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Introduction to Hunan Institute of Science and Technology

Hunan Institute of Science and Technology (湖南理工学院, website) is located in Yueyang City, a famous historical and cultural city and a national regional central city. Facing Yueyang Tower and adjacent to Dongting Lake, it is a provincial university with science, engineering, literature, economics, management, law, education, arts and other disciplines coordinated development. It is a doctoral degree awarding unit in Hunan Province and one of the first batch of national integrated development projects of production and education The planning universities of the practical type, the planning universities of Hunan Province during the 13th Five Year Plan period, and the first-class discipline construction universities in Hunan Province.

Hubin University, with beautiful natural environment and profound humanistic background, has a history dating back to 1910. Now it has 16 teaching colleges, 54 undergraduate majors, 8 first-class disciplines master’s degree authorization points, 8 master’s degree authorization points, 1 domestic first-class construction discipline and 1 domestic first-class cultivation discipline, and 5 provincial key construction disciplines.

The school has a campus area of nearly 2000 mu, with more than 17000 full-time undergraduate, master’s and international students, more than 1000 full-time teachers, including 430 professors and associate professors, more than 200 master’s supervisors, candidates for the “new century excellent talents support plan” of the Ministry of education, experts enjoying the special allowance of the State Council, national excellent (model) teachers, and national excellent ideological and political theory teachers There are more than 270 talents in Hunan Province, such as “121 Talents Project of the new century”, provincial famous teachers, young talents of Hunan Province, etc., 20 long-term high-level foreign teachers, and dozens of specially hired professors, such as the national “thousand talents plan” and the national “outstanding young scholars”, etc.

The school adheres to the principle of “taking this as the basis”, solidly promotes the integration of production and education, the coordinated education, and the continuous improvement of education and teaching ability. The number of approved undergraduate teaching “quality engineering” projects ranks in the forefront of colleges and universities in the province, including 4 national characteristic specialty construction sites, 9 provincial characteristic specialties, 1 national new engineering research and practice project, 1 national experimental teaching demonstration center, 1 National off campus practical education base for college students, 11 provincial excellent practice bases, and online opening of provincial excellent products There are 15 courses and 27 provincial practical teaching platforms. In addition, it has won 2 second prizes of national teaching achievement awards, 3 pilot projects of education system reform in Hunan Province, 1 key promotion project of building a strong province of education, and 2 pilot projects of comprehensive reform of national specialties.

The school pays attention to the cultivation of students’ innovative spirit and ability, and the quality of talent cultivation is high. In the past five years, students have obtained 56 national authorized patents and over 1400 provincial awards in various disciplines competitions, including over 170 national awards. In 2017 and 2019, the National College Students’ electronic design competition won 4 and 3 national first prizes respectively, ranking 13th and 15th in the national ranking, and the number of first prizes ranked 1st in Colleges and universities of Hunan Province. It has won 143 research-based learning and innovative experimental programs for college students at or above the provincial level, including 52 at the national level. Students’ enrollment adjustment line, employment rate and enrollment rate of postgraduate entrance examination rank first among similar colleges and universities in the province.

The school actively meets the needs of the national innovation driven development strategy, and the level of scientific research is rapidly improved. At present, there are 18 provincial and ministerial scientific research platforms, including 3 key laboratories in Hunan Province, 1 Key Laboratory in China’s machinery industry, 1 Collaborative Innovation Center in 2011, 3 provincial engineering technology research centers, 1 provincial engineering research center, 1 provincial engineering laboratory, and 6 provincial social science research bases. In the past five years, it has won 42 national self science fund projects, 19 national social science fund projects, 29 science and technology awards at or above the provincial level, including 2 at the national level, and the column of “contemporary academic history research” in Yunmeng journal has been selected into the third batch of “famous column construction” projects by the Ministry of education.

The school actively serves the regional economic and social development, and the social service ability is continuously enhanced. More than 30 high-level discipline platforms have been jointly built with local governments, industrial enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes. We cooperated with huaxiaxin company to establish “heterogeneous computing and Application Research Center”, which makes the school become a member of the world’s top chip alliance organization (HSA); we integrated school resources, flexibly introduced domestic and foreign high-level experts to establish advanced optical Research Institute, New Energy Research Institute, organic polymer functional materials research center, large logistics research and innovation center, machine vision and artificial Intelligent research center, 3D printing laboratory; established “key research base for conservation and utilization of cultural relics and buildings in Hunan Province” with Shanghai Jianwei group; introduced high-level self employment doctor and professor from National Defense University of science and technology to establish “military civilian integration research institute” and “Hunan Emergency Communication Engineering Technology Research Center”; established comprehensive cooperation framework agreement with local government to establish Hunan Province Yueyang Rural Development Research Center, Hunan Quyuan culture research base, Yuezhou kiln production, learning and research base, Tianyue Mufushan Culture Research Center, etc.

The school has accelerated the process of internationalization of education and continuously improved the effectiveness of opening up. Since 1985, foreign teachers have been employed to teach and recruit and train international students. It has successively established friendly inter University relations with universities in the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Russia and other countries, implemented the collaborative cultivation project of this master and doctoral program, and launched the Sino foreign cooperative education project with universities in South Korea. More than 10 foreign teachers have won honorary awards such as “National Friendship Award”, “Xiaoxiang Friendship Award” and “Furong Award”. Russian foreign teacher Vladimir Ganin received two cordial interviews with Comrade Xi Jinping, chairman of the state. In addition, the school actively participates in the “one belt and one way” sports assistance plan, and has undertaken nearly 10 countries’ sports training tasks, and has been granted the Hunan foreign sports technology training reception base.

The school has continuously consolidated its development foundation and improved its school running conditions. It has built a first-class library with an area of 37000 square meters and more than 3000 reading seats in the province. In addition, it has launched the construction of 36000 square meters of experimental training center, 20000 square meters of sports and teaching complex building, 50000 square meters of “baling talent” apartment, 40000 square meters of production, learning and research building, 25000 square meters of academic exchange center, experimental teaching equipment, books and materials The construction of material and intelligent campus has been strengthened continuously. The campus property and student canteen have all realized the socialized trusteeship. All the student apartments have been installed with air conditioning, hot water and direct drinking water. The school running function has been continuously improved, and the campus has changed with each passing day.

In the long-term process of running a school, the school inherits the advanced cultural thoughts and the essence of Hunan culture, practices the school motto of “the best, the poor and the rational” and the school philosophy of “three based”, and gradually forms a fine school spirit of “preciseness, harmony, realism and innovation”. Strengthening the construction of the party in an all-round way ensures the correct direction of running the school and promotes the healthy development of the school. It has been rated as “national civilized unit”, “national advanced collective for employment of college graduates”, “national advanced unit for teacher’s morality construction”, “national advanced unit for introducing foreign intelligence”, “Hunan Innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base”, “provincial advanced grass-roots party organization”, etc.

Entering the “13th Five-Year”, facing the new development opportunities and challenges, the school guided by Xi Jinping’s new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, clarified the general goal of building a distinctive local university with high social influence, formulated the “two steps” development strategy, put forward the development thought of “two transformations”, and determined the two major starting points of the “big Shen Bo”. At present, the school’s upward development atmosphere is strong, momentum is just right, momentum is sufficient, the majority of teachers and students adhere to reform and innovation, promote work culture, actively make suggestions for the school’s reform and development, forge ahead, and stride forward with pride towards a better future!




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