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Luohe Vocational and Technical College (漯河职业技术学院, website) is the first batch of general public colleges and vocational colleges approved by the Ministry of Education, national high-quality vocational colleges, national defense education schools, and the first batch of modern apprenticeship pilot schools in Henan Province. The first batch of provincial model higher vocational colleges with special support for the construction, Henan Vocational Education Characteristic Colleges. Li Keqiang, Premier of the State Council, Li Lanqing, former member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau and Vice Premier of the State Council, He Guoqiang, former secretary of the CPC Central Committee and head of the Central Organization Department, Guo Gengmao, former secretary of the Henan Provincial Party Committee, Zhang Baoqing, deputy minister of education, and other leaders visited the college.

Luohe Vocational and Technical College is located in Luohe City, Henan Province, a famous food city in China, a national garden city, and an excellent tourist city in China. Luohe City is located in the central and southern part of Henan Province. The beautiful sand and Luohe River traverse the whole area and pass through the urban area after the urban areas meet. Luohe is a national second-class transportation hub city. Less than an hour’s drive from Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Beijing-Guangzhou High-speed Railway, Shiwu High-speed Railway, Oubao (Feng), Fufu (Yang) 5 railways and Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway, Ningluo Highway, 107 National Road and 5 Provincial Road runs through the whole territory. The college is located in the middle of the university road in Luohe city center. It is less than 10 minutes by bus from Luohe Railway Station, high-speed rail station, and long-distance bus station. The traffic is very convenient. The college is surrounded by the Shaying River and is located in the beautiful 4A scenic spot Shaying. The park’s central location, beautiful environment, and beautiful scenery; large living and shopping plazas, hospitals, and sports centers around the college are all available, providing students with convenient conditions such as food, clothing, and transportation.

Luohe Vocational and Technical College currently has 785 faculty members. There are 235 professional teachers above associate professors and 285 dual-teacher teachers. Among the teachers, there are 2 government special allowances, 2 provincial-level teaching teachers, 14 academic leaders from the Education Department of Henan Province, 6 top talents from Luohe City, and 13 technological innovation leaders.

Luohe Vocational and Technical College includes Food Engineering Department, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department, Information Engineering Department, Construction Engineering Department, Clothing Department, Economic Trade and Management Department, Business Administration Department, Tourism and Hotel Management Department, Applied Foreign Languages and Department of International Education, Department of Music and Dance, Department of Art and Design, and a five-year college with 13 teaching departments, covering engineering, management, literature, art, teacher education, and economics 6 universities, offering 55 majors and 66 professional directions . More than 15,000 full-time students. It has 2 majors in the construction of the project of “Promoting the Professional Service Industry Development Ability of Higher Vocational Schools” supported by the central government, 6 key construction majors in Henan Province’s exemplary higher vocational colleges, 3 pilot projects for comprehensive reform in Henan Province, and 6 specialties in Henan Province. . There are dozens of majors in adult education and colleges (including open education and TVU registered audiovisual students). Among them, the undergraduate levels are: accounting, law, finance, business administration, and computer applications. Specialist levels include: law, computerized accounting, elementary school teachers, population management, business administration, advanced nursing, finance, Chinese language and literature, computer applications, etc.

In May 2016, Henan University of Technology Luohe Institute of Technology co-founded by Henan University of Technology and Luohe Municipal Government relying on Luohe Vocational and Technical College was officially unveiled at Luohe Vocational and Technical College, and enrollment began that year, ending the absence of undergraduate colleges in Luohe School history. At present, Luohe Institute of Technology of Henan University of Technology offers 5 undergraduate majors in food nutrition and inspection education, marketing, visual communication design, mechanical design and manufacturing, automation, and engineering management, and recruits students across the province. In April 2017, Xu Shen Cultural College (Xu Shen College) was officially established in Luohe Vocational and Technical College. To lay a solid foundation for cultivating professional talents for researching and promoting Xushen culture, speeding up the construction of a famous Chinese character city in Luohe City, inheriting Chinese traditional culture, and improving the soft power of Luohe culture.

