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Jimei University (website) is a key university located in Xiamen City, Fujian Province. It is jointly constructed by the Ministry of Transport, the State Oceanic Administration, the Fujian Provincial Government and the Xiamen Municipal Government. The University enrolls students from all over the country as well as from the overseas. Currently, there are 27,000 plus enrolled, of which more than 25,000 are full-time undergraduate students. There are over 1,400 who are pursuing master’s degrees and postgraduate studies. Jimei University also offers doctorate degree programs.

Jimei University has a long history of one hundred years. Its origin can be traced back to Jimei Normal School, founded in 1918 by Chen Jiageng (Tan Kah Kee), a famous Chinese patriotic leader overseas. Two years later, the Fisheries and Business divisions of Jimei School were founded. The University’s philosophy of cultivating talent combined with sincerity and perseverance reflects the spirit and values advocated by Chen Jiageng. Over the years, it has become a highly reputable institution and continues to develop and grow.

At present, Jimei University has 21 colleges offering 68 undergraduate courses in 9 disciplines: Economics, Law, Pedagogy, Arts, Science, Engineering, Agronomy, Administration, and Fine Arts. It offers 1 postdoctoral and 2 doctorate programs in Fisheries, Naval Architecture, and Marine Engineering Colleges. Likewise, the University has 9 master’s degrees in Fisheries, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Food Science and Engineering, Communication and Transportation, Applied Economics, Sports Science, Mathematics, Chinese Language and Literature, and Biology. The University also offers 4 masters courses in Agronomy, Engineering, Pedagogy, and Taxation. Jimei University has more than 2,000 teachers on the record – over 1,500 are full time and more than 800 are professors and associate professors. The University excels both in teaching and research. It has received many “Outstanding Talent” awards. In the same manner, students have also excelled in their chosen field of studies and won several competitions at the provincial and national levels.

Jimei University has carried out a wide range of academic exchange and cooperation with more than 100 universities and research institutes across the globe, including the United States, Britain, Australia, Hong Kong, and Macao as well as international organizations such as the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) and International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU). The University has also established cooperation with the Chinese Service Centre for Scholarly Exchange, the Sino-Foreign Joint Education Program, and the Cross-Strait Education Program. It is authorized by Ministry of Education to enroll students from Hong Kong Special Administrative Regions who are exempted from admission examinations and to recruit students from Taiwan.

Jimei University continues to strive and excel as a leading institution of higher learning in China. It’s goal is to make further contributions in research and teaching and continue to pursue excellence in the highest level that will attract teachers, students and researchers from across China and abroad.

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About the City

Xiamen (Panorama), regarded as a gate of China in the south, is an important port city with warm climate and many popular tourist destinations. The city is known for its mild climate, Hokkien culture and Gulangyu Island, as well as its relatively low pollution. In 2006, Xiamen was ranked as China’s 2nd-“most suitable city for living”, as well as China’s “most romantic leisure city” in 2011. As part of the Opening Up Policy under Deng Xiaoping, Xiamen became one of China’s original four special economic zones opened to foreign investment and trade in the early 1980s. Its former harbor was enclosed using land excavated during the city’s expansion, however, the city continues to remain an island connected by bridges to the rest of mainland China.


Xiamen cuisine is the main representative of Fujian cuisine which is famous throughout China. Besides local dishes, food of other parts of the country also can be found here, making this city a good destination for gastronomes. Being fresh, light, crispy and slightly spicy in taste, Xiamen cuisine is famous for its extreme freshness.


Xiamen weather is mild and pleasant most of the year because the city has a subtropical monsoon climate. In this case, the whole year round is good time to visit except that typhoons influence the weather four to five times during the months from July to September. The annual temperatures average 21C (about 70F) and rainfall abounds mainly in the months from May to August. The climate in winter is mild, requiring only sweaters or light coats in the coldest January. Summers are free from extreme heat, although thin clothes are still needed in the hottest July.

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