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Introduction to Kaifeng University

Kaifeng University (开封大学, website) is located in Kaifeng, a famous historical and cultural city in China and an ancient capital of the Eight Dynasties. It was founded in 1980. It was approved by the People’s Government of Henan Province and filed by the Ministry of Education. Full-time colleges and universities in the medical and art 6 universities.

The university covers an area of more than 1,500 acres, with a total building area of about 414,500 square meters, and teaching and scientific research administrative buildings of about 237,700 square meters. The total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 136,966,600 yuan; the library has a building area of 28,000 square meters, and holds paper books 1,356,500 volumes and 23,895 electronic professional journals.

Kaifeng University has 12 public schools, 2 departments, 5 public teaching and research departments, 59 permanent majors, 14367 full-time students, and students from 30 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions). The school has the qualifications for receiving and sending international students, and has joint education programs with the United Kingdom and Australia.

Kaifeng University currently has 1,070 faculty members, including 174 teachers with senior titles and 426 graduate degree teachers. Among the teaching staff, there are 2 experts who enjoy the special allowance of the State Council, 1 international dentist, 3 who enjoy the special allowance of the provincial government, 3 experts in vocational education in Henan Province, 3 academic leaders in Henan Province, and 3 academic leaders in Henan Province. There are 14 people, 3 teaching teachers in Henan colleges and universities, 24 young people from Henan Province, and 24 of them are top-notch talents in Kaifeng City. The school has also hired experts, scholars and industry experts as visiting professors. Efforts have been made to train a group of “dual-teacher” teachers who have deep theoretical knowledge, as well as rich practical experience and skills. Based on the characteristics of various disciplines, they have formed a part-time teacher team composed of front-line production engineers and industry experts. .

The University has 1 provincial academician workstation, 1 provincial key laboratory, 1 provincial engineering laboratory, 1 provincial scientific and technological innovation team, 1 provincial intangible cultural heritage research base, 2 provincial universities Engineering Technology Research Center, 4 Municipal Key Labs, 4 Municipal Engineering Technology Research Centers, 2 Municipal Innovative Science and Technology Teams, 7 School-level Collaborative Innovation Centers, and 1 Technology Workstation.

The university has continuously promoted scientific and technological innovation, promoted the development of scientific research teams, and improved the level of scientific research. In the past five years, it has established 7 national projects, 120 provincial and ministerial projects, 608 municipal-level projects, 5 doctoral fund projects, and youth fund projects 29 projects, 142 projects of Kaifeng University Innovation Fund; 293 patents were obtained, of which 22 invention patents were authorized; 4 achievements won the Henan Science and Technology Progress Award. The school founded “Journal of Kaifeng University”, which is a first-level journal in Henan Province, an excellent journal of China’s “CAJ-CD standard” implementation, an excellent journal of local universities in China, and a full-text journal included in “China Journal Network”.

Kaifeng University has 2 professional service industry development capacity improvement projects supported by central finance in higher vocational schools, 6 provincial-level specialty programs, and 8 provincial-level “professional comprehensive reform pilot programs”; and has established a national-level boutique online open course There are 6 provincial excellent courses and 1 provincial excellent resource sharing course. The school has 307 internal and external internship training bases, 3 vocational education training base construction projects supported by the central government, 2 provincial-level demonstration training bases, and 1 provincial-level higher-level vocational education demonstration comprehensive training base.

The university was included in the construction project of national high-quality higher vocational colleges. The school ’s creative space was rated as “national creative space” by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Excellent institutions for talent training evaluation, the first batch of provincial demonstration higher vocational colleges, the first batch of vocational education brand demonstration colleges, the provincial moral education job evaluation outstanding colleges, the provincial employment work evaluation outstanding colleges, were rated provincial Civilized unit.

School of Foreign Languages

The School of Foreign Languages offers majors in business English, applied English, and applied Japanese. There are more than 1,000 students in the school and more than 8,000 graduates have been trained; at the same time, it undertakes the construction of public English courses and the teaching of English courses for non-English major students throughout the school.

There are more than 80 full-time and part-time teachers in the school, including 2 full-time professors and 14 associate professors, 35% of teachers with senior titles, 80% of teachers with master’s degree and above, and most teachers have overseas study or work experience. The college employs many foreign cultural and educational experts in English and Japanese, and more than 10 teachers have become members of the project expert group such as the “National Foreign Language Contest for Telling Chinese Stories”, the National Skills Contest for Vocational Colleges, the Henan Province English Examination Committee.

After years of construction, the business English major focuses on international trade and cross-border e-commerce positions to form a course system for international trade and cross-border e-commerce; the applied English major focuses on foreign secretaries and English teacher positions to form a foreign secretarial and English teacher training course system; application The Japanese major revolves around cultural tourism and foreign business clerk positions, forming a cultural tourism and foreign business clerk course system. Business English major was approved as “Henan Provincial Comprehensive Reform Pilot Major”, Business English Teaching and Research Office and Applied English Teaching and Research Office won the school-level excellent teaching team, and Applied Japanese Teaching and Research Office cooperated horizontally with Japanese educational institutions to form a teaching team with outstanding characteristics. The college has built 3 school-level quality courses, 5 school-level school-enterprise cooperation courses, and 1 school-level quality online resource course. The construction of public English courses takes “vocational English” as the starting point, organically integrates language learning and vocational skills training, highlights the characteristics of occupations, and strives to create a “vocational English gold course” to improve the professionalism of public English teaching.

The school has published nearly 200 core papers, undertaken more than 10 national-level scientific research projects, more than 150 provincial-level and provincial-level projects, and edited and edited more than 70 textbooks; the school is now the “cross-border e-commerce practitioners’ training center for the National Institute of International Trade” “,”Cross-border e-commerce B2B data operation vocational skill level certificate (intermediate)” became the pilot unit of Henan Province “1+X” certificate system. The college strengthens the internship training infrastructure, builds three multi-functional language training rooms, and establishes off-campus internship training bases with related industries and more than 70 enterprises, to meet the needs of practical teaching and improve students’ professional practical ability. Utilize the advantages of disciplines and teachers to serve the development of industry enterprises in cross-border e-commerce, international trade, in-service training of primary and secondary school teachers, and foreign language skills training of vocational posts; participate in foreign cultural exchanges and economic and trade cooperation in Kaifeng City, complete a number of foreign affairs reception, English and Japanese translation and translation of foreign investment signs in the field of investment attraction and public service. Actively participate in international educational cooperation and exchanges, establish cooperative relations with educational institutions in the United Kingdom, Russia, New Zealand, India, Japan and other countries, sign an educational cooperation framework agreement with Osaka University of Tourism in Japan, and exchange students and interns.


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