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Introduction to Kunming Metallurgy College

Kunming Metallurgy College (昆明冶金高等专科学校, website) is a full-time public college with a long history and distinctive characteristics. It is dominated by work. It has a combination of work, management, culture, commerce, and arts. , Yunnan Province high-level vocational college construction project colleges, Yunnan Province high-quality vocational college construction units. The school was founded in 1952. It has accumulated a long history of forming an excellent engineering education tradition and a strong engineering culture atmosphere. The engineering application has distinctive characteristics and has formed a wealth of high-quality engineering education resources. It has trained more than 120,000 graduates for the society and achieved remarkable results in running schools.

Kunming Metallurgy College covers an area of more than 1,240 acres, has more than 22,000 full-time college students, more than 980 staff members, more than 80 professors, more than 300 associate professors, and more than 600 dual-teacher teachers. It has a group of outstanding teachers including 3 national and 8 provincial teaching teams, 1 national “Ten Thousand People Program” teaching master, 1 Yunling scholar, 3 Yunling teaching masters, 7 provincial teaching masters and so on. Advanced teaching equipment and equipment, sufficient book resources and rich teaching resources, each major has been built into a systematic internal and external training base. Has 3 national productive training bases, 2 “dual teacher” teacher training and training bases, 1 virtual simulation training center, 2 collaborative innovation centers, and 2 skill master studios, and provincial demonstration training bases 13, the internship and training conditions are at the leading level of similar institutions in China, providing guarantee for the cultivation of students’ practical ability.

Kunming Metallurgy College has continued to promote education and teaching reform. In recent years, it has won more than 200 quality engineering construction projects at or above the provincial level, 1 national award for teaching achievements (participation), 5 second prizes, and 1 provincial teaching achievement special award , 5 first prizes and 4 second prizes. There are 6 national demonstration majors, 11 national backbone majors, 2 national capacity building professions for professional service improvement, 2 national professional teachers training and training bases for key construction majors, 13 provincial key and specialty majors; national quality There are 4 courses, 10 excellent courses of the National Education Instruction Committee and 21 provincial fine courses. Students have won three first prizes in national competitions in national and provincial skills competitions, and individual and group awards are at the leading level of similar institutions. The school has undertaken the national vocational college skills competition surveying and mapping events and engineering survey events for two consecutive years, and both won the “National Vocational College Skills Competition Outstanding Contribution Award” recognition by the Ministry of Education.

Kunming Metallurgy College has been widely recognized and trusted by candidates, parents and society. It is the vocational college of choice for college entrance examination candidates in Yunnan Province. The provincial admission score line ranks among the top in Yunnan Province for vocational colleges. Adopting the “cultural quality + vocational skills” separate examination enrollment method, the student source is stable and high quality; the school actively expands large-scale employment of state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises, promotes stable employment of small and micro enterprises, ensures localized employment increase, and actively promotes foreign provinces Quality employment. The employment rate of graduates has always maintained the leading level in similar institutions, and has been awarded by the Ministry of Education as “National Advanced Unit for Graduate Employment Work”, “Top 50 Universities for Typical Employment Experiences of Graduates in China”, “Top 10 Universities for Typical Employment Experiences in Yunnan Province”, etc. Reward, won the first prize of employment work of colleges and universities in Yunnan Province for more than ten consecutive years.

Kunming Metallurgy College was awarded the National Advanced Unit of Vocational Education, the National Advanced Unit of Spiritual Civilization Construction, the National Outstanding Contribution Unit for the Training of Skilled Talents, the First Batch of Demonstration Universities for Deepening Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform in Yunnan Province, and the Model of School Style, Teaching Style, and Study Style in Yunnan Province Schools, etc., have won social praises such as “the cradle of high-skilled talents in metallurgical and mining” and “the vanguard of higher vocational education in Yunnan”. In the comprehensive ranking of vocational colleges across the country, the ranking of subject competitions, and the evaluation of school satisfaction, the school has continuously maintained the first place in vocational colleges in Yunnan Province, ranking among the nation’s leading ranks. The school has consecutively won the top 50 teaching resources in higher vocational colleges in 2017 and 2018, and the top 50 international influences in higher vocational colleges.

Kunming Metallurgy College, with its profound schooling accumulation and distinctive school running characteristics, adheres to demonstration, leads development, actively integrates and serves the development strategy of the country and Yunnan Province, and is well received by vocational colleges inside and outside the province. In the next step, the school will take the opportunity of recommending our university to apply for the National “Double High Plan” as an opportunity to continuously enrich the new connotation of the “dual mention project” of “improving the level of schooling and raising the level of schooling” of the school, exploring multiple implementation forms, and making every effort Strive to create high-level vocational schools and high-level majors with Chinese characteristics, and make new and greater contributions to the reform and development of higher vocational education and economic and social development!


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