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Hubei Polytechnic Institute (HBPT, 湖北职业技术学院, website) is a comprehensive state-run full-time higher professional education institution independently established and approved by the Ministry of Education of P.R.China. HBPT is a national demonstrative vocational college and national demonstrative base of high-skilled talent training. HBPT occupies an area of 1574 Mu, with school building area of 568,000 square meters and over one million volumes of books in the library. Currently,it has 845 full-time teachers,316 sub-senior teachers and teachers with above titles, 5 young and middle-aged experts and provincial model workers who enjoy allowance of the State Council and have outstanding contribution in Hubei Province, 7 experts of National Teaching Steering Committee of Higher Vocational College, 7 evaluation experts of higher vocational college of Ministry of Education, 1 famous teacher in Hubei Province, 13 skilled famous teachers in Hubei and 61 guest professors.

HBPT insists on implementing “university-enterprise-society” diversified open-type school-running pattern, explores talent training mode of “integration of specialty and profession and blending of course and post”, builds technology innovation park and constructs new form for cooperation of university-college-institute of university-local place and university-enterprise. HBPT has built a national major of teaching reform pilot, 12 key provincial majors, 4 provincial teaching teams, 8 practical training bases of provincial key construction, 9 national excellent courses and 26 provincial excellent courses and the national excellent courses rank first in similar colleges in Hubei Province. 3 majors have been incorporated to Hubei emerging (pillar) industrial base program and 2 majors have won support of central finance for special service industry project of higher vocational college of the Ministry of Education, with 3 majors incorporated to construction of the first batch of specialized teaching resource library of the Ministry of Education.

In the recent years, 3 technology achievements have won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress, the third prize of national scientific and technological progress and the first prize of scientific and technological progress in Hubei Province. 7 achievements have won teaching achievement award in Hubei Province, including 1 first prize, 3 second prizes and 3 third prizes; students have won over 150 awards in skills competition of provincial level and above such as national vocational college skill competition and national mechanical innovative design competition for undergraduates and the obtaining rate of double certificates is up to 98.27%. In recent 3 years, average employment rate of graduates has been up to 93.59% and that in 2013 was up to 95.39%.

Hubei Polytechnic Institute adheres to the school motto of “moral cultivation and feat creation, enjoy learning and professional enthusiasm”, attaches importance to cultural resources of filial piety culture of China, sticks to education strategy for integration of filial piety culture of China and innovation and entrepreneurial culture, cultivates skilled talents with character of “gratitude, responsibility, loyalty and dedication” and innovative and entrepreneurship spirit. Tan Zhiping, national moral model and Deputy to the 12th People’s Congress, Yan Wenjing, Party Representative of the 18th National Congress, national May 1st labor medal, winner of national “March 8th” red-banner pacesetter, Wei Diren, winner of national moral model award nomination, Yu Hanjiang, model of national “filial piety and respect the aged in China”, Du Fangfang, “star of filial piety and respect the aged in China”, Zuo Dehan, “Chinese good person”, forming the phenomenon of “group star of morality”.

Hubei Polytechnic Institute sticks to opening to the outside world to run the college and extensively communicates and cooperates with similar colleges in America, Canada, Britain, Germany, Norway, Australia, Korea and other countries, becoming the important window for reform, development and opening-up of Wuhan urban circle.


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