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Jiangmen Polytechnic (江门职业技术学院, website) was formally established in July 2004. It is a full-time public general vocational college. It is formed by the former Jiangmen Education College, Jiangmen Industrial Secondary Professional School, and Jiangmen Finance and Trade School. The school passed the evaluation and acceptance of talent training in higher vocational colleges of the Ministry of Education in 2009. The establishment of a provincial demonstration school and the “Innovation and Strong School Project” was launched in 2010. It became a provincial model higher vocational college training unit in 2012 and became a 2013 The construction unit passed the inspection and acceptance in 2018. Currently, he is the lead unit of Jiangmen Vocational Education Federation, the vice chairman unit of Guangdong Province ’s “Belt and Road” Vocational Education Alliance and preschool education teacher development alliance.

The main campus of Jiangmen Polytechnic is located on the shore of the beautiful Xijiang River, with a planned land area of 1080 acres and a building area of 292,500 square meters. There are 8 teaching departments including materials technology, electronics and information technology, economic management, mechanical and electrical technology, education and education technology, foreign language, art design and ideological and political theory teaching department, and new materials and chemicals, advanced equipment manufacturing, intelligence 49 majors in manufacturing and modern service. More than 13,000 full-time students. The school has 731 faculty members, 601 full-time teachers, 130 full-time teachers with senior professional titles, and 344 teachers with master’s degrees and above.

Jiangmen Polytechnic strives to promote the integration of production and education and school-enterprise cooperation “precision docking and precision education”. Docking with Cuishan Lake Industrial Park, High-tech Development Zone, “Talent Island” in Pengjiang District, Dechang Electric and other industrial parks, major projects and key enterprises. Cooperate with Gudou Hot Spring Company, Sinopec and other large enterprises to build a modern apprenticeship pilot; cooperate with Gudou Hot Spring Company to establish a hot spring college. In cooperation with the campus of Taishan City, Xinning College of Jiangmen Vocational College was jointly established, and majors such as tourism management, mold manufacturing, and mechatronics were established. Signed a cooperation agreement with the Macau Tourism Institute, explored the joint establishment of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area tourism industry qualification standards, and actively promoted the establishment of the Greater Bay Area Tourism Vocational Education Alliance to jointly promote the training of tourism talents.

The school has achieved fruitful results. The school has obtained 14 provincial-level open courses, 16 teaching reforms and other projects; 2 teaching achievement awards; it has leading talents in higher vocational education majors in the province, teaching masters in colleges and universities, 3 outstanding teaching teams, and the “Qianbaishi Project “Two provincial-level training targets, more than 80 municipal high-level talents. The central government supports 3 training bases, 7 provincial-level training bases, 3 provincial-level public training centers, 3 provincial-level vocational education special support funds to support 3 training bases, and 6 out-of-school practice teaching bases for college students.

Jiangmen Polytechnic gives full play to the function of serving the society. In 2017, it provided 42 technical services for industries and enterprises, obtained 97 national patents and 64 patents. Non-profit training services increased from 5,495 person-days to 9,888 person-days.

Jiangmen Polytechnic students have repeatedly achieved excellent results in various competitions, winning nearly 20 national awards and more than 400 provincial ones. In the “Challenge Cup” Guangdong University students extracurricular academic science and technology works competition, won multiple special awards, first prize, won the “Group Winning Cup” for five consecutive years. In 2018, in the “Challenging Cup-Rainbow Life” national vocational school innovation and effectiveness entrepreneurship competition, won the first prize nationally and achieved new breakthroughs; in the province’s college student electronic design competition, competed with more than 900 participating teams , Won 2 first prizes, 2 second prizes, 6 third prizes.

The school is widely welcomed by the society, and the registration rate of freshmen in 2018 reached 90.05%. Graduate employment quality and satisfaction have further improved. In 2017, the overall employment rate of graduates reached 100% for the first time, maintaining a momentum of growth for 5 consecutive years, and the counterpart rate reached 87.11%, and the satisfaction of employment status continued to increase. The initial employment rate of graduates in 2018 reached 97.54%.

Jiangmen Polytechnic attaches great importance to the construction of cultural campus, organically combines traditional culture with the spirit of the times, and integrates Chinese culture, overseas Chinese culture, science and technology culture, and corporate culture into one. The construction of teaching style, study style, and school style has achieved remarkable results. “One campus” traditional Chinese culture education system. The school has successively won “Guangdong Civilized Units”, “Guangdong Safe and Civilized Campus”, “Jiangmen City Civilized Units”, “Jiangmen City Advanced Collectives”, “Guangdong Red Flag League Committee”, “Guangdong Provincial College Graduates Employment Advanced Work Collectives” “Guangdong Language Written Standardization Model School, “Guangdong Province Demonstrates the Practice of Socialist Core Values”, “Guangdong Province’s First Demonstration Site for the Construction of a Rule of Law Culture,” “The Charm Campus of Vocational Colleges in the Country,” “Guangdong University Campus Cultural Construction Outstanding Achievement Special Award” and other honors .


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