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Hunan Railway Professional Technology College (湖南铁道职业技术学院, website) is the only vocational college in the country that is mainly oriented to the rail transportation equipment manufacturing industry. Founded in 1951, it was the Zhuzhou Railway Factory Technical School. In 1979, the school was upgraded from a technical school to a technical secondary school, and was named Tianxin Railway Technical School. In 1983, the school was renamed Zhuzhou Railway Electrical School. In July 2000, Zhuzhou Railway Electrical School merged with the Ministry of Railways Industrial Workers University and was upgraded to Hunan Railway Vocational and Technical College. In November 2009, the school was transferred to the Hunan Provincial People’s Government for management by the China National Railways Corporation and was included in the unit directly under the Education Department. In 2004, he was awarded “excellent” in the evaluation of talent training in higher vocational colleges of the Ministry of Education. In 2009, it passed the inspection of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance, and became one of the first 28 national model higher vocational colleges in the country. In July 2015, it was established as the first batch of excellent college construction units in Hunan Province. In July 2019, it was selected as a national high-quality vocational college. In December 2019, it was selected as a high-level vocational school construction unit with Chinese characteristics.

Hunan Railway Professional Technology College currently has more than 11,500 full-time vocational students. Schools of Intelligent Manufacturing for Rail Transit Equipment, School of Intelligent Control for Rail Transit, School of Rail Transit Locomotive and Rolling Stock, School of Rail Transit Electrical Technology, School of Rail Transit Operation Management, Marxism College, School of Quality Education (International Education College), College of Physical Education, Innovation 10 secondary colleges, including the School of Entrepreneurship and the College of Continuing Education. The school won the “National Party Construction Work Model Branch”, “the first batch of outstanding colleges and universities in China to evaluate the level of talents training”, “National Advanced Unit for Vocational Education”, “Top 50 National Graduate Employment Experience Models”, and “National Vocational College Teaching” Top 50 Management, “Top 50 National Vocational College Student Management”, “National Demonstration Colleges for Deepening Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform”, “The Fourth National Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Award Excellent School”, “Modern Apprenticeship Reform Pilot Unit of the Ministry of Education” A number of provincial and ministerial level and above honors.

Hunan Railway Professional Technology College is deeply rooted in the entire industrial chain of rail transit equipment manufacturing, and has established three major professional clusters of rail transit equipment intelligent manufacturing, rail transit equipment application, rail transit operation management and service; launching of railway locomotive vehicle manufacturing and maintenance, and maintenance of EMU There are 31 higher vocational majors (directions) in technology, urban rail vehicles, etc., forming a professional system covering the manufacturing, operation, management, and maintenance of the industrial chain of high-speed rail, ordinary railway, subway and other rail transportation equipment. The school has 5 national key vocational colleges for key construction majors supported by central finance, 1 national quality major, 2 national education reform pilot majors, 3 national model majors, 2 national teaching resource banks, and higher vocational education in Hunan Province. Three first-class specialty groups. Developed 3 national professional teaching standards, with 12 national quality courses, 12 national quality resource sharing courses, 23 provincial quality courses, 8 provincial online quality open courses, and established the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” national planning textbook 42 this. Won 5 national teaching achievement second prizes.

Hunan Railway Professional Technology College currently has 1 academician workstation, 12 technical master studios, and more than 60% of full-time teachers from enterprises. Has one national “Ten thousand people plan” teaching teacher, one State Council special allowance expert, one national college ideological and political theory teaching expert, two national outstanding teachers, one national “Huang Yanpei outstanding teacher”, three secondary professors , 3 members of the Industry Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education; 2 candidates for the third level of Hunan New Century 121 Talent Project; 2 winners of the Xu Teli Education Award in Hunan Province; 3 teaching teachers at the provincial level or above; 2 teachers in the province of Furong Name, 1 provincial “Double Teacher Teacher”, 14 professional leaders above the provincial level, 20 young backbone teachers above the provincial level, 4 famous teachers in the railway industry, 1 annual national nomination award for college counselors, Hunan Province There are 3 instructors of the year; 3 national teaching teams and 5 provincial teaching teams. In 2019, the teaching team of applied electronics technology was selected as the first batch of national vocational education teacher teaching innovation team project construction units; school teachers won the first prize of the 2019 national vocational college teaching ability competition (first place).

Hunan Railway Professional Technology College relies on the rail transportation industry to run schools and highlight the characteristics of rail transportation to educate people. In addition to knowledge and skills education, it has systematically implemented the four core “trait” training systems of “homeland feelings, broad vision, sunny mentality, and locomotive spirit.” Accurately cultivate the developmental, innovative, composite, and international talents in the rail transportation industry that are “manufacturable, able to drive, and maintainable”. Graduates will be able to develop “And favored by rail transit companies. Beginning in 2016, the school and Hunan Normal University jointly trained undergraduates and jointly implemented a public-cost oriented training program for teachers of secondary vocational courses in Hunan Province. In the past 3 years, students have won more than 100 awards at provincial level and above. Among them, they have won the first prize of the first prize of the electronic product design and production competition in the National Vocational College Skills Competition. 1st in the national finals and 1st in the group in the “Jianan Cup” Urban Rail Transit Trainer Vocational Skills Competition (student group) in the transportation industry. Among the students, modern apprenticeships and other orders train more than 70% of students, the overall employment rate of graduates is more than 95%, and the counterpart employment rate is more than 70%. The graduates are mainly in CRRC affiliated companies, 18 railway bureau group companies, and 27 subway Companies, Shenzhen Huawei, Sany Heavy Industry, Germany’s Siemens and other enterprises were highly employed by employers. Over the past 68 years, it has trained more than 80,000 highly qualified professionals for the country. According to incomplete statistics, among the graduates, 30 people have grown into CRRC “High-Speed Rail Craftsmen” and China National Railway Group Co., Ltd.

Hunan Railway Professional Technology College has established cooperative relationships with 30 educational institutions and multinational companies in 13 countries (regions) including Russia, Germany, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. Dozens of cooperation such as joint development. As one of the initiators of the “Belt and Road” vocational education alliance, the school has closely followed the high-speed rail. The school cooperates with St. Petersburg State Jiaotong University in Russia to launch three Chinese-foreign cooperative education programs, including railway locomotives, with 350 students. In 2018, the school obtained qualifications for recruiting international students. Enrollment started in 2019. There are currently 41 international students from 5 countries including Thailand, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan. Trained more than 300 local employees in rail transit for foreign aid projects such as the “Mongolia-Nepal Railway” and “Belt and Road” countries including Thailand and Nigeria.


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