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Introduction to Huangshan Vocational and Technical College

Huangshan Vocational and Technical College (黄山职业技术学院) is a full-time public higher vocational college officially approved by the Anhui Provincial Government in March 2010 and officially registered by the Ministry of Education. In April 2012, November 2013, and August 2016, Huangshan Health School, Huangshan Tea School, and Huangshan Zhonghua Vocational School were successively reorganized and incorporated into Huangshan Vocational and Technical College.

Huangshan Vocational and Technical College covers an area of 691 acres with a total construction area of 142,000 square meters. The teaching and living facilities such as the training building, teaching building, library, student apartment, restaurant, and stadium are first-rate and fully functional. The school currently has teaching and auxiliary units such as the Marxist College (Basic Department), the International Nursing College, the Department of Medicine, the Department of Industry and Finance and Trade, the Department of Tourism, the Department of Architecture and Gardening, the Continuing Education Center and the Graphic Information Center, and provides preschool education. , Nursing, Midwifery, Clinical Medicine, Medical Imaging Technology, Pharmacy, Tourism Management, Tour Guide, Hotel Management, Food and Beverage Management, Carving Arts and Crafts, Computer Application Technology, Digital Media Application Technology, Electronic Commerce, Electronic Commerce Technology, Electrical Automation Technology , Accounting, financial management, tea planting and tea processing, tea art and tea marketing, garden technology, construction engineering technology and other 23 majors in 8 major categories, and jointly with Anhui Medical University, Anhui Agricultural University co-organized undergraduate and specialist correspondence courses.

Huangshan Vocational and Technical College currently has 273 faculty members, including 196 full-time teachers (2 are high, 74 are deputy highs, and 95 have intermediate titles), and 77 are administrative logistic managers. The college recruits full-time regular three-year vocational students and five-year vocational students starting from junior high school. Currently, there are about 7,000 full-time students.

Huangshan Vocational and Technical College’s scientific research achievements have been reported in a high number and quality. The research projects include 5 key projects of humanities and social sciences in Anhui universities; 3 key projects of natural sciences in Anhui universities; and action plans for innovative development of higher vocational education 5 projects; 2 provincial-level school-enterprise cooperative practical education bases; 2 provincial-level professional comprehensive reform pilot projects; 4 provincial-level excellent video public courses; 11 provincial-level teaching and research projects; and municipal-level social science innovation and development research topics 6 item. There are 2 provincial-level teaching teachers, 1 provincial-level teaching team, and 1 third prize of Anhui Province Teaching Achievement Award. In 2017, our college was selected as a list of universities in China’s intangible cultural heritage inheritance population research and development plan. The list was determined and announced by the Ministry of Culture, Commerce, and Education. Tsinghua University, Peking University, and other 78 colleges and universities were selected. Only two colleges in our province are our college and the Chinese University of Science and Technology.

Huangshan Vocational and Technical College has achieved good results in national and provincial vocational skills competitions. In 2017, Liu Shuyang, a student of the Department of Architecture and Gardening, won the first place in the 44th World Skills Competition Horticulture Project China. In 2019, Zheng Quanyong, a student of the tourism department, won the gold medal in the stone sculpture project of the 45th World Skills Competition. As of December 2019, the college has won more than 70 provincial and ministerial vocational skill competitions (groups, individuals). The college has established long-term cooperation with more than 60 enterprises and institutions such as China Ropeway Association, Huangshan High-tech Zone, Huangshan City Tourism Commission, Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Xiangyu Hotel, Ancient Huizhou Cultural Tourism Zone, Huangshan Runyi Company, Huangshan Changren Hospital, etc. Relations, extensively carry out school-enterprise cooperation, school-land cooperation and integration of production and education, establish a stable off-campus internship training base, and cultivate high-quality technical and skilled personnel for local economic and social development.

Huangshan Vocational and Technical College will continue to undertake the mission of reforming the pathfinder and the training of technical and skilled personnel. It is exploring the establishment of a modern vocational education system, innovating the system of higher vocational education, improving the integration of production and education, enhancing the vitality of vocational education, and improving the vocational education society. Continue to work on such aspects as service capabilities. The college will always adhere to the social and market-oriented school positioning, strive to deepen the construction of connotation, and strive to form a group of modern service industry professional groups with medical, tourism, e-commerce, and garden as the core, and build a group of inherited Hui school gardens and Hui school Non-heritage cultural professional groups with strong local cultural characteristics such as architecture, emblem carving, emblem cuisine, emblem opera, Xin’an painting school, Xin’an medicine, and Huangshan tea culture. As the only higher vocational college in Huangshan City, give full play to its own teaching advantages, especially in the training of skilled talents, to provide talent guarantee for local tourism and economic development.

Huangshan Vocational and Technical College adheres to the road of school-enterprise cooperation based on skills training and employment-oriented. It attaches importance to the cultivation of students’ professional qualities, strengthens the cultivation of practical skills, actively promotes the pilot of modern apprenticeship, and strives to connect the market with professional settings Demand and dedication to serve regional economic and social development. The faculty and staff of the school will not forget their original intentions, have the courage to open up, and strive to build the college into a “student satisfaction, parents assured, socially recognized” characteristic higher vocational colleges.


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