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Introduction to Kunming Medical University

Kunming Medical University (昆明医科大学, website) is a provincial key university, founded in 1933, formerly known as East University Medical land special training course, an independent college in 1956, in 1981 became the first master’s degree granting unit in 1998 to become doctoral degree, 2010 Yunnan Medical College incorporated in 2012 changed its name to Kunming Medical university, the state university foundation capacity building engineering schools of the first Midwest. In the past 86 years, more than 100,000 full-time and 90,000 part-time senior medical and health personnel trained have taken root in the frontiers and served the grassroots. They have made outstanding contributions to the development of Yunnan’s medical and health undertakings, economic and social development, and national unity and progress. contribution.

Kunming Medical University has three campuses: Chenggong (main campus), Renmin West Road, and Pingzheng. The campus covers an area of 1482 mu. There are 6,178 staff members (1580 in the school’s headquarters and 4,598 in the affiliated hospitals), 6 national talent projects, and 1111 postgraduate supervisors. There are 19318 full-time students, of which 14,491 are undergraduates, 3234 are postgraduates, 295 are doctoral students, 513 are foreign students, and 785 are junior college students; 26,623 are adults in undergraduate colleges. After years of development, a complete medical personnel training system has been formed, including full-time higher medical education (bachelor, master, doctorate) education, post-graduate education, continuing medical education, and overseas student education.

University college (part) 18, 33 undergraduate majors. There are 4 national specialty specialties, 1 national experimental teaching demonstration center, 1 national clinical teaching training demonstration center, 4 national curriculum projects, and 6 provincial teaching teams. There are 3 authorized doctoral degrees for first-level disciplines, 7 authorized master’s degrees for first-level disciplines, 4 authorized master’s degrees for second-level disciplines, 1 authorized for doctoral degree, and 6 authorized for master’s degree. Set up three mobile stations for clinical medicine, basic medicine, and postdoctoral research in pharmacy. Clinical medicine ranks in the top 1% of global ESI disciplines.

The university has won 7 national science and technology awards and 17 ministerial science and technology awards. “Twelve Five” to get the provincial Science and Technology Award Grand Prize 6, first prize 13; 655 national commitment to scientific research projects, ranking third in the province, in 2019 the number of National Natural Science Foundation project among the national top 100 in research funding over 100 million yuan; the Ministry of Education innovation team 1, team 29 provinces innovation. Joint Laboratory of the Ministry of Education has an international cooperation, national health committee Health Laboratory 1, 2, provincial key laboratories, provincial Center for Clinical Medical Research, National Research accreditation and accredited laboratory (center) Center, bases, etc. 74. “Kunming Medical University” is a national core journals Science and Technology.

Kunming Medical University has established a perfect practical teaching network consists of four affiliated hospitals, 13 non-affiliated hospitals, 15 teaching hospitals, 41 teaching hospital, 19 community practice teaching base and 41 related professional practice teaching base consisting of To fully meet the needs of students’ practical teaching. First, Second Affiliated Hospital of the “three A-level” general hospital, the Third Affiliated Hospital Affiliated Stomatology Hospital of Yunnan Province and the highest level of “three A-level” Cancer Hospital and oral specialist hospitals.

More than 90 universities and research institutes and universities in 27 countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, has established exchange and cooperative relations. July 2019 initiated the establishment of South Asia, Southeast Asia medical education and health care alliance, “International medical personnel training base” and the first batch of students enrolled in the national government scholarships colleges of Yunnan Province, is approved by the Ministry of Education of foreign students of undergraduate clinical professional (English teaching) school, in 2019 to study in China quality certification by the Ministry of Education, foreign students up to 27 source markets.

Kunming Medical University attaches great importance to social services, and actively carries out continuing education and training of medical and related personnel; undertakes social responsibilities, strengthens school-land cooperation, and develops education, medical, scientific, and technological counterparts. Yunnan Province ideological and political work advanced collective, social poverty in Yunnan Province advanced collective, advanced collective of national unity and progress of Yunnan Province, Yunnan Province, the medical insurance fund management honorary title of advanced units and safe campus, is a conservation-oriented demonstration unit of national public institutions.


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