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Liupanshui Normal University (六盘水师范学院, website) is located in Liupanshui, Guizhou Province. It is a public full-time undergraduate college established with the approval of the Ministry of Education. Its predecessor was the Liupanshui Teachers’ College of Guiyang Normal University, which was started in 1978. The Liupanshui Teachers College was established in 1985, and the name was changed to Liupanshui Teachers College in 1993. The Liupanshui Teachers College was merged in 2003, and the Liupanshui City Sports School in 2006 In 2009, it was upgraded to Liupanshui Teachers College. Obtained a bachelor’s degree granting unit qualification in 2013, and was listed as a pilot university for the transition to application-oriented development in Guizhou Province in 2015. It passed the undergraduate teaching qualification assessment of the Ministry of Education in 2016, and was included in the master’s degree of the 13th Five-Year Plan of Guizhou Province. Degree-granting units are project construction units. In 2017, he joined the National University of Applied Technology (College) Alliance. Beginning in 2017, jointly training master degree students with Liaoning Normal University and Guizhou Normal University.

Liupanshui Normal University covers an area of 1,315 acres and a building area of 357,300 square meters. It is integrated with Minghu National Wetland Park and is known as one of the most beautiful university campuses in Guizhou. The total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 103 million yuan, and the library has more than 1.5 million books. There are 861 faculty members, including 51 professors (1 second-level professor and 1 third-level professor), 254 associate professors, and 66 doctors. 344 masters; 1 expert enjoying special allowances from the State Council, 1 expert from the provincial government special allowances, 1 provincial core expert, 1 Baosteel outstanding teacher, and 61 city management expert; 1 provincial teaching teacher, “67 teachers.

Liupanshui Normal University has the School of Educational Science, the School of Literature and Journalism, the School of Foreign Languages, the School of Economics and Management, the School of Mathematics and Computer Science, the School of Chemical and Materials Engineering, the School of Biological Science and Technology, the School of Physics and Electrical Engineering, and the School of Fine Arts and Design , College of Mining and Civil Engineering, College of Tourism and History and Culture, College of Physical Education, College of Marxism, College of Music, College of Continuing Education, 15 secondary colleges, 43 undergraduate majors, covering engineering, science, education, literature, agriculture 10 subject categories. It recruits students from 18 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) across the country. There are about 1,500 full-time students and about 4,500 adult education students. In recent years, it has undertaken 1 national-level comprehensive reform pilot project, 1 top-ranked university in Guizhou Province—1 first-class major (cultivation), 1 special specialty in Guizhou Province, 46 provincial and ministerial-level teaching reform projects, and provincial outstanding talent training programs. 2 items, 7 items of Guizhou Province Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award, 2 provincial excellent courses.

Liupanshui Normal University currently has 1 double-class cultivation discipline (mining engineering), 1 provincial key discipline, 1 provincial key discipline, and 5 provincial key support disciplines (mining engineering, zoology, and plants) Science, physical electronics, mineral processing engineering), together with Liupanshui Municipal People’s Government and Guizhou Academy of Sciences to form the Liupan Moisture Institute of Guizhou Academy of Sciences; established the Guizhou Coal Green Development 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center, a Guizhou Province clean and efficient use of coal resources scientific research experimental platform Academician workstation of Liupanshui Normal University in Guizhou, Guizhou Province roadway roof visualization intelligent detection technology innovation talent team, Guizhou Mine Pressure and Rock Formation Control Engineering Research Center, Guizhou Mine Equipment Digital Technology Engineering Research Center, Guizhou Coal Mine Solid Waste Recycling Utilize a number of scientific research platforms such as key laboratories with special features, key laboratories for the development and utilization of characteristic agricultural germplasm resources in Guizhou, green coal mining in Guizhou province, and a team of scientific and technological innovation talents for ecological environmental protection in mining areas. In recent years, it has undertaken more than 1,450 scientific research projects at various levels, including 20 national research projects (11 projects from the National Natural Science Foundation, 8 projects from the National Philosophy and Social Science Fund, and 1 project from the National Art Planning Fund). There are 207 level projects and 498 prefecture level projects. Teachers published 4,818 academic papers, of which 909 were published in core journals. They were included in more than 194 papers by SCI, EI, ISTP, CSCI, CSSCI and other retrieval tools. They had 797 nationally authorized patents, and completed 75 monographs and edited independently. The school’s bioherbarium won the title of “My Favorite Popular Science Education Base” in Guizhou Province in 2016, and the “China Liangdu Cultural Innovation Research Center” won the first batch of provincial humanities and social science demonstration bases in Guizhou Province.

Liupanshui Normal University has established academic research institutions such as Wumengshan Development Research Institute, Chinese Herbal Medicine R & D Center, “Three Fronts” Construction Cultural Research Center, “Three Changes” Reform Research Center, Buyi Culture Research Center, Translation Research Center, etc. Gui Tianneng, Shuicheng Mining, Panjiang Coal and Electricity and other enterprises and institutions have established 105 industrial-university-research cooperation bases and internship training bases. They have partnered with Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology, Liaoning Normal University, Dalian University, Guizhou University, and Daye University in Taiwan. More than 20 universities at home and abroad, including Dresden University of Applied Technology in Germany and Chiang Mai University in Thailand, have established good cooperative relations, which have played an important role in improving the quality of application-oriented personnel training and serving local economic and social development. The school is a provincial teacher development center of Guizhou Province, a continuing education base for professional and technical personnel at the provincial level, and a training and training base for the provincial intangible cultural heritage inheritance crowd.

Liupanshui Normal University won one silver award and one bronze award for charity business in the National Youth University Entrepreneurship Competition in 2018. Vigorously strengthen the construction of campus culture, the School History Museum is an outstanding cultural education base in Guizhou Province. In 2017, the school was rated as the “Provincial Civilized Campus”. In 2018, the school was rated as the National Outstanding News Propaganda Unit, the Outstanding Communication Award of the University and the National Outstanding Unit by the National Summer School “Three Travels to the Countryside” in Summer. In January, the school won the Excellent Class in Guizhou Province’s 2018 Ideological and Political Work Inspection.


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