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Founded in 2001, the Institute of Information Technology of GUET (桂林电子科技大学信息科技学院, website) is an institution of higher education with general undergraduate qualifications approved by the Ministry of Education. The host Fang Guilin University of Electronic Science and Technology is one of the four electronic science and technology universities in the country. It is a joint university established by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and a key university in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Chief designer of China’s lunar exploration project, winner of the National Science and Technology Award, and academician Sun Jiadong of the Chinese Academy of Sciences are honorary presidents of Guilin University of Electronic Technology.

The university is located in Guilin, a famous historical and cultural city and an international tourist attraction, adjacent to the Huajiang Campus of Guilin University of Electronic Technology. Relying on the disciplines, professional advantages, and high-quality education and management resources of Guilin University of Electronic Technology, it has gradually developed into an ordinary undergraduate college with a higher level of running a school. Currently there are 32 undergraduate majors, and it recruits full-time ordinary undergraduates for 25 provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions) nationwide, with more than 12,600 enrolled students.

The university is based in Guangxi, facing the whole country, serving the industry and regional economic and social development. It has gradually built a high-level application-oriented university that is mainly based on work, has prominent advantages in information disciplines, coordinated multi-disciplinary development, and has distinctive characteristics in similar institutions across the country.

The Institute of Information Technology of GUET has a beautiful campus environment and complete study and living conditions. The school has been rated as “China’s Independent College of Comprehensive Strength”, “Guangxi University Advanced Unit of Ideological and Political Work”, “Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region College and University Safe and Civilized Campus”, “Autonomous District Health School” and “National University Student Apartment Management Service Advanced Unit”. The student cafeteria and apartment were rated as “Guangxi University Model Standardized Student Canteen” and “Guangxi University Model Standardized Student Dormitory”.

The university is market-oriented. After years of construction, the university has formed a distinctive professional construction pattern. It has established three engineering professional groups of electronic information technology, computer engineering application technology, mechanical design manufacturing and equipment. The computer science and technology specialty group is the first phase of the pilot group for the transformation and development of newly-established undergraduate colleges in Guangxi. The major of electronic information engineering, material molding and control engineering was listed as the first batch of key construction projects in private universities in Guangxi. Communication engineering, electronic information engineering, The four majors of mechanical design and manufacturing, automation, and marketing were listed as the key support construction majors of private universities in Guangxi in 2018. The major of material molding and control engineering was rated as the characteristic specialty and curriculum integration construction project of Guangxi universities.

The Institute of Information Technology of GUET has cooperated with TI, NI, Xunfang and other companies, and has won 19 education-industry cooperative education programs. The College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship was established, and communication innovation colleges and universities in 6 different disciplines, including a practice base for college students, an innovation and entrepreneurship center for college students, and a love tea room for college students. The engineering and technical talents practice education base was rated as “autonomous region-level college students’ off-campus practice education base”, and the university student innovation and entrepreneurship center was named “Guangxi university student entrepreneurship demonstration base.” The Mental Health Education and Counseling Center for College Students was rated as the first batch of demonstration centers for mental health and counseling for college students in Guangxi. Joined the National Alliance of Applied Universities (College) to further promote the process of building high-level application universities.

The university has won 1 first prize, 2 second prizes and 4 third prizes at the autonomous region-level teaching achievement award. Vigorously cultivate “knowledge and behavior culture”, and won one second prize for outstanding achievements in the construction of campus culture across the country. Students have repeatedly achieved good results in various types of science and technology competitions. Among them, one national first prize in the National University Student Electronic Design Competition; two national first prizes in the National University Student Mathematical Modeling Competition; and the National Bronze in the Third China “Internet +” University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition One award, one gold award and one silver award in Guangxi. The student men’s basketball team won 9th place in the 2016 CUBA (Sunshine Group) China College Basketball League Finals. Graduates are welcomed by employers. The school’s employment rate over the years is above 93%. The school has been appraised five times by the Education Department of the Autonomous Region as “the advanced collective for graduate employment in the region”, and in 2018, it was appraised as “the outstanding unit for graduate employment and entrepreneurship in the region”.

The Institute of Information Technology of GUET implements the strategy of strengthening the school with talents, and the comprehensive level of teachers is high. Through the implementation of plans such as the introduction of outstanding talents, the cultivation of innovative teams, the improvement of young teachers’ business abilities, the internationalization of teachers, and the training of “dual teacher” teachers, the employment of specially-appointed professors, part-time professors, and guest professors and other measures have gradually formed a sufficient number of High-quality professional faculty with noble teacher ethics, superb business, reasonable structure, high academic level, and sustainable development. Among the teachers are one member of the Guangxi University Undergraduate Teaching Steering Committee, one of the second-level talents of the Guangxi “New Century One Hundred Thousand Talents Project”, one of the top 100 young and middle-aged subject leaders of Guangxi universities, and two outstanding talent funding programs of Guangxi universities. 2. Two key teachers training programs in Guangxi universities and one training accountant in Guangxi. Received 1 first prize and 4 second prizes at the autonomous region-level teaching achievement award. In the 17th National Education and Teaching Informationization Grand Prix, our school’s teaching team won the highest prize of the contest-the Grand Prix.

The Institute of Information Technology of GUET actively develops international exchanges and cooperation to expand the international perspective of teachers and students. Cooperation agreements have been signed with universities in countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, and Taiwan. Students can participate in various long-term and short-term overseas (border) training, exchanges, exchanges, and master’s degree programs.


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