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Introduction to Hunan Traditional Chinese Medical College

Hunan Traditional Chinese Medical College (湖南中医药高等专科学校, website) is a public full-time general college of higher education approved by the Ministry of Education in 2004 and organized by the Hunan Provincial Government. The school is located in the tomb of Shennong, the ancestor of the Chinese nation, and the important transportation hub city in Central and South China-Zhuzhou City. It is only 30 minutes away from Changsha, the provincial capital.

Hunan Traditional Chinese Medical College was founded in 1959 and has a history of running schools for 60 years. There are two campuses, Luying Campus and Yunlong Campus, covering a total area of more than 700 acres, with a total construction area of 260,000 square meters. The campus environment is beautiful, supporting environmental facilities with Chinese medicine as the main body. All the greening and beautification of the campus uses medicinal plants, which has a strong atmosphere of traditional Chinese medicine culture. Standard athletics field, football field, basketball court, gymnasium and auditorium are complete. The school has fixed assets of 270 million yuan, a library of 350,000 paper books, more than 1,000 Chinese and foreign periodicals, 460,000 electronic books, and 5,000 electronic periodicals. A modern electronic book system has been completed.

Hunan Traditional Chinese Medical College currently has 390 faculty members, including 197 senior titles; 190 master and doctoral students; 58% of dual-qualified teachers; 3 master tutors, and Hunan Medical Leader 1 Person, 1 Hunan outstanding teacher, 1 provincial teaching dedication award, 3 provincial “225” project high-level health talents, 2 national traditional Chinese medicine technology transfer talents, 1 national traditional Chinese medicine innovation talent, 1 provincial There are 10 backbone teachers, 4 teaching experts, 2 excellent teachers in Zhuzhou, 1 scientific and technological leader in Zhuzhou, and 2 core experts in Zhuzhou.

Hunan Traditional Chinese Medical College has one directly affiliated hospital (Hunan Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital), which is a third-level first-class hospital. It is the first batch of demonstration Chinese medicine hospitals in the country with 1200 beds. There are 3 cooperative affiliated hospitals such as Zhuzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Trauma Hospital, 20 teaching hospitals such as Zhuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital, 6 on-campus training centers such as clinical skills training centers, and more than 130 internships and training bases.

Hunan Traditional Chinese Medical College consists of 7 teaching departments (departments) including the Department of Clinical Medicine, Department of Nursing, Department of Pharmacy, Department of Rehabilitation and Health Care, Department of Basic Medicine, Department of Ideological and Political Affairs, and Department of Public Affairs. , Medical imaging technology, traditional Chinese medicine health care, acupuncture and massage technology, rehabilitation therapy technology, medical cosmetology technology, traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation technology, nursing, midwifery, nursing service and management, traditional Chinese medicine, pharmacy, drug quality and safety, traditional Chinese medicine preparation technology, pharmaceutical business And management in 16 majors, including more than 10,000 full-time students.

In the past five years, Hunan Traditional Chinese Medical College has undertaken more than 300 scientific research projects at or above the city hall level, and has won more than 30 city (office) level teaching and scientific and technological achievement awards, including two second-level national teaching achievement awards, 4 provincial teaching achievement awards, 1 national outstanding scientific research achievement award, 1 first prize, 1 second prize, 5 provincial and ministerial outstanding scientific research achievement awards; More than 1,000 academic papers, of which 60 are reprinted by SCI, CA, CSCD, CSSCI and the National People’s Congress copy materials, and more than 90 core journal papers. Teachers have published more than 300 teaching materials, including 100 editors and 90 deputy editors. The school sponsors the Journal of Hunan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Hunan Traditional Chinese Medical College has delivered more than 40,000 talents to the society, and a large number of outstanding alumni have been born: such as Li Kanghua, president of Zhuzhou People’s Hospital, Yang Yong, chairman of Hanfang Sinopharm, He Yao, the most beautiful nurse, and Pan, the most beautiful rural doctor Jian Gen and college student “Village Officer” Li Li, etc. The employment rate of school graduates has remained above 90% throughout the year, and the one-time pass rate for nurse qualification examinations has been above 98% for 5 consecutive years. In recent years, our students have participated in professional skills competitions organized by departments at all levels throughout the country, Hunan Province, Zhuzhou City, etc., and have repeatedly won first prizes or good first prizes for individuals and groups.

Hunan Traditional Chinese Medical College has signed cooperation agreements with a number of companies and hospitals. It has co-operated with Qianjin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Ordinary Pharmacy, Yifeng Pharmacy, Xiuyuantang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Taiwan Luolifen Group. Order class “; carried out modern apprenticeship training for medical beauty technology majors with Guangzhou Meilai Hospital; jointly implemented with the First Affiliated Hospital, Zhuzhou Traditional Chinese Medical Trauma Hospital, Zhuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Zhuzhou 331 Hospital, Zhuzhou People’s Hospital “1 + 2” cooperation in running schools; in cooperation with the Provincial People’s Hospital, Provincial Children’s Hospital, and Xiangya Second Affiliated Hospital, carry out the training of specialized nurses such as “ICU”, “respirator” and “stoma care”. Zhuzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Trauma Hospital, Qianjin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Yueyang Xiuyuantang Co., Ltd., and Zhuzhou Maternity and Child Health Hospital are the demonstration bases for the school-enterprise cooperation in Hunan Province.


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