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Introduction to Jishou University Zhangjiajie College

Jishou University Zhangjiajie College (吉首大学张家界学院, website) is an independent college organized by Jishou University, a comprehensive university in Hunan Province. The college currently has more than 7,000 full-time undergraduate students, can recruit 45 undergraduate majors, and more than 400 teachers. The college is located in Zhangjiajie, an internationally famous tourist city, covering an area of 748 acres.

Jishou University Zhangjiajie College has strengthened its quality and strengthened its schools to highlight its distinguished schools. It has cultivated application-oriented high-level professionals with “general literacy, a solid professional foundation, and proficient professional skills” for local economic and social development. . College teachers have won nearly 20 provincial teaching competition awards, such as classroom teaching competitions and information teaching competitions for ordinary college teachers. They have chaired nearly 60 national and provincial scientific research and education reform topics, and received more than 60 provincial teaching and scientific research awards. National students at the national and provincial levels in the China Documentary International Film Selection, National College Student Advertising Art Competition, National College Student Speech Contest, College Student World Heritage Protection Forum Proposal Competition, Hunan Provincial College Student Sports Dance Invitational Competition, Hunan Provincial University Student Innovation Experiment Achievement Exhibition, etc. Repeatedly in the category competition.

Jishou University Zhangjiajie College attaches great importance to the construction of campus culture, builds an elegant campus environment that is livable and learnable, and builds a platform for educating people with their surroundings. It has cultivated ten top campus cultural activities such as the “Book Campus” to enrich the cultural life of teachers and students Promote the general education mentor system to build a warm and noble modern teacher-student relationship; regularly hold “Tianwen Forum · General Master Lectures”, invite well-known scholars at home and abroad to lecture at the college, create a strong academic atmosphere; hold international and domestic series Culture and art exchange activities, invite famous artists at home and abroad to come to the college to create, perform, lecture, and create a regional cultural highland.

Jishou University Zhangjiajie College actively carries out international exchanges and cooperation, and has established inter-school cooperative relations with 13 universities in South Korea, the United States, Italy, Australia, Japan, Canada and other countries. Through exchange of international students, summer internships, inter-school visits, academic exchanges Other forms allow students to broaden their horizons, increase their knowledge, and improve their abilities. In the past 17 years, more than 20,000 graduates of the college have been welcomed by employers and praised by all sectors of society for their “high comprehensive quality, good professionalism, rapid job adaptation, and strong development potential”.


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