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Introduction to Jiangsu Vocational College of Information Technology

Jiangsu Vocational College of Information Technology (江苏信息职业技术学院, website) was established in August 2002. It is a state-owned public higher education institution approved by the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. It is a model higher vocational college in Jiangsu Province. The college’s predecessor was the National Key Vocational Technical School of Wuxi Radio Industry, which was founded in 1953, and the National Vocational Education Center of Wuxi City, which was founded in 1997. Faculty and students of the college uphold the school motto of “cultivating energy and improving energy”, promoting the school spirit of “relying on people”, and building the development of modern manufacturing and modern service industry with IoT technology. High-level vocational schools.

Jiangsu Vocational College of Information Technology is located in the beautiful city of Wuxi, on the shores of the Taihu Lake. It currently has two campuses, Tongtang and Dongting, covering an area of 1165 acres and a building area of 320,000 square meters. It has 100 million experimental teaching equipment. Diversified, more than 700,000 books, currently more than 12,000 registered students, more than 800 full-time and part-time teachers, of which 87% are middle and senior professional titles, and the proportion of “double-qualified” teachers in school professional courses is more than 90%, bringing together the country Teaching teachers at the provincial and provincial levels, outstanding teachers nationwide, experts enjoying special allowances from the State Council, national technical experts, provincial young and middle-aged science and technology leaders in the “333 Project”, young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions, and young and middle-aged science and technology in the “333 Project” Leading talents, high-level talents such as the young and middle-aged academic leaders trained by the “Blue Project” in provincial universities.

Jiangsu Vocational College of Information Technology’s professional setup and professional direction are closely aligned with regional economic development and industrial structure adjustment. The college now has the School of Electronic Information Engineering (Microelectronics College), School of Intelligent Engineering, School of Internet of Things Engineering (School of Information Security), Art The School of Design, the School of Business, the School of Automotive Engineering, the School of Architectural Engineering, the School of Marxism, the School of Non-commissioned Officers, the School of Overseas Education, and the School of Continuing Education have a total of 12 professional groups, 45 majors, and 87 professional directions. The college currently has 2 key financial majors supported by the central government, 2 provincial brand majors, 4 provincial key professional majors, 3 provincial specialty majors, 2 Jiangsu universities’ outstanding science and technology innovation teams, and Jiangsu “Blue Project” technology Three innovation teams to build professional clusters of Internet of things technology, microelectronics technology, intelligent manufacturing, automotive technology services, smart business, and collaborative development of construction engineering technology, cultural and creative professional clusters, and the integration of modern manufacturing and modern service industries with Internet of things technology Development, professional cluster with distinctive information. At the same time, it has a number of provincial demonstration focus construction of professional and provincial-level training bases. Among them, Wuxi City CNC equipment maintenance and repair sharing training base, received 10 million yuan in provincial financial support, only 5 of the province’s universities. The college took the lead in setting up the “China Electronics and Information Industry Federation Internet of Things Production and Education Alliance (Vocational Education Group)” and “China Vocational Education Microelectronics Production and Education Alliance”.

Jiangsu Vocational College of Information Technology adheres to demand-oriented and integrated development. College and Lenovo Education, ZTE, China Resources Microelectronics, Huahong Microelectronics, Angu Technology, Porsche China, New World, Dongfeng Renault, Beijing Jingdiao, Swiss GF, Japan’s Mitsubishi, Fujian Sanfeng, Hailan Group Enterprises and other well-known companies have conducted in-depth school-enterprise cooperation. The school-enterprise jointly established China Resources Microelectronics College, ZTE Telecom College, Porsche College, Lenovo IT College, Hailan Business School, Angu Suxin Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, New World IoT College, Suxin Sanfeng College, Suxin · Jiaodiao Intellectual Innovation Center, etc., have cultivated a large number of technical and skilled personnel with “understanding of professionalism, fine skills and high quality” with innovative entrepreneurship, which has improved the core competitiveness of students’ employment. The college won the “China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Award”, “China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Promotion Award” and “Wuxi Industry Contribution Award”.

The graduates of Jiangsu Vocational College of Information Technology have been welcomed and praised by the society. The employment rate and the quality of employment have continued to improve. The employment rate of graduates has reached more than 99% in the past five years. , “National Vocational and Technical Colleges Demonstration Base for Traditional Skills and Inheritance”, “Jiangsu Provincial Advanced Graduate Employment Work Collective”, “Jiangsu University Student Entrepreneurship Education Demonstration School” and “Jiangsu University Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base”, many students who have graduated in recent years have It has grown into the backbone of the enterprise and provided strong talent support for economic construction in Wuxi, Jiangsu and the Yangtze River Delta.

Fruitful construction of spiritual civilization, the college has been rated as “advanced unit of vocational education in Jiangsu Province”, “Civilized Campus of Jiangsu Province”, “Harmonious Campus of Jiangsu Colleges and Universities”, “Peace Campus of Jiangsu Province”, “Advanced Collective of Ideological and Political Education of Jiangsu Colleges “,” Jiangsu Province May 1 Labor Award Unit “,” Provincial Advanced Group for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of the Province “,” Advanced Unit of Civilized Canteen in Jiangsu Province “,” Advanced Unit of Civilized Dormitory in Jiangsu Province “,” Provincial University Student Mental Health Education and Research Demonstration ” center”.

In recent years, the college has won national, provincial and municipal-level competition awards, including the first prize of Jiangsu Province’s teaching achievements, the first prize of the National Vocational College Informatization Teaching Competition, the first prize of the National Vocational College Skills Competition, Challenge Cup-Rainbow Life “National Vocational School Innovation and Innovation Pioneer Contest Special Prize, National College Student Art Show First Prize, China Robot Contest and RoboCup Open Championship Champion, National Integrated Circuit Design Competition First Prize (the only awarding vocational college ), BRICS Skill Development and Technology Innovation Contest, First Prize in Mechanical and Electrical Skills Competition (1st place), 2 International Red Dot Concept Honor Awards, etc. The “Reading a Hundred Books” activity won the second prize for outstanding achievements in campus culture construction of the Ministry of Education. Since the radio direction finding sports team was founded 15 years ago, it has won more than 150 national competition awards and more than 400 provincial competition awards. Si Guowen won one gold and one bronze medal at the 2011 Asian Radio Direction Finding Championship.


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