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Lanzhou University of Technology (兰州理工大学, website) is located in Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu Province. It is a university jointly established by the People’s Government of Gansu Province, the Ministry of Education, and the National Defense Science and Technology Industry Bureau. “And the” Excellent Engineer Program “of the Ministry of Education was selected as a university, a national characteristic school for national defense education in 2016.

Lanzhou University of Technology was formerly the Gansu Provincial Technical School established in 1919; in 1958, based on the establishment of Lanzhou Institute of Technology, Gansu Jiaotong University was incorporated and named as Gansu University of Technology; in 1965, the school was placed under the first machinery The Ministry of Industry has also moved in the formation of hydraulic machinery, chemical machinery, petroleum field machinery, and welding technology and equipment majors from the Northeast Heavy Machinery Institute and the Beijing Institute of Machinery. At the same time, a group of teachers from Hunan University and Hefei University of Technology were transferred to the school. In 1998, it was restructured into a “co-construction between the central and local governments, focusing on local management”; in 2003, it officially changed its name to Lanzhou University of Technology. After hundreds of years of construction and development, the school has basically built first-class engineering, solid science, and characteristic liberal arts, and has entered the ranks of high-level universities in the country.

The school currently has two campuses, Lan Gongping Campus and Pengjiaping Campus, covering an area of 2430 acres, a building area of 1.07 million square meters, a library collection of 2.396 million books, and 1.136 million electronic books.


Lanzhou University of Technology has 19 colleges, 1 teaching and research department, graduate school, and Wenzhou graduate branch. There are 2 national teaching teams, 3 national experimental teaching demonstration centers, 11 provincial teaching teams, and 16 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers. It recruits students from 30 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) across the country, and achieved one enrollment in 17 provinces. There are more than 28,000 full-time students. The employment rate of graduates has remained above 95% for many years. “National colleges and universities with typical employment experience” title. In 2015, the defense students of our school ranked first in the national defense student’s military and political quality foundation assessment organized by the Fourth Headquarters of the People’s Liberation Army, with 117 national defense students training local universities participating.

Lanzhou University of Technology currently has 2,309 faculty members and 1,478 full-time teachers, including 869 senior titles, 156 doctoral supervisors, 649 master supervisors, 538 PhDs, and more than 200 PhD candidates. There are 4 academicians with dual appointments, 2 selected professors from the “Yangtze River Scholars”, 2 national candidates from the “Millions of Talents Project”, 3 outstanding talents from the new century of the Ministry of Education, and one of the first batch of national college Huangdanian teachers. Nine-level high-level talents such as “Yangtze River Scholars” were introduced flexibly, and more than 120 well-known experts at home and abroad were invited as visiting professors. There are 12 national honorary titles such as National Excellent Teachers, National Advanced Workers, National Teachers’ Models, National Excellent Teachers, etc., 30 experts who enjoy special government allowances from the State Council, 8 members of the Professional Teaching Guidance Committee of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education, and provincial teaching 14 teachers. It was selected as 35 leading talents in Gansu Province and 33 “Flying Scholars”, and won more than 70 honorary titles including Gansu Provincial May Day Labor Medal, outstanding experts, teaching masters, and moral standard.

Lanzhou University of Technology is the first batch of bachelor’s degree and master’s degree authorized universities in China. It is the first university in Gansu Province to have the right to grant a doctorate degree in engineering and the first mobile post-doctoral research station. There are currently 9 disciplines covering engineering, science, management, literature, law, education, medicine, art, and economics. There are 20 provincial key disciplines and 4 national defense specialty disciplines. The two disciplines of engineering and materials science entered the top 1% of ESI rankings worldwide. In the fourth round of national discipline evaluation, four disciplines, including civil engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science and engineering, and control science and engineering, entered Class B. There are 5 post-doctoral research stations, 6 first-level discipline doctoral sites, 23 first-level discipline masters, and 14 master degree categories. There are 69 undergraduate majors, including 6 national specialty specialty construction sites, 2 majors related to the strategic emerging industries of the Ministry of Education, and 1 national major comprehensive reform pilot major; mechanical design and manufacturing and their automation, process equipment and control engineering, and chemistry Engineering and technology, material molding and control engineering, civil engineering, metal materials engineering, metallurgical engineering, automation, polymer material engineering, water conservancy and hydropower engineering have passed the professional education engineering certification and entered the “first square” of global engineering education. ; The major of engineering management passed the assessment of the higher education project management major of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development, and the major of architecture passed the assessment of national college architecture education.

