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Jinzhong Teachers College (晋中师范高等专科学校, website) is a municipal college that trains primary and preschool teachers. The school was formerly Taigu Normal School of Shanxi Province and Taihang Normal School of Shanxi Province. In March 2010, the school took the lead in independently upgrading among the 16 primary and secondary schools in the province, and was approved as a teacher college by the Ministry of Education, achieving leapfrog development. Since its establishment 69 years ago, the school has always adhered to the Chongde erudition tradition and the spirit of hard work and entrepreneurship. It has sent more than 50,000 qualified personnel to the society and made important contributions to the reform and development of local basic education.

Jinzhong Teachers College’s first phase of school construction covers an area of 261 acres, and the second phase reserves 157.76 acres. The total construction area is 139,000 square meters and the school building construction area is 142395.72 square meters. The total value of the school’s fixed assets is 462,782,329 yuan, the asset value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 3,322,200 yuan, and the asset value of information technology equipment is 32,177,000 yuan. The school has a total of 618,100 books, of which 533,100 are printed and 85,000 are electronic.

Jinzhong Teachers College currently has 7,257 students (including 2,347 graduates in 2018). Enrollment is for the province and western provinces such as Gansu and Ningxia. There are 28 majors, including 14 majors in normal education and 14 non-normal majors. There are 104 internship training bases, including 37 off-campus and 67 on-campus.

Jinzhong Teachers College has 626 faculty members, of which 436 are under preparation, 111 are dispatched for labor, 52 are on campus contracts, 4 are self-received and 23 are temporary employees. There are 390 full-time teachers, of which 317 are under preparation and 73 are under contract. There are 2 senior titles, 91 deputy senior titles, 143 intermediate titles, and 71 junior titles. At present, there are 12 provincial-level subject leaders, 1 city-level top talent, 12 city-level professional leaders, 31 school-level professional leaders, 45 school-level backbone teachers, and 28 national and provincial honorary teachers. .

Jinzhong Teachers College was awarded the “National Standardization Model School of Language and Characters”, “National Standardization Model School of Calligraphy and Education” and “National Advanced Unit of Education and Scientific Research” by the Ministry of Education; “,” Shanxi Provincial Demonstration School for Managing Schools by Law “,” Shanxi Provincial Demonstration School for Graduate Employment Probation “;” Civilized and Harmonious Unit “,” Advanced Vocational Education Collective “,” Four-star Party Organization ” And many other honors.


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