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Jincheng Institute of Technology (晋城职业技术学院, website) is a full-time high school formed by the merger of the former Jincheng Education College, Jincheng Normal School, Jincheng Secondary Professional School, and Jincheng Culture and Art School with the approval of the People’s Government of Shanxi Province in May 2001. Vocational colleges. Since its establishment, the college has always adhered to the school motto of “Sincerity and Honesty” and the school philosophy of “taking students as the foundation, development as the core, market-oriented, and employment as the purpose”, and has cultivated a large number of local and surrounding areas. Advanced technical talents with modern enterprise employment standards. Is the “Civilized Campus Unit of Shanxi Province”, “Provincial Demonstration Higher Vocational College”, “Jincheng First Batch of Employment and Entrepreneurship Training Base”, “Jincheng Spiritual Civilization Construction Model Unit”, “National Advanced Unit for National Reading”, and “Shanxi Province Employment Work” Advanced collective “” Shanxi Province University Students’ Mental Health Education and Counseling Demonstration Unit “; established as” Shanxi Province Higher Vocational College Construction Unit “” Shanxi Higher Vocational Education Key Professional Construction Unit “” Provincial Modern Apprenticeship Pilot Unit ” “Jincheng Sino-German Cooperative Dual School Demonstration Unit”.

Jincheng Institute of Technology covers an area of 274 acres, with a building area of 154,000 square meters and total assets of more than 200 million yuan. There are 80 on-campus training bases and more than 100 off-campus training bases. The college library was put into use in October 2014, and the Jincheng Library implements a “two brands and one set of horses” management system, and is a national first-class library. It not only undertakes the functions of colleges and universities that provide services for teachers and students in teaching and scientific research, but also the functions of public halls that serve the citizens of Jincheng. It has a collection of 580,000 volumes, more than 1,000 newspapers and periodicals, and 1,089 reading seats. It has rich digital resources such as citizen learning space, China HowNet database, reference book database, Chaoxing e-book and academic video database, Wanfang video database, Peking University Founder Apabi e-book, and blog database. Using advanced RFID radio frequency technology, it is equipped with self-service certificate processing, retrieval, book return, print and copy systems, modern reading terminals such as electronic newspaper readers, periodical readers, and electronic book borrowing machines, equipped with a 24-hour outdoor self-service library.

The Jincheng Institute of Technology consists of 10 departments, namely Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Department, Information Engineering Department, Chemical Engineering Department, Finance and Economics Department, Mining Engineering Department, Civil Engineering and Business Management Department, Tourism and Hotel Management Department, Art Department, and Teacher Education. Department, Department of Foreign Languages. There are currently 6,219 students at school, with 40 junior college specialties. Among them, 9 Sino-German cooperation “dual system” training specialties: mechatronics technology, mechanical manufacturing and automation, mold design and manufacturing, optoelectronic manufacturing and application technology, industrial robot technology, coal chemical technology, coal deep processing and utilization, application Chemical technology, industrial analysis technology. There are 2 majors in the construction of professional services industry development capacity supported by the central government: mechatronics technology and applied chemical technology. One vocational education training base supported by the central government: a clothing design and technology training base. Provincial backbone majors 3: computer application technology, accounting, machinery manufacturing and automation. 3 provincial specialties: computer application technology, clothing design and technology, applied chemical technology. 2 provincial brand majors: computer application technology, accounting. 3 provincial key specialties: coalbed methane production and transportation technology, deep processing and utilization of coal, music performance. In addition, the college also has 5 provincial-level training bases and 5 provincial-level excellent resource sharing courses.

Jincheng Institute of Technology currently has 438 staff members, including 372 full-time teachers. 11 full-time teachers have a doctorate degree, 249 have a master’s degree; 127 teachers with senior professional titles; 252 teachers with “double-ranking” qualifications; 1 “skilled technical master”, 3 “sanjin elites”, and province There are 7 outstanding teachers of the “double division type”, 1 famous teacher of the “double division type” at the provincial level, a provincial academic leader, and a provincial morale model. In 2018, college teachers concluded 21 projects and established 39 projects. Among them, there are 5 provincial-level subjects, 7 municipal-level subjects, and 4 horizontal subjects.

Jincheng Institute of Technology’s graduate employment rate reached 94% in 2018. Students participated in provincial and national professional competitions and achieved outstanding results. They won one provincial second prize, three third prizes, and one outstanding prize in the fourth “Internet +” double innovation competition; the second Chinese vocational education double innovation competition Outstanding Organization Award, 1st Prize, 3rd Prize each; Mining Engineering students who participated in the “Coalbed Methane Well Water Treatment Equipment Development” project competition entered the national finals with the first place in the provincial competition and won the higher vocational group Silver Award, Best Creative Award. The original musical “Youth Variation” performed successfully by teachers and students of the art department.

Jincheng Institute of Technology leads the joint construction of Jincheng Tourism Vocational Education Group with 11 secondary vocational colleges, 12 scenic spots, 9 travel agencies, more than 50 five-star hotels and industry associations in the city. Mechanical and Electrical Vocational Education Group. Give full play to and make full use of the existing two excellent basic elements of the college-the Innovation Park and the University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, use the concept of innovation and entrepreneurship education to lead professional construction and teaching reform, and comprehensively build and apply courses, teams, platforms, systems, competitions, Bases and other factors improve the quality of college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship. “Chuangyuan” was identified as “Shenzhen Zhongchuang Space” and “Jincheng Zhongchuang Space”. Currently, more than 30 registered companies have settled in, and more than 120 students are participating in entrepreneurship.

The Jincheng Institute of Technology actively cooperates with the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ) to establish the Jincheng Sino-German Entrepreneur Training Center to carry out training; implement the “Rural Grassroots Cadre Quality Improvement Project” to complete the precision poverty alleviation task for Jincheng as scheduled and implement the village The revitalization strategy provides talent support; the Psychological Counseling Center insists on providing professional training and counseling to all sectors of the society to solve the problems of psychologically confused groups; leads the establishment of Jincheng Women’s Professors Association, Jincheng Doctors Association, and Jincheng University Science and Technology Association to build talent exchanges , Innovation, and development platform; organizing a citizen’s knowledge-learning lecture every week to improve citizens’ comprehensive literacy; undertaking Jincheng elementary and middle school teacher education training to provide assistance for the healthy development of basic education in Jincheng; cooperating with North University and Shandong University Network Education College, To meet the needs of citizen education promotion; provide various theoretical training and technical guidance for staff of party and government agencies, employees of cooperative enterprises, teachers of cooperative schools, military officers and soldiers, etc., to help them improve their level of political theory and business capabilities.


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