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Jiamusi University (佳木斯大学, website) is located in Jiamusi, China’s earliest place to meet the rising sun and the best ecological and charming city. The city where the school is located is the provincial sub-central city of Heilongjiang Province, and it is the political, economic, technological, cultural, educational, medical, commercial, and transportation center of the northeastern region of the province. And the planned northeast destination city of the Shenjia high-speed railway; strategic location is important, and it is located in the center of the Northeast Asian economic circle. It is China ’s bridgehead to Russia ’s Siberia and the Far East. The main channel for Russian economic and trade cooperation.

Jiamusi University was founded in 1947. It was approved by the former State Education Commission on June 27, 1995. It was formed by the merger of Jiamusi Medical College, Jiamusi Institute of Technology, Jiamusi Teachers College, and Jiamusi University. Professional schools, Fujin Normal School, and Heilongjiang Institute of Technology have been incorporated.

The university is a key high-level university in Heilongjiang Province. It is a comprehensive university in Heilongjiang Province that contains medical majors. It is a “basic capacity building project of one hundred national midwest universities in the 13th Five-Year Plan” period (second phase) “Supporting colleges and universities” is one of the first demonstration colleges in Heilongjiang Province to deepen innovation and entrepreneurship education reform.

Jiamusi University covers an area of 1965 acres (1.31 million square meters), with a building area of 571,000 square meters. There are 25 colleges in the school; it has 4,020 faculty members (including 3 affiliated hospitals), including 1,557 senior titles, and provincial teaching. There are 8 famous teachers, 2 provincial excellent postgraduate tutor teams, 4 provincial university science and technology innovation teams, and a group of specially-appointed professors and visiting professors such as academicians of the two colleges and Longjiang scholars.

The university mainly develops full-time undergraduate education, actively develops graduate education and international student education, and steadily develops continuing education; there are 22,367 full-time undergraduate students and 1,590 postgraduate and postgraduate students from 31 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions. There are 512 international students and 16,440 continuing education students. The school persists in improving the all-round and all-round education system, vigorously implements the comprehensive reform of education and teaching, continuously innovates the talent training model, and strives to cultivate high-quality applications with firm ideals and convictions, a strong sense of social responsibility, a solid professional foundation, innovative spirit and practical ability. Talent.

University disciplines cover eleven university disciplines such as literature, science, engineering, medicine, economics, education, law, history, management, agriculture, and art; give full play to the comprehensive advantages of a full range of disciplines and promote interdisciplinary Integration; Optimizing disciplines and professional structure, relying on traditional superior disciplines such as medicine and engineering to promote the coordinated development of various disciplines, the level of discipline construction has been steadily improved, and the comprehensive advantages of disciplines have been further demonstrated; there are currently two first-degree disciplines authorized by doctorates and 14 master’s degrees Authorized first-level disciplines, one master’s degree authorized second-level disciplines, nine master’s degree professional authorization points; seven provincial key disciplines approved, one post-doctoral research station and three post-doctoral research stations.

Jiamusi University currently has 77 undergraduate majors, including 3 national-level specialty majors, 1 national-level comprehensive reform pilot project, 11 provincial key majors, and 4 provincial-level comprehensive reform pilot projects; the existing provincial key experiments 3 laboratories, 3 provincial key laboratories, 4 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers; has now become the deputy director unit of Heilongjiang Province University Quality Course Alliance, has joined the East and West Course Alliance of China, UOOC (University Open Online Course) Alliance and China Medical Education Alliance.

Jiamusi University presides the national “973” and “863” projects, the National Natural Science Foundation, Social Science Foundation projects, National Science and Technology Support Projects, Health and Health Commission, Ministry of Education and National Civil Affairs Commission projects Subjects; dozens of national invention patents have been obtained in research fields such as wear-resistant materials, drug research and development, agricultural machinery engineering, and new progress has been made in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The school has become the supporting unit of the China National Anthropology and Ethnology Research Association for the Research Group on Smaller Populations, the Medical Education Professional Committee of the Medical Education Professional Committee of the Chinese Higher Education Society; There is one engineering research center, as well as rehabilitation medical talent training bases of the National Health and Medical Commission, Heilongjiang General Medical Training Center, and standardized training bases for residents in Heilongjiang Hospital. The school currently has three journals: “Journal of Social Science of Jiamusi University”, “Journal of Natural Science of Jiamusi University”, and “Heilongjiang Medical Science”. The journal “Journal of Social Science of Jiamusi University” has been evaluated as a National Class A Journal.

The total value of university fixed assets is 1.466 billion yuan, of which the total value of teaching equipment is 340 million yuan. The school has tennis courts such as clay court, hard court, etc. that meet the international “Four Major Events” standards, ice skates, speed skating and other “ice and snow” sport venues, as well as all kinds of standardized sports venues such as comprehensive gymnasiums, swimming pools, track and field stadiums. Facilities; There is a modern concert hall; It realizes the full wired and wireless coverage of the campus network and the campus card; It has a modern digital library with a library of 26,133,000 books, and millions of electronic books and Chinese and foreign literature can be realized through the mobile library. Carry your data with you; have a curriculum center platform, immersive classrooms, recording and broadcasting classrooms, and full digital classroom coverage, which can provide a good ubiquitous learning and research environment for teachers and students.

The university has 3 affiliated hospitals and 1 school hospital (community health service center); the first affiliated hospital is a third-level comprehensive hospital directly managed by the Heilongjiang Health and Medical Commission, a provincial-level regional medical center, and the eastern part of the province. Medical Education Center, Clinical Medical Scientific Research Center, Difficult Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Center; the Second Affiliated Hospital is one of the first six dental schools (departments) established in China, and it is now the first tertiary first-class oral specialist hospital in Heilongjiang Province. Heilongjiang’s largest center for the diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases, preventive health care and teaching and scientific research; the Third Affiliated Hospital is China’s first specialized institution engaged in the prevention, rehabilitation and research of cerebral palsy, the first rehabilitation medical school in the country, and two countries The chairman committee unit of the first-level children’s rehabilitation academic group.

Jiamusi University has established friendly and cooperative relations with 48 universities in 13 countries and regions including Russia, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and Italy. As the Chinese government’s entrusted institutions for studying in China, it accepts international students from 34 countries to study at school. The school has now joined the Sino-Russian Medical University Alliance; the existing Ministry of Education training base in Russia and the Heilongjiang Jiamusi Sino-Russian Science and Technology Cooperation Center are located in our school.


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