation of a talent-cultivation model that integrates knowledge with practice, the exchange of work and study, and the integration of dual certificates. Actively cooperate with JD.com, Alibaba, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, Haier Group, Hisense Group, and Aerospace Science and Technology Group 55 to establish school-enterprise training bases and establish 65 off-campus student training bases.

Heze Vocational College actively provides social services. In 2017, there were 2,000 people in various types of social training and adult education.


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