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Introduction to Kangda College of Nanjing Medical University

Kangda College of Nanjing Medical University (南京医科大学康达学院, website) was founded in 1999. It is a private secondary college founded by Nanjing Medical University and approved by the Provincial Department of Education. In 2005, it was established as an independent college with the approval of the Ministry of Education. In 2011, Nanjing Medical University and Lianyungang Municipal Government signed a cooperation agreement for running schools. In September 2013, Kangda College of Nanjing Medical University officially relocated from Nanjing to Lianyungang.

The college has 12 teaching institutions including the Department of Basic Medicine, the Department of Clinical Medicine, the Department of Nursing, the Department of Pharmacy, the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, and the Department of Humanities Management. Hospitals, affiliated hospitals and teaching hospitals, while sharing the teaching resources of 25 affiliated hospitals of Nanjing Medical University. The college currently has 1,043 full-time and part-time teachers, including 253 with titles of associate senior or higher; 349 faculty members and more than 85% of them have doctoral or master’s degrees.

Kangda College of Nanjing Medical University has 19 majors in 15 fields including clinical medicine, preventive medicine, pharmacy, medical imaging technology, nursing, public service management, rehabilitation therapy, and medical laboratory technology. There are currently 7,500 students in the college. The teaching, experimental and living facilities of the college are advanced and complete. The library has a collection of nearly 800,000 volumes. At the same time, as a branch of the Nanjing Medical University Library, college students can share the rich collection resources of the Nanjing Medical University Library.

Kangda College of Nanjing Medical University has continuously improved the quality of teaching and personnel training, and achieved remarkable results. In the ranking of Tsinghua University’s Wushulian University, the quality of freshmen and graduates of our college has ranked among the top 10 among nearly 300 independent colleges in the country for three consecutive years. In order to improve the quality of talent training, the college selects a certain number of outstanding students each year to study at Nanjing Medical University and other well-known medical universities in China for one year to provide students with opportunities to learn and communicate with high-level medical universities; the college vigorously conducts overseas exchanges And cooperation, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Hong Kong and Taiwan, Central Asia, Japan and South Korea and other national medical colleges and universities, and expand the school’s path for foreign education. At present, it has signed joint training agreements with Queen’s University Belfast in the United Kingdom, Trinity University in the West of Canada, and King’s College in the United States. Actively exploring school-enterprise cooperation, the college and Jiangsu Haosen Pharmaceutical signed an agreement to hold a Haosen class to jointly train talents that are urgently needed by enterprises. The college actively participates in the construction of a healthy port city, and carries out a series of health promotion activities, first aid knowledge promotion and skills training, mental health activities, and voluntary services. The activities have been well received by local citizens.

After 20 years of development and accumulation, Kangda College of Nanjing Medical University has become an independent college with advanced ideas, distinctive features, strict management and good brand, which has been widely recognized and widely praised by the society. The college will inherit and carry forward the excellent school-running tradition of Nanjing Medical University, and combine the local characteristics of Hong Kong City with a focus on the construction of general medicine, nursing, pharmacy, rehabilitation technology, medical imaging technology, and public service management; to take advantage of medical education, Drive and promote the development of overall medical, scientific research, and health standards of hospitals in Lianyungang, form a sound development pattern of mutual promotion of science, education, research, and teaching; and actively transform scientific and technological achievements to serve social and economic development. The college will continue to actively explore the road of running Kangda’s distinctive schools and open a new chapter in the history of college development.

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the staff and students of the hospital will work together to develop together, and strive to build the college into a local, application-oriented, distinctive, high-level, international medical undergraduate college.


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