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Introduction to Kunlun College of Qinghai University

Kunlun College of Qinghai University (青海大学昆仑学院, website) is located in Xining Biotechnology Industrial Park, Qinghai Province. It is an independent college established by Qinghai University in 2004 with the approval of the Ministry of Education. It is also the only full-time independent undergraduate college in Qinghai Province.

Kunlun College of Qinghai University currently has more than 4,000 undergraduate students. Kunlun College of Qinghai University uses the advantages of independent colleges to run schools flexibly, transforms education flexibly, vigorously promotes education and teaching reform, and innovates training models. Guided by social needs, continuously optimize the discipline and professional structure and improve the quality of professional construction; constantly improve the personnel training plan and teaching plan, strengthen practical teaching, and highlight the characteristics of application-oriented training; continue to deepen the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education, optimize curriculum settings and integrate into talent training Throughout the process, set up credits for innovation and entrepreneurship, and improve the management mechanism for suspension of entrepreneurship; continue to improve the training system of flexible academic system, concurrent engineering and teaching based on aptitude; continuously improve the interactive organizational form of college English and advanced mathematics; and build paperless computer basic public courses Examination system; use of online teaching platform to establish humane quality education courses; carry out learning activities such as measurement skills competition, English proficiency competition, academic tutoring lectures, etc .; actively promote international exchanges, students can pass the “1 + 2 + 1 China-US Talent Training Program” Travel to the United States to study and study for graduate students.

Kunlun College of Qinghai University vigorously promotes the construction of campus culture and continuously innovates campus management. One class branch branch of our hospital was awarded the honorary title of “National Model League Branch”, and one party branch secretary was awarded the honorary title of “National Top 100 League Party Branch”; the Youth League Committee of the Academy was awarded “the Provincial May Fourth Red Banner Youth League Committee” by the Youth League Committee. The student party general branch was rated as “the provincial’s advanced grassroots party general branch” by the Provincial Education and Work Committee, and the Youth Volunteer Association of the Academy was rated as “Advanced Volunteer Service Collective” by the Communist Youth League Committee for three consecutive years; one student was rated as “National Self-strengthening star. ” The teachers of our college have won the first prize in the professional competence of college counselors in the province for three consecutive years; they have won the third prize in the national college counselor’s professional competence final for two consecutive years, and they are the only winners in our province for two years. Cooperate with local governments to establish Qinghai’s first “youth escort” university student mental health demonstration education center. Our students have won many competitions in mathematical modeling competitions, physical modeling competitions, innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, ecological civilization creativity competitions, and psychological drama competitions. The college sports and cultural atmosphere is strong, the sun sports are colorful, and the athletic teams, cheerleading teams and other sports teams perform well in various sports events.

Kunlun College of Qinghai University has conducted various activities such as counselling training for civil servants and postgraduates, civil servant mock exams, job resumes and interview lectures, employment psychology lectures, campus mock recruitment contests and other diverse activities; vigorously promoted employment assistance for students with financial difficulties and employment difficulties Support plan; build online and offline referral platforms, organize various forms of employment and recruitment activities, and promote student employment. The college has won the honorary titles of “advanced collective for employment in ordinary colleges and universities in Qinghai” and “advanced unit for subsidized work in ordinary colleges and universities in Qinghai”.

Kunlun College of Qinghai University continuously improves the school running conditions, optimizes and beautifies the campus environment, and has successively been rated as “safe campus” advanced units, “garden style” units, and “spiritual civilization” units. With the steady improvement of the school running level and quality, the college’s social popularity and recognition have continued to increase, showing a good development trend, and was named “National Education Reform and Innovation Demonstration (Institute) School”, and the party committee of the college has been rated as “Qinghai Province” Excellent team of colleges and universities “,” Provincial advanced grass-roots party organizations. ” In the future, the college will continue to follow the connotative development path with the core of improving the quality of education, and work hard to build an independent college with plateau characteristics and a certain influence in the west.


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