Lanzhou University of Technology proactively serves the national and regional economic and social development. Disaster reduction and other research directions have formed distinctive characteristics. The school currently has 2 innovation teams of the “Yangtze River Scholars and Innovation Team Development Plan”, 4 national science and technology innovation platforms, 6 research bases of the Ministry of Education, and 36 provincial and ministerial research institutions. The school has a “State Key Laboratory for Advanced Processing and Recycling of Nonferrous Metals Co-constructed by the Province and the Ministry”, and a “National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory for Nonferrous Metal Alloy Processing” approved by the National Development and Reform Commission. The High-tech Achievement Promotion Center is the first national level As a technology transfer demonstration institution, the University Science Park is a national university science park with a national public service demonstration platform approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In the past five years, it has undertaken 367 national scientific research projects and 1,069 horizontal projects. In 2019, 72 national natural science funds were approved, and the number of approved projects ranked 138th in the country. He was selected as one of the top 200 research influencers of Chinese universities and research institutes. In 2018, the scientific and technological funds reached 153 million yuan. The SCI-accepted papers ranked 140th in the national universities and the EI-accepted papers ranked 71th in the national universities.

Lanzhou University of Technology has established comprehensive cooperative relationships with more than 20 provinces and cities within and outside of Lanzhou, Jiuquan, Baiyin, Jinchang, and Wenzhou, and more than 200 with Jiugang, Jinchuan, Lanzhou Petrochemical, and Lanshi Companies have established a stable production-study-research cooperation relationship. The school actively deepened cooperation with local governments and enterprises, and established “Lanzhou University of Technology-Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd. Nickel-Cobalt Metal New Materials Collaborative Innovation Center” “Northwest Low-Carbon Town Support Technology Collaborative Innovation Center” “Gansu Industrial Economic Development Research Institute “Lanzhou University of Technology Baiyin New Materials Research Institute” Lanzhou University of Technology-Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd. Engineering Technology Research Institute “Lanzhou University of Technology Wenzhou Pump and Valve Engineering Research Institute” Lanzhou University of Technology Lanshi Research Institute “Lanzhou Lanzhou New Area Industrial Development Research Institute of Science and Technology University ”and other scientific research institutions to promote economic and social development. The Gansu Provincial Military-civilian Integration Development Research Institute relies on the establishment and operation of our school. “Civil Engineering Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Research in the Northwest Harsh Environment”, the Ministry of Education Yangtze River Scholars Innovation Team overcomes the global problems of Lanzhou subway construction.

The school continuously expands the space for cooperation and exchanges, and actively promotes the process of internationalized school running. Actively serve the construction of the “Belt and Road” initiative and join the “Belt and Road” strategic alliance of universities. It is a Chinese project institution of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization University. It has established cooperative relationships with more than 40 universities in the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, and Australia, and signed inter-school cooperation and exchange agreements with Taiwan’s Chung Cheng University, Kunshan University of Science and Technology, and Jingyi University. Southeast University signed the second round (2018-2022) counterpart support agreement. More than 300 teachers and students are sent to study and exchange abroad each year through projects such as the National Commonwealth of Independent States Studying Abroad Program, the National Commonwealth Overseas Studying Project, the Special Project for Talent Training in the Western Regions, and International Classes. The school has the qualifications for Chinese government scholarships to study in China, and has carried out the first batch of quality certifications for Chinese universities to study in China. It recruits students from 51 countries including Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. There are currently 413 international students from 34 countries studying at school.


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