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Introduction to Laiwu Vocational and Technical College

Laiwu Vocational and Technical College (莱芜职业技术学院, website) was established in October 2000. It is a government-run college. It plans to cover an area of 2,000 acres and now covers an area of 1139 acres. It has fixed assets of 778 million yuan, a total value of 130 million yuan in equipment, and 878,800 books book. Our academy is the first batch of famous universities for the training of skilled talents in Shandong Province, the second batch of high-quality vocational colleges in Shandong Province, and the advanced unit for vocational education in Shandong Province. There are currently 8 departments and 18 research institutes, offering 46 admissions programs for 13 provinces (autonomous regions), with 11,600 full-time students. Established 1 provincial key laboratory (Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Advanced Powder Metallurgy), 1 provincial research institute (Shandong Jianghe Wetland Ecological Research Institute), 3 provincial vocational education skills transfer and innovation platform, 1 province Grade Engineering Technology Center (Titanium Carbide Ceramic Engineering Technology R & D Center), a provincial mechanical basic experimental teaching demonstration center, 229 on-campus professional experimental training rooms and 280 off-campus practice training bases.

Laiwu Vocational and Technical College is an excellent college for the evaluation of talent training in higher vocational colleges in Shandong Province. There are 1 national-level modern apprenticeship pilot programs, 9 provincial-level specialty programs and demonstration programs, and provincial professional college brand programs (groups). 2), 1 provincial-level modern apprenticeship pilot program, 7 provincial-level teaching teams, 3 national-level master skill studios, and 2 provincial professional education master studios. There are 1 national teaching resource bank, 2 provincial teaching resource banks, 1 national excellent resource sharing course, 17 provincial excellent resource sharing courses, and 29 provincial excellent courses. Teachers of our college have led the development of three professional provincial teaching guidance programs, which have won 1 second-class national teaching achievement award and 16 vocational education teaching achievement awards in Shandong Province. In recent years, our students have won more than 660 awards in national and provincial skills competitions, including 13 first-level national awards and 35 second-level awards; 5 provincial special awards and 98 first-class awards. And 142 second prizes. In the 2018 National Vocational College Skills Competition, our students won one gold, one silver and one bronze, which won honors for Shandong Province.

Laiwu Vocational and Technical College actively innovates and explores, taking the lead in taking a new road of “integrated school-enterprise running” in the country, which is highly appraised by leaders such as Yuan Guiren, former Minister of Education, and Lu Xin, former Deputy Minister. The college hosted the National Higher Vocational Education “School-enterprise Integrated Schooling” Experience Exchange and Innovation Alliance Establishment Conference, led the formation of the National I5 Intelligent Manufacturing Vocational Education Group, and successively worked with Shenyang Machine Tool, Haier, Hisense, Shandong Shunhe, Zhongtong Logistics, Shandong Lichuang and other cities have established close cooperation relationships with more than 290 large and medium-sized enterprises both inside and outside the city. They have carried out in-depth cooperation in named classes, order training, internships, professional construction, scientific innovation, cultural exchanges, and employment of part-time teachers. Our institute has been identified as a pilot unit of the modern apprenticeship system of the Ministry of Education, a permanent secretariat unit of the National Higher Vocational Education “School-Enterprise Integration” Innovation Alliance, a Shandong Provincial School-Enterprise Integration Cooperative School Demonstration School, and an Advanced Unit of Shandong Province Enterprise Cooperation.

Laiwu Vocational and Technical College has made every effort to strengthen the construction of connotation, and the overall quality of teachers and the level of education and teaching have improved significantly. There are currently 739 faculty members and 535 full-time teachers, including 167 professors and associate professors, and 364 doctoral and master degrees. It has trained 39 professional leaders, 97 backbone teachers, and 12 famous teaching teachers. One National May 1 Labor Medal Winner emerged, 12 national and provincial advanced workers, one Shandong top ten master model, five Shandong teaching masters, three Shandong young skilled masters, and the first Qilu technician 1、7 outstanding teachers in Shandong Province, 2 winners of the Shandong Provincial Prosperous Xinglu Labor Medal, 2 Shandong Model Workers, 1 outstanding teacher of the 3rd Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Award, and young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions 6 people. The college was rated as the advanced collective for the construction of the teaching staff in Shandong Province.

Laiwu Vocational and Technical College attaches great importance to scientific research and innovation. In recent years, it has undertaken a total of 355 provincial and municipal scientific research projects, and has accumulated a total of nearly 30 million yuan in research funding. A total of 1 provincial natural science award, 2 provincial scientific and technological progress awards, 14 municipal scientific and technological progress awards, 7 outstanding scientific and technological achievements awards of Shandong universities; 4 social science achievement awards of Shandong province, and excellent social science awards 33 achievement awards. A total of 572 national patents, including 37 invention patents and 4 municipal patent awards. Has provided more than 300 technical services for enterprises.

Laiwu Vocational and Technical College continuously strengthens the construction of the basic environment and the campus culture, and gradually builds a harmonious and unified guarantee system for perfect school conditions, a beautiful education environment and a good cultural atmosphere. The college has successively been named the National Charisma Campus of Vocational Colleges, the Experimental Campus of Digital Campus Construction of Vocational Colleges of the country, the “AI + Smart Learning” co-built artificial intelligence college of the Ministry of Education, the provincial civilized unit, the advanced unit of campus greening management in Shandong universities, Educational Information Demonstration Unit of Shandong Province.


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