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Introduction to Hunan Polytechnic of Water Resources and Electric Power

Hunan Polytechnic of Water Resources and Electric Power (湖南水利水电职业技术学院, website) is a water conservancy public university that was approved by the Hunan Provincial People’s Government and filed by the Ministry of Education in 2005 and is included in the national unified enrollment plan. It belongs to the Provincial Water Resources Department.

The college is located in the historical and cultural city of Changsha, and the transportation is very convenient. It covers an area of 666.9 acres and a building area of 159,200 square meters. There are nearly 8000 full-time students, more than 2,000 correspondence students, 366 faculty members, 192 full-time teachers, and 210 part-time teachers on and off campus. There are 102 professional and technical positions above the deputy high level, and 147 “double-ranked” teachers, including 46 “double-ranked” teachers in the national water conservancy industry. There are 1 National Huang Yanpei vocational education “outstanding teacher”, 2 members of the National Banking Directing Committee, 2 provincial new century 121 talent engineering candidates, 3 provincial and ministerial-level professional leaders, 5 teaching teachers, 3 national water conservancy vocational education rising stars Person, 1 provincial outstanding teacher, 7 young backbone teachers in the province, 2 “outstanding teachers” in vocational education of Huang Yanpei, 1 person in the province’s first “top ten water conservancy artisans”.

Hunan Polytechnic of Water Resources and Electric Power currently has 23 majors, covering 7 major categories and 12 sub-categories, such as water conservancy, materials and energy, and construction, including 2 majors in central financial support, and 4 national demonstration programs in water vocational education. , 2 national high-quality water conservancy construction majors, 1 national water conservancy backbone, 1 specialty major, 1 provincial boutique major, 2 provincial education reform pilot majors, 1 provincial demonstration specialty cluster, 1 provincial first-class specialty cluster, 13 provincial teachers’ classrooms were built. It has one central financial support training base, one provincial demonstration school-enterprise cooperative productive training base, and one national excellent professional practice training base for water conservancy. There are 59 internal training rooms and 96 external training bases. Established 2 professional entities and more than 2.354 million electronic and paper books in the library.

Hunan Polytechnic of Water Resources and Electric Power established the “Hunan Water Conservancy Vocational Education Group”, with 194 members, promoting the deep integration of higher vocational education into the water conservancy industry chain, and providing talent support for the leapfrog development of water conservancy. More than 600 well-known enterprises and institutions, such as the Hunan Hydrological and Water Resources Survey Bureau, Central South Hydropower Survey, Design and Research Institute, and Guangdong Hydropower Group, have become stable employment bases for the academy, and have opened up channels for sending defense non-commissioned officers to the army. The college has a national vocational skill appraisal office, a national computer high-tech examination station, and a vocational skill appraisal station unique to the water conservancy industry. Students at the school can obtain professional qualification certificates such as engineering surveying, maintenance of electricians, CAD, office software applications, and electrical watchkeepers. The college graduate employment rate ranks among the top universities in the province. In the past three years, more than 100 training courses have been held for directors of national (provincial) water conservancy bureaus, backbones of water resources management, and safety management of water conservancy and hydropower construction enterprises, and more than 60,000 people. Carried out training and appraisal work for surveying payoff workers, water quality inspectors, electrical watchmen, etc., and trained and appraised more than 14,000 people. Ranked 8th among the top 20 Hunan Province Higher Vocational Education Service Contributions in the “Hunan Higher Vocational Education Quality Annual Report (2018)”.

Hunan Polytechnic of Water Resources and Electric Power passed two evaluations of talent training by the Ministry of Education with excellent results. Has been awarded the National Water Conservancy Higher Vocational Education Demonstration College, Hunan Provincial Demonstration (Backbone) Higher Vocational College, Hunan Provincial Civilization Unit, Hunan Province “Peace University”, Hunan Educational Scientific Research Base, Hunan Higher Vocational College Advanced employment units, advanced sports work units in ordinary colleges and universities in Hunan Province, innovative universities in Hunan Province. Selected as the first batch of high-skilled talent cultivation bases in the water conservancy industry, established a national high-quality water conservancy vocational college construction unit, Hunan Provincial Education Informationization Innovation Application Demonstration Higher Vocational College, and Hunan Vocational Skill Competition Base.

Hunan Polytechnic of Water Resources and Electric Power is committed to building a high-tech technical personnel training base for water resources and hydropower.


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