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Jiangsu Vocational College of Business (江苏商贸职业学院, website) used to be the Nantong Elementary Business School founded by Mr. Zhang Jian in the early 20th century. The school was founded in September 1956, and the school was named “Nantong District and City Commercial Workers’ Schools in Jiangsu Province”. In 1960, it added the financial and trade cadre school brand. “Nantong Business School” was closed in 1969 and reopened in 1972 with the approval of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee. In August 1978, with the approval of the Provincial People’s Government, the school was renamed as “Jiangsu Nantong Supply and Marketing School” and was under the supervision of the Provincial Supply and Marketing Cooperative; in 1992, the Provincial Supply and Marketing Cooperative Cadre School was incorporated. In 1998, it was rated as a provincial (ministerial) key technical secondary school, and in 2000 it was rated as a national key technical secondary school. In September 2000, five-year higher vocational education began. In November 2003, with the approval of the Provincial Department of Education, the school was renamed as “Jiangsu Nantong Higher Vocational College of Commerce” and the school card of “Jiangsu United Vocational and Technical College Nantong Commercial College” was added, becoming the first batch of five-year higher occupations in the province. school. In January 2013, with the approval of the Provincial People’s Government, the “Jiangsu Vocational College of Commerce and Trade” was established on the basis of the former Jiangsu United Vocational and Technical College Nantong Branch of Commerce and Trade. It recruited high school graduates in September of the same year and held five-year and three-year vocational education. . The school is the only higher vocational college in the Jiangsu Supply and Marketing Cooperative System and a construction unit of “National Model Higher Vocational College of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives”.

Jiangsu Vocational College of Business covers an area of 502 acres, with a planned total construction area of 329,000 square meters, and about 209,600 square meters have been built. In 2018, Tongzhou Bay Teaching Area (Science and Education Base) was established in the Science and Technology City of Tongzhou Bay Jianghai Linkage Demonstration Zone. There are currently six secondary colleges including accounting and finance, economics and trade, e-commerce and logistics, electronics and information, Expo art and media, construction engineering and management, as well as social sciences, basics, the department of physical education and continuing education. 10 teaching units; the 42 majors currently open basically cover the major industries of the regional modern service industry and Jiangsu supply and marketing cooperatives; have built training in accounting and finance, trade, logistics, the Internet of things and software, construction engineering, electronics, art and creativity Center, with a total value of 88.972 million yuan for teaching and scientific research equipment; as of August 31, 2019, the school has 438 faculty members, 405 full-time teachers, 8 specially-appointed professors, 2 foreign teachers who live on campus for a long time, and are on campus There are 8831 students; there are 4 research institutes including higher vocational development, cooperative economy, rural cooperative finance, and Internet of Things application technology. The school and enterprise jointly established the Jiangsu Commercial and Trade Tongbang Logistics Research Institute, and established a general education center and an art education center. , Set up a project to build the Jiangsu Province Internet of Things and Visual Intelligent Processing Engineering Technology Research and Development Center; build a college student innovation and entrepreneurship park; graduate employment rate in recent years Straight remains above 98%.

Jiangsu Vocational College of Business has been identified as the first batch of national logistics vocational education talent cultivation bases, national international business talent cultivation bases, national high-level professional and technical talent training bases, Jiangsu province business talent training service platform, and Nantong modern service industry public practice. Training base, Nantong service outsourcing talent training base, successively won the National Advanced Collective of Supply and Marketing Cooperative System, National Model Workers’ Home, National May Fourth Red Banner Youth League Committee, National Economical Public Organization Demonstration Unit, Jiangsu Advanced Supply and Marketing Cooperative System Advanced Collective, Jiangsu Provincial Supply and Marketing Cooperative System Innovation and Innovation Priority Unit, Jiangsu Vocational and Social Education Advanced Unit, Jiangsu Vocational College Skills Contest Advanced Unit, Jiangsu Moral Education Advanced Unit, Jiangsu Civilized Campus, Jiangsu Ping’an Campus and other titles.

Entering a new stage of development, the school is bringing together the strengths of government, schools and enterprises to innovate the school system and mechanism, highlight the construction of connotative quality, comprehensively enhance core competitiveness, and make every effort to create a new, vocational college with unique features, high standards and popularity.


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