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Introduction to Hunan Vocational College of Electronic and Technology

Hunan Vocational College of Electronic and Technology (湖南电子科技职业学院, website) is a full-time general institution of higher education with the qualification to independently issue higher education diplomas, which is approved by the Hunan Provincial People’s Government and is filed by the Ministry of Education. In the thick Hexi University Town, the towering Lushan Mountain, Linhaohaoxiang water, and the Lugu National Hi-tech Development Zone have the same vein, with a developed science and technology industry, a strong ecological atmosphere and a cultural atmosphere. The elegant campus environment is an ideal place for studying and studying. The school opens electronic information engineering technology, nursing, pharmacy, software technology, computer network technology, automotive electronics technology, mechatronics technology, construction engineering technology, engineering cost, accounting, internet finance, marketing, e-commerce, clothing and apparel design, There are 23 majors such as art design and performing arts, and three major professional groups including intelligent electronic technology, intelligent e-commerce, and intelligent community construction and service, which are closely connected with the electronic information industry. “Electronic Information Engineering Technology” and “Computer Network Technology” are two major municipal-level majors, with more than 15,000 students.

Hunan Vocational College of Electronic and Technology has a beautiful campus environment and fresh air. The main building of the campus presents a British style, with the Langtai Pavilion Garden, the small bridge flowing, and the perfect combination of Chinese and Western cultures. The school has a comprehensive strength, and has built a number of high-standard on-campus training bases, such as electrical and electronic training centers, mechanical technology processing training centers, new energy vehicle training centers, Huawei network training centers, and nursing training centers. A solid guarantee for growth and success.

Hunan Vocational College of Electronic and Technology currently has more than 600 full-time (part-time) teachers including corporate technical experts, of which more than 50% are “dual teacher” teachers. In recent years, he has hosted more than 30 provincial and ministerial teaching and research topics and obtained more than 20 national utility model invention patents.

The college signed high-skilled talent training strategic cooperation agreements with Changsha High-tech Development Zone, Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone and other national and provincial economic development zones, and carried out in-depth cooperation with them, implementing “order-style” talent training, and truly let students find Satisfied with counterpart work. It has won many awards such as “Hunan Advanced Graduate Employment Work College” and “Hunan Graduate Employment Pioneering Training Demonstration College”, and has trained more than 60,000 high-skilled talents for the society. All previous graduates have been awarded The employment rate is over 92%, and the one-time employment rate for graduates with specialties is over 97%.


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