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Introduction to Lushan College of Guangxi University of Science and Technology

Lushan College of Guangxi University of Science and Technology (广西科技大学鹿山学院, website), founded in 2002, is a college and university approved by the Ministry of Education for general undergraduate education.

The college is located in the industrial town of Guangxi and the historical and cultural city of Liuzhou. The campus covers an area of 1283.21 mu, with a total investment of more than 1.3 billion yuan, and a total construction area of 425,400 square meters. The college has advanced teaching and experimental training buildings with supporting facilities, and has nearly 170 experimental training rooms and libraries including a robot principle laboratory, a car chassis structure training room, an engineering cost comprehensive training room, and a modern manufacturing laboratory. The paper collection contains approximately 997,700 volumes.

Lushan College of Guangxi University of Science and Technology has a strong faculty, with experts who enjoy subsidies from the State Council, outstanding experts from the autonomous region, the first batch of high-level talents in Guangxi, outstanding scientific and technological personnel from the autonomous region, hundreds of young and middle-aged backbone teachers in Guangxi universities, and the theory of signing the Liuzhou government Experts, Liuzhou outstanding young scientific and technological talents and a group of teachers with a reasonable structure, capable and efficient, and noble teachers. At present, there are 699 full-time teachers. About 34.22% of the teachers have senior titles, and 49.5% have graduate degrees.

The college now has a department of mechanical engineering, a department of automotive engineering, a department of civil engineering, a department of electrical and computer engineering, a department of economic management, a department of art and design, a department of foreign languages and literature, a department of food and chemical engineering, a teaching and research department of ideological and political theory, Department of Mathematics and Physics, Department of Physical Education, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Public Art and 5 other teaching departments. It offers 37 majors, covering five majors: engineering, management, literature, art, and economics. It recruits students from 26 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) across the country and has over 12,000 students.

Lushan College of Guangxi University of Science and Technology has now joined the China University of Applied Sciences (College) and has become one of the first batch of 4 Guangxi new undergraduate colleges for the overall transformation and development of pilot colleges. It has successively won honorary titles such as “Civilized Campus” in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, “Outstanding Unit for Employment and Entrepreneurship of Guangxi University Graduates”, and “Safe and Civilized Campus” in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Student Dormitory “and” Standardized Student Canteen of Guangxi Advanced Institute “. According to Wu Shulian’s ranking of independent colleges in China, the comprehensive strength of the college jumped from 91st in 2014 to 41st in 2019; the level of college teachers’ innovation ability ranks 19th in independent colleges in China in 2019, and 1st in independent colleges in the region .

Lushan College of Guangxi University of Science and Technology strives to cultivate high-level application-oriented talents with broad horizons. Graduates are widely welcomed by the society, with an employment rate of more than 95% for many years. The college attaches great importance to quality education and strengthens the cultivation of students ‘innovative ability. Students have participated in domestic and foreign college students’ mathematical modeling competitions, domestic and foreign university student formula car competitions, national university student robot competitions, national university student electronic design competitions, and national university student mechanical innovation competitions in recent years. , National University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, China’s “Internet +” University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, National University Student Art Performances and other competitions at various levels have repeatedly made great achievements, winning more than 100 national awards, and more than 500 regional awards. 430 patents. According to the statistics of the IPR platform, the total number of college intellectual property rights ranks 10th in the region’s 33 undergraduