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Jiangsu Institute of Commerce (江苏经贸职业技术学院, website) was founded in Zhenjiang Business School of Southern Jiangsu in 1952. After several reforms and integrations, it was restructured from Jiangsu Business Management Cadre College and Jiangsu Provincial Business School to higher vocational colleges in 2002. It mainly cultivates high quality for business and modern service industries. Technical skills. In 2005, the school passed the “Excellent” level of the “Professional Training for Higher Vocational Education” by the Ministry of Education. In 2007, it was selected as the first batch of model vocational college construction units in Jiangsu Province. The school construction unit passed the inspection of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance at the “Excellent” level in 2015. It was selected as a construction unit of high-level vocational colleges in Jiangsu province in 2017.

The school is located in Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties. It has two campuses, Jiangning and Guanghua. It covers an area of 1048 acres. There are more than 700 faculty members, and the percentage of full-time teachers with senior professional titles is over 37%, and the ratio of dual-qualified teachers is over 92%. Has one national outstanding teaching team, three provincial excellent teaching teams, one national teaching teacher, two provincial teaching teachers.

Jiangsu Institute of Commerce has the School of Business Administration, the School of Trade and Logistics, the School of Accounting, the School of Finance, the School of Culture and Tourism, the School of Health, the School of Management of the Elderly Industry (Joint Agency), the School of Art and Design, the School of Intelligent Engineering Technology, the School of Marxism There are 14 teaching institutions in the Department of Physical Education, the Ministry of Basic Education, the Boya Institute for All-Education (Co-Administration), the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the School of International Education, and the School of Continuing Education.

The school connects modern business service industry, financial technology service industry, cultural tourism industry, health service industry and artificial intelligence industry to create a professional cluster of “two benchmarks, two characteristics and one cultivation”. Among them, e-commerce, logistics management, chain operation management, elderly service and management are key construction majors of national demonstration (backbone) higher vocational colleges; accounting and international trade practice are key construction majors supported by central finance; e-commerce, chain operation management are Jiangsu Province’s first major project construction project major in branding; accounting professional group, tourism management professional group, environmental art design professional group, food nutrition and safety professional group are the key professional groups for provincial financial support; accounting, logistics management, environmental art design, Elderly service and management and tourism management have been selected as high-level backbone professional in higher vocational education in Jiangsu Province.

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Jiangsu Institute of Commerce has won 4 second prizes of national teaching achievement, 2 special prizes of provincial higher education teaching achievement, and 4 first prizes. Cases of running schools have been selected into the “China Higher Vocational Education Quality Annual Report” for many times. The school presides over three national vocational education professional teaching resource bank construction projects: “chain operation management”, “mobile commerce”, and “Belt and Road” trade culture inheritance and innovation; it has taken the lead in formulating two “chain operation management” and “mobile commerce” Professional construction standards and practical teaching standards. There are three provincial-level university science and technology parks, production and education parks, entrepreneurial parks, three provincial engineering technology research and development centers, three provincial higher vocational education production-education deep integration training platforms, and six training bases.

The Jiangsu Institute of Commerce implements an internationalized school running strategy, actively explores the road of international cooperation in running international cooperative school projects, recruits international students, etc., and improves the international influence and radiation of school running. The first batch of “Study in Jiangsu” target schools. For more than 60 years, the school has delivered nearly 100,000 outstanding management talents.


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