Luohe Vocational and Technical College is a national high quality vocational college. The College has 1 National Development and Reform Commission approved to establish 1 national-level construction project, 1 key scientific research project of the Ministry of Education, 2 training bases supported by the central finance, 2 key construction specialties supported by the central finance, and provincial demonstration training bases. There are 3 projects, 6 major professional and professional groups in provincial demonstration vocational colleges, 11 provincial teaching quality engineering projects, and 1 provincial excellent teaching team. The college also has national key food biological training bases, Henan province’s higher vocational education demonstration training bases, numerical control processing technology center, food industry development service platform, Luohe Food Research Institute, Luohe Plastic Mold Engineering Technology Research Center and other key practice Training bases and research institutions.

Luohe Vocational and Technical College adheres to the characteristics of vocational education, continuously increases the construction of experimental and internship, and training venues, and has a number of experimental and practical training bases inside and outside the school that are leading in technology and meet teaching and scientific research. At present, the college has 185 professional laboratories of various types, 2 comprehensive training buildings, and has also opened Shuanghui Group, Foxconn Technology Group, Gree Electric, Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanshan Group, Yinge Group, Nanjiecun Group and other off-campus schools. There are nearly 100 internships and training bases. In order to strengthen the training of students’ professional skills, the college has also set up a national-level vocational skills appraisal office, a construction industry training organization in Henan Province, Luohe Tourism Training Center, and Luohe Foreign Language Teacher Training Center, etc., to fully implement the “double certificate” education.

Luohe Vocational and Technical College is the first batch of exemplary higher vocational colleges in Henan Province that passed the Ministry of Education’s talent training evaluation. Since 2005, the college has been rated as “China’s Top Ten Vocational Colleges”, “Henan Province’s Top 10 Vocational Colleges”, “China’s Top Ten Famous Vocational Colleges”, and “Top Ten Best Companies for Recruitment in China” “Higher vocational colleges”, national high-quality vocational construction colleges, national defense education characteristic schools, the first batch of provincial demonstration vocational colleges supported by the Provincial Department of Education, Henan Province vocational education characteristic colleges and other reputations. The college has been awarded by the National Greening Commission, the Henan Provincial Department of Education, and the Henan Provincial Department of Construction as national model units for greening, the advanced collective for enrollment of ordinary colleges and universities in Henan province, the advanced collective for graduate employment for colleges and technical secondary schools in Henan, and the garden unit in Henan Province.

Luohe Vocational and Technical College adheres to the “innovation, competition, and development” school running philosophy and “people-oriented, service-oriented, employment-oriented, and the combination of production, learning, and research. The trinity talent training model of “business cooperation and serving local economic and social development”. Guided by advanced curriculum concepts, we vigorously promote the teaching mode of “project carrier, action-oriented, task-driven, rationality, integration of learning and doing”. Continuously deepen the reform of diversified talent training models such as order training, work-learning alternation, and school-enterprise integration. Established with 120 large enterprise groups such as Shuanghui Group, Yinge Group, State Council Office of Administration, China Netcom, Alibaba Group, Yurun Group, Minyuan Group, Blue Mountain Coffee, Shilin (Luohe) Metallurgical Equipment Company, etc. Order training or school-enterprise cooperation strategic partnership. The “Luhe Vocational Education Group” was set up by taking the lead in providing talents and technical services for regional economic construction and social development by taking advantage of the resources of the college.

Luohe Vocational and Technical College adheres to employment-oriented and employment-driven admissions. The employment rate of graduates has reached an average of over 96% per year. The employment work has been in the leading position of similar universities in the province for many years. “Advanced Collective of Employment Work” has been awarded the title of “The Most Employment Competitive Higher Vocational Colleges of 2015 and 2016” in Henan Province, and has been named “The Best Model College of Henan Higher Education Employment Quality”.

Luohe Vocational and Technical College has established friendly relations of cultural exchange and educational cooperation with universities and educational institutions in Britain, Germany, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries. It has introduced modern education concepts and advanced education and teaching and management models.


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