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Introduction to Hunan International Business Vocational College

Hunan International Business Vocational College (湖南外贸职业学院, website) was formerly the Provincial Grain School established in 1954 and the Provincial Foreign Economic and Trade School established in 1978. In 2003, the two schools were merged and upgraded to form Hunan Vocational College of Foreign Economics and Trade. In 2010, it was renamed Hunan Vocational College of Foreign Trade. Director of Commerce.

The college is connected with the national “Belt and Road” cooperation initiative and Hunan ’s “innovation leadership, opening up and rising” strategy, highlighting the characteristics of the word “foreign,” adhering to the school philosophy of “running a school with an international perspective and cultivating high-end business talents,” and “establishing integrity and working hard” The school motto follows the development path of “establishing a school with quality, promoting a school with characteristics, strengthening a school with talents, living a school with culture, and administering a school according to law.”

Focusing on the characteristics of the word “foreign”, the college has done a good job of writing articles on the word “foreign”. It adheres to the principle of cultivating people by virtue of virtues, taking school-enterprise cooperation and the integration of production and education as the main line, deepening education reform and innovation, strengthening governance systems and capacity building, and comprehensively Strengthen the internationalization of professional groups, majors and courses, build an internationalized teaching staff, continue to increase the radiation and service capacity building of international training, and improve the quality of talent training with “foreign language ability + diplomatic ability + professional skills + comprehensive quality”, Efforts will be made to build the college into a first-class province in the province, a leader in the national business industry, and a well-known vocational college in the country.

Hunan International Business Vocational College is located in Foreign Trade Road, Dingziwan Street, Wangcheng District, Changsha City, covering an area of 706 acres. It currently has more than 9,200 students and 460 faculty members. In order to better meet the needs of the construction of an open and strong province, the college strengthened the construction of professional connotation and innovative methods of talent cultivation, and suspended a number of majors that are not closely connected with foreign economic and trade industries and have little relevance to the school’s positioning. “All the way”, to adapt to the new economic normal and Hunan’s innovation-led, open and rising strategy, majors closely related to the transformation and upgrading of foreign economic and trade industries. In curriculum design, more emphasis is placed on developing students’ professional skills, foreign language skills, and diplomatic skills. In terms of educating people, further strengthen school-enterprise cooperation, promote the integration of production and education, and train practical talents that are “useful” and “well-done” in enterprises and parks.

The college connects Hunan Foreign Trade and Economics, e-commerce, tourism services, and general consulting and other industries. It has established four distinctive professional groups of international commerce, e-commerce, international tourism, and international finance and economics. 9 secondary colleges, including the School of Business, the School of Tourism, and the School of Arts, offering international economics and trade, business English, computerized accounting, marketing, hotel management, flight attendants, e-commerce, software and information services, interior arts Design and other 22 majors, has successively established more than 50 national and provincial key vocational education construction projects.

Hunan International Business Vocational College is the first batch of exemplary higher vocational colleges in Hunan Province, the first batch of training bases for international business officials by the Ministry of Commerce, the National Vocational College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration, a member of the National Foreign Economic and Trade Education Instruction Committee, and the vice-president of the National Higher Vocational Research Association Long-term unit, executive director unit of China International Trade Association, executive director unit of China Foreign Economics and Trade Accounting Association, national export-oriented talent training base for foreign trade, national cross-border e-commerce talent training base, Hunan e-commerce innovation and entrepreneurship incubation base, Hunan province Tourism education training model colleges. The college also led the establishment of Hunan International Business Vocational Education Group.

From 2010 to 2017, Hunan International Business Vocational College undertook a total of 183 foreign aid training programs, training nearly 6,000 trainees from developing countries. The technical cooperation project of the Ministry of Commerce’s assistance to Sudan’s Ntuman Vocational Training Center is the largest foreign aid project in the field of vocational education in Hunan Province, and it is also a typical example of “going out” of vocational education in China. In the past three years, a total of 226 enterprises have been organized to visit and inspect enterprises in and outside the province; 130 forums and seminars of various forms have been organized; 7 professional and professional international cooperation matchmaking sessions involving 236 companies and 456 foreign students have been held. Promoted eight cooperation agreements or memorandums of cooperation between Hunan enterprises and developing countries, with a total contract value of nearly 600 million US dollars.


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