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Introduction to Kunming Medical University Haiyuan College

Kunming Medical University Haiyuan College (昆明医科大学海源学院, website) is Kunming Medical University’s initiative to adapt to the economic and social development needs of the country and Yunnan Province. It was established in conjunction with Kunming Fidelity Development Industrial Group in June 2001 with the approval of the Provincial Department of Education. “Independent College” is the only independent medical college in Yunnan Province.

Relying on Kunming Medical University’s high-quality teaching resources and strong faculty, through nine years of construction and development, the conditions for running schools have been continuously improved, and the quality of running schools has been widely praised by the society. The college now has clinical medicine, stomatology, nursing, pharmacy, medical imaging, medical testing, rehabilitation therapy, public service management (health care management direction), labor and social security (medical insurance direction), information management and information There are 22 undergraduate majors and professional directions including system (computer technology, medical and health application direction), environmental science (environmental medical direction), and English (medical and health direction), covering medical, science, humanities, management, and other disciplines. The specialty of clinical medicine and nursing is a specialty with provincial characteristics. It is a modern university with good teaching environment and conditions. It recruits students from 31 provinces, districts and municipalities across the country.

Kunming Medical University Haiyuan College currently has two campuses, high-tech and Yanglin. The high-tech campus is located in the world-famous and beautiful Spring City-Kunming National High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Yunnan Province. It is adjacent to the scenic spots of Zhuzhu Temple and Haiyuan Temple in the west, and Dianchi Lake, a beautiful plateau pearl in the south. The campus is new and beautiful, with green grass and flowers and pleasant trees. It is a “Kunming Garden-style Unit” awarded by the Kunming Municipal Government. The college has complete and advanced teaching facilities, a majestic teaching building, advanced multimedia-sized classrooms configured in accordance with modern standardization, teaching and research rooms, laboratories, and clinical skills experiment centers (provincial undergraduate experimental teaching demonstration centers), Comprehensive dental laboratory, human morphology exhibition hall, computer room, digital foreign language voice room, library (equipped with electronic reading room, massive literature retrieval database, etc.), equipment fitness room, physical fitness training room, psychological consultation room, campus broadcasting station , Wireless listening channels for English listening, high-speed campus network covering the entire campus, each student dormitory has a college student cultural activities room, etc., with basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, football fields and standard plastic track and field stadiums, student apartments, Advanced teaching and living facilities such as student restaurants.

The Yanglin Campus is located in Songming Vocational Education Park with modern planning. The buildings are more beautiful and more complete. It will become the main campus of Haiyuan College. It is located in Songming Yunnan Vocational Education Park in Kunming. The first phase of the project covers an area of 627.45 acres. With a construction area of more than 170,000 square meters and a total investment of more than 400 million yuan, it was put into use in September 2011.

The college now has a basic teaching department, a humanities and social science department, a first clinical medicine department, a second clinical medicine department, a medical technology department, a nursing department, a nursing department, a dental department, a liberal arts department, a public health department, and a pharmacy department. It owns Shilin Tianqi Hospital and Tongren Hospital affiliated to Haiyuan University, as well as various practical teaching bases at all levels. Sharing high-quality teaching resources of Kunming Medical University’s 16 majors, 10 affiliated hospitals, more than 60 teaching hospitals, and internship hospitals. The 10 affiliated hospitals of Kunming Medical University are all large-scale comprehensive “third-level first-class hospitals” or provincial specialized hospitals. The hospital has a large pool of talents, advanced equipment, and complete departments. It enjoys a wide reputation both inside and outside the province. The teaching resources can fully meet the teaching needs of Haiyuan College, and it is an ideal place for students to study.

Kunming Medical University Haiyuan College’s enrollment plan is issued by the state. It enrolls students who participate in the unified admissions test of ordinary colleges and universities in the country, with scores that reach the corresponding batch admission control lines of provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions, and those who are able to pay tuition (student foreign languages after enrollment) Teaching is arranged in English).

The teaching work of Kunming Medical University Haiyuan College is guided by Kunming Medical University, with personnel training as the foundation, teaching as the center, comprehensive implementation of the Party’s education policy, comprehensive promotion of quality education, training of high comprehensive quality, strong practical ability and social adaptation Advanced medical and health practical talents with good ability and development potential. The college leaders, main cadres and backbone teachers are selected by Kunming Medical University, and the teaching is in strict accordance with the undergraduate education regulations of the National Medical College. Clinical teaching tasks are undertaken by high-level teachers from the affiliated hospitals and teaching hospitals of Kunming Medical University.

The college’s student work is centered on students to help students become talented and serve the students wholeheartedly. It puts emphasis on strengthening the ideological and political education, mental health education, career planning and employment guidance services and daily learning and life service management of college students. , Established the student party branch, party branch, and improved the school, department, and class three-level student management system; attaches importance to the construction of campus culture, carefully designed and organized the development of rich content, new forms, and attractive coverage of ideological and political, academic Campus cultural activities such as science and technology, social practice, arts and sports, etc., have received many commendations from the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, and the Provincial Department of Education.

Kunming Medical University Haiyuan College’s three major cultural performances each year, four major sports events, social practice activities and dozens of various community activities have become a broad stage for Haiyuan students to show their youthful style and grow their talents. Haiyuan University conducts a comprehensive evaluation of morality, intelligence, physical fitness, and energy among students each year. Various scholarships and scholarships, such as scholarships and work-study funds, inspire and help students develop in an all-round way, and return to the country when they become successful. Students graduate and enjoy the national employment policy of college graduates. The college will do a good job of graduate career planning and employment guidance services in advance. Through career planning lessons for college students, “experience-based” teaching and other forms of active employment guidance services. Our graduates’ employment, postgraduate admissions and admission rates are among the highest among independent colleges in the province.


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