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Introduction to Jiangxi Vocational and Technical College of Electricity

Jiangxi Vocational and Technical College of Electricity (江西电力职业技术学院, website) is located in the historical and cultural city of Nanchang. Established in 1958, the college is affiliated to the State Grid Jiangxi Electric Power Co., Ltd. and is the only public full-time power vocational college in Jiangxi Province. Adhering to the school-running concept of “taking Led people as the foundation, taking service development as the purpose, and promoting employment as the guidance”, the college takes full advantage of the school’s school-running advantages, unswervingly moves away from school-enterprise cooperation, and integrates production with education. Facing the whole country, it has trained a large number of management and high-skilled talents for the power industry and society, and has been hailed as “the cradle for the cultivation of high-skilled talents for electric power”.

Jiangxi Vocational and Technical College of Electricity adheres to the strategy of strengthening the college by talents, and has built a high-quality professional teacher team with noble teacher ethics, rich business experience, and strong operating skills. There are 466 employees, including 2 doctors, 151 masters, 14 professors, 208 associate professors, 65 senior technicians, and 215 technicians. 2 “Top Ten” professional leaders of State Grid Corporation, 1 outstanding reserve talent of State Grid Corporation, 11 backbone teachers in Jiangxi Province, 2 teaching master teachers in Jiangxi Province, 1 skilled craftsman in Jiangxi Province, and limited power of Jiangxi Province in State Grid The company has 3 technical experts, 5 technical experts in education and training, 3 reserve experts from State Grid Jiangxi Electric Power Co., Ltd., and 1 Jiangxi Provincial Skills Master Studio. For many years, college teachers and students guided by them have participated in various national and provincial knowledge competitions and skills competitions, and have achieved good results. Their strong teachers and good teaching performance are well-known in similar institutions across the country.

Jiangxi Vocational and Technical College of Electricity has modern learning buildings such as teaching buildings, practical training buildings, experimental buildings, and training buildings. The flowers and trees in the courtyard contrast each other and the environment is elegant. The library holds nearly 1 million books. The high-speed 10 Gigabit Ethernet campus network covers the entire hospital. The teaching network is complete and the teaching methods are modernized and informatized. College training facilities are complete, including 220kV training substation, network training center, new energy training room, anti-theft simulation training room, detection and conversion training room, power marketing simulation training center, substation operation simulation center, 600MW Generator set centralized control operation simulation center, power transmission and distribution line training field, substation maintenance training room, relay protection training room, energy meter repair training room, electrical experiment training room, meter installation and power training Laboratory and CNC machining, PLC laboratory, DCS distributed control system, electrical and electronic training room, computer center and other training platforms. Among them, the nation’s first 500kV / 220kV / 110kV ultra-high voltage mixed analog transmission line training field, 10kV distribution line training field, and 10kV complete training equipment are at advanced levels in the province and even in higher vocational colleges across the country.

Jiangxi Vocational and Technical College of Electricity adheres to the professional setting guidelines of “strengthening advantages and highlighting characteristics”, and gradually forms a professional system focusing on power production and power applications. According to the needs of power companies and society, the college has now established electrical automation technology, power system automation technology, power plants and power systems, power supply technology, power plant thermal power devices, centralized control operation of thermal power plants, and construction and operation of high-voltage transmission and distribution lines. More than 30 majors such as maintenance and maintenance, and at the same time have the qualifications and capabilities of 112 special jobs in the power industry and multiple social chemical skills training and appraisal.

Jiangxi Vocational and Technical College of Electricity adheres to service-oriented, employment-oriented, based on electricity, aims at industry and social needs, and constantly optimizes and adjusts the discipline and professional structure in the process of adapting to social development. Vocational skills and quality education are at the core, theoretical teaching is the basis, and the path of integrating production with education is emphasized. Experiments, practical training, and internships are emphasized to strengthen vocational ability training. Graduates are favored by employers for their generous and solid theoretical foundation, rigorous and pragmatic work style, and the spirit of pioneering and innovative work. They have been praised by the society for “can be used, used, and done well”. The employment rate of graduates has always been at the forefront of similar universities in the province, and the quality of employment has also been affirmed by parents and students. Graduates of our college have been employed by State Grid Corporation of China, China Southern Power Grid Corporation, China National Nuclear Corporation, China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation , China Huaneng Group Corporation, China Datang Group Corporation and other Fortune 500 state-owned enterprises have maintained a high employment ratio. The college has won the Jiangxi Provincial University Graduate Employment Advanced Unit four times in a row, and has won several honorary titles such as the Jiangxi Provincial College Graduate Employment Evaluation Excellent School.


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