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Introduction to Jiangsu University Jingjiang College

Jiangsu University Jingjiang College (江苏大学京江学院, website) is a public-owned private run secondary college established in 1999. It was approved by the Ministry of Education in 2005 as an independent college jointly organized by Jiangsu University and Jiangsu University Education Development Foundation.

The college relies on Jiangsu University’s innovative schooling that has a century-old schooling heritage, adhering to the excellent school tradition of Jiangsu University, and sharing high-quality education and teaching resources of Jiangsu University in terms of discipline construction, teaching teachers, experimental teaching facilities, books and materials. The college currently has 39 majors and directions, covering science, engineering, liberal arts, economics, management, medicine, and arts. It has 10,000 students, all of whom are at the four-year undergraduate level.

The new campus, which was completed and put into use in the second half of 2018, is located in the Shishan Changshan High Campus District of Dantu New District, Zhenjiang City, covering an area of 810 acres and a building area of 270,000 square meters. The new campus of Jiangsu University Jingjiang College adheres to a high starting point planning and high-level construction, takes humanity, modernization, and ecology as the guiding ideology, and inherits the context and respects nature as the basic principles. The landscape is elegant and harmonious. It is a modern green low-carbon campus with first-class environment, facilities, digitalization, intelligence and ecology. The college has 35,000 square meters of graphic information center and 48,000 square meters of various laboratories. It has 150 advanced multimedia classrooms with 14,000 seats, including remote video conferencing, automatic recording and broadcasting, and interactive screen projection.

Jiangsu University Jingjiang College explores new talent training models, gives full play to and optimizes the combination of “public” advantages and “private” vitality, and cultivates a large number of basic theories based on the requirements of “solid foundation, broad knowledge, high quality, and strong ability” High-quality application-oriented talents with optimized professional knowledge structure, outstanding practical ability, comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical fitness and beauty, with good professional ethics, social responsibility and innovative spirit

Since the establishment of the school, the college has continued to reform and innovate, and its personnel training has yielded fruitful results. Won the first prize of education and teaching achievements in Jiangsu Province. In national and provincial disciplines and professional competitions, more than 100 people receive first, second and third prizes each year. Our students participated in the U.S. College Student Mathematical Modeling Contest for the first time and won the second prize. They won the first prize in the “Science and Innovation Cup” 2018 National University Student Entrepreneurship Comprehensive Simulation Contest and the first prize in the 2019 China Engineering Robot Contest and International Open. . Students publish more than 100 papers as first authors in provincial journals and above every year. In recent years, the college graduate CET-4 pass rate has stabilized at more than 85%. The number of graduates entering the postgraduate entrance examination has been increasing year by year, and has repeatedly hit record highs. Some outstanding students have entered domestic and overseas famous universities for further studies. There are 526 graduate entrance examinations for graduates in 2019, with a completion rate of nearly 23%. The college has a long-term cooperative relationship with universities in more than ten countries, and selects international exchange students. The employment rate of all graduates of the college has been above 90%.

Facing the new situation of popularization and internationalization of higher education, Jiangsu University Jingjiang College will closely rely on Jiangsu University’s abundant school resources, adhere to the principle of educating people, establish hospitals with quality, and promote schools with characteristics. It will continue to promote the mentor system and implement major and auxiliary systems. , And set up a second (minor) major, implement self-selected majors, improve the credit system, build a scientific and strict quality monitoring system and a vibrant operating mechanism, further improve the quality of teaching, and effectively strengthen the students’ ability to compete in the society and move towards the future And adaptability. The college actively explores and implements a diversified development model of higher education with Chinese characteristics, and strives to build a high-level application-oriented undergraduate college focusing on engineering, coordinating the development of liberal arts, management, economics, and medicine, and fostering high-level, high-quality, Innovative and international applied talents serve local economic and social development.


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