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Jilin Jianzhu University (吉林建筑大学, website) is a key higher education institution in Jilin Province. It is a university jointly established by the People’s Government of Jilin Province and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. It is the first batch of 100 national demonstration universities for deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform. Specialized personnel training base, scientific and technological research and development base, industrial development decision-making consultation and technical innovation service base.

Jilin Jianzhu University, founded in 1956, is one of the first ten specialized construction schools in New China. Approved by the State Council in 1960, the school was named Jilin Institute of Architecture and Engineering, and undergraduate education began. In 1997, it passed the evaluation of undergraduate teaching work of the former State Education Commission. In 2003, the school became a master’s degree authorized unit. In 2008, he received “excellent” results in the evaluation of the undergraduate teaching work level of the Ministry of Education. In 2010, the school moved from the old campus of Hongqi Street to the new campus of Jingyue. In 2013 it was renamed Jilin Jianzhu University. In 2015, it passed the review and evaluation of the undergraduate teaching work of the Ministry of Education. In 2017, the school was identified as a project-established institution of higher learning authorized by the doctoral authority of Jilin Province.

Jilin Jianzhu University is located in Changchun Jingyue High-tech Industrial Development Zone, a national high-tech industrial development zone. There is Jingyuetan National 5A Forest Park in the east of the school, Xinlihu National Water Conservancy Scenic Area in the south, and Yitong River, the mother river of Changchun in the west. The school campus covers an area of 948,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 454,000 square meters. The school library has more than 1.3 million books, more than 1,600 Chinese and foreign periodicals, and a total of 336 million yuan in teaching and scientific research equipment. The campus plan of the school is scientific and reasonable, with complete functions. The school constantly improves the human environment, cultural facilities and landscape construction, optimizes the learning environment, and fully meets the needs of students.

There are more than 16,000 full-time students at the university, including more than 15,000 undergraduates, more than 1,000 postgraduates, and more than 100 full-time students studying in China. The school has more than 1,300 faculty and staff, including 830 full-time teachers, teachers with senior professional and technical positions accounting for more than 50% of the total number of full-time teachers, more than 300 doctoral degrees, and more than 230 doctoral and postgraduate tutors. The school brings together foreign academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, foreign experts in the “Thousand Talents Program”, senior experts directly contacted by the central government, senior professors in the field of philosophy and social sciences, national candidates for the “Billion Talent Project” in the new century, and young people with outstanding contributions at the national level Experts, persons who enjoy special government allowances from the State Council, returnees who have made outstanding contributions to the country, and “New Century Excellent Talents”, “Changbaishan Scholars”, “Changbaishan Skilled Masters” of the Ministry of Education, senior experts in Jilin Province, top talents in Jilin Province Hierarchical candidates, Jilin Province young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions, Jilin Province cross-century academic discipline leader, Jilin Province’s first batch of 100 leading scientific and technological talents, Jilin Province’s first batch of discipline leading professors, Jilin Province teaching teachers, Jilin Province outstanding teachers, Jilin Province There are more than 80 high-level experts and scholars of provincial brand professional leaders, middle-aged and young backbone teachers of Jilin Province, master architects of Jilin Province and master survey and design experts of Jilin Province. The school has 18 colleges (departments) including the School of Architecture and Planning, the School of Civil Engineering, and the School of Municipal and Environmental Engineering. The school has 9 master’s degree authorized disciplines such as architecture, civil engineering, environmental science and engineering, materials science and engineering, management science and engineering, urban and rural planning, design, applied economics, and Marxist theory. 7 master’s degree authorized categories such as engineering, machinery, resources and environment, energy and power, civil and water conservancy, transportation, landscape gardening, etc. Among them, civil engineering is a high-level discipline with special features of Jilin Province, “first-class discipline A” discipline; architecture is a high-level discipline with special features of Jilin Province, “first-class discipline B” discipline; materials science and engineering, management science and engineering, and environmental science and engineering are Jilin Province’s characteristic high-level disciplines are “Distinct and Featured Class A” disciplines. Smart city science and engineering is a “high-level discipline” with emerging characteristics of Jilin Province.

The University insists on scientific research around the major needs of national and regional economic and social development, and supports high-quality scientific research and high-quality social services with high-level scientific research. The school is in the fields of green buildings in severe cold regions, water environment management and protection in Songhua River Basin, building disaster prevention and mitigation, urbanization construction planning, facilities and real estate management (FM), building information design (BIM), historic building restoration and utilization, and other fields. Research is at the advanced level in China. The school has the Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of “Water Environment in the Songliao River Basin” and “Integrated Energy Efficiency in Cold Buildings”. The school has built a high-end scientific and technological innovation platform for comprehensive utilization of straw technology in Jilin Province, “Songliao River Basin Water Resources and Water Environment”, a major collaborative innovation center for colleges and universities in Jilin Province, a collaborative scientific and technological innovation center for building integration and integrated technology in Jilin Province, and structural and earthquake resistance 31 scientific research platforms at or above the provincial level, including the Science and Technology Innovation Center, the Jilin Province Cold Land Green Building Technology Engineering Research Center, the Jilin Province Building Electricity Comprehensive Energy Conservation Key Laboratory, and the Jilin Building Culture Research Base. Since the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the school has undertaken more than 120 national scientific research projects such as major national science and technology projects, national key research and development plans, national natural science funds, national social science funds, and national art funds, and more than 1,000 vertical scientific research projects at all levels; The school has received more than 300 government awards at all levels, including 2 second prizes for national scientific and technological progress, 1 second prize for national technological inventions, and 1 first prize for scientific and technological progress by the Ministry of Education. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development awarded the school the honorary title of “National Advanced Unit for Science and Technology in the Construction System”.

Jilin Jianzhu University has opened 52 undergraduate majors. The discipline chain, the professional chain and the industrial chain of the construction industry are deeply integrated, and a number of advantageous majors (groups) serving the development of the region and the construction industry have been established. Five majors including safety engineering, civil engineering, surveying and mapping engineering, environmental engineering, and water supply and drainage science and engineering passed engineering education certification in advance, achieving international substantial equivalents, and entering the “first square” of global engineering education. Six civil engineering majors, including architecture (undergraduate and master’s degree), civil engineering, built environment and energy application engineering, water supply and drainage science and engineering, engineering management, and urban and rural planning, have passed the national civil engineering specialty education evaluation. The school has 5 provincial-level “excellent engineer education and training programs” pilot majors, 2 provincial-level “talent training mode innovation experimental zones”, 1 provincial-level “professional comprehensive reform experimental zone”, and 2 provincial-level innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration programs. Construction point. In 2018, Jilin Province featured high-level specialty selection. Seven majors such as school architecture, civil engineering, environmental design, engineering management, water supply and drainage science and engineering, inorganic non-metallic material engineering, building environment and energy application engineering were rated as “A-level” characteristic high-level majors. Three majors, such as urban and rural planning, surveying and mapping engineering, and urban underground space engineering, were rated as “B-level” characteristic high-level majors. In recent years, the school has won 29 national and provincial teaching achievement awards, including “Practice-oriented Local University Engineering Talent Training Reform Practice” won the second prize of the 2018 National Teaching Achievement Award.

The University strives to improve the quality of talent cultivation, strives to enhance students’ innovative spirit, practical ability and sense of social responsibility, and regards promoting the overall development of students and adapting to social needs as the fundamental standard for the quality of talent cultivation. Committed to cultivating and bringing up “application-oriented senior professionals with a solid theoretical foundation, solid practical ability, and unsophisticated ideological style”, with an international perspective and innovative ability, it has formed the “three practical” talent training characteristics. The school attaches great importance to innovation and entrepreneurship education, and has been identified as the “Jilin Provincial Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Innovation Demonstration Base” by the Jilin Province Development and Reform Commission, the Human Resources and Social Affairs Department, and the Ministry of Education. “Strengthening colleges and universities” is one of the six “Typical Demonstration Colleges of Chinese Entrepreneurship and Innovation” selected by China Internet News Center.

Jilin Jianzhu University strives to create a scientific, rigorous, realistic and creative campus culture. It has been named “Civilized Campus of Jilin Province”, “Civilized Unit of Jilin Province”, “National Demonstration Unit of Public Factory Affairs and Democratic Management Work”, and was awarded “Jilin Province” “May Day Labor Award” honorary title. The school continuously strengthens the construction of teacher ethics, and strives to create a team of teachers with ideals and convictions, moral sentiments, solid knowledge, and benevolence. The “Innovative Team of Energy and Environment Teachers in the Songliao River Basin” was identified as the first batch of Huang Danian-style teacher teams in universities in Jilin Province. In recent years, dozens of teachers have been awarded the honorary titles of “National Eight Eight Red Banners”, provincial and municipal model workers, outstanding Communist Party members and advanced individuals with professional ethics. The school vigorously strengthens the education of students ‘humanistic quality and scientific spirit, strives to improve the intrinsic qualities of students’ personality, temperament, self-cultivation, etc., integrates the requirements and tasks of ideological and moral education into the student’s learning life, and organizes campus cultural activities with brand characteristics. In recent years, the school has achieved excellent results in various activities of college students in the country and Jilin Province, and has been rated as the national excellent organization unit.

The employment rate of university graduates ranks among the highest in the province’s universities, and has been repeatedly rated as “the advanced collective of employment management of ordinary college graduates in Jilin Province”. The employment quality of graduates has steadily improved. In recent years, the proportion of graduates entering first-tier cities across the country has reached 52%. They have entered China State Construction Engineering Corporation, China Railway Corporation, China Railway Construction Corporation, China Communications Construction Group Corporation, China The proportion of the world’s top 500 companies, such as Metallurgical Construction Group Corporation, is more than 35%. More than 80,000 graduates from the school since its establishment have been active in the country’s urban and rural infrastructure construction, and have become backbones and backbones in the fields of architectural research, design, construction, and management.

Jilin Jianzhu University insists on open education, and has established cooperative exchanges with more than 50 universities and scientific research institutions in more than 20 countries and regions, including the United States, Russia, Australia, South Korea, and Singapore. Research collaboration. In recent years, the school has cooperated with Russia’s Pacific State University, Portland State University, and Youngston State University in the fields of architecture, engineering management, civil engineering, and electrical engineering to organize undergraduate-level Sino-foreign cooperative education programs.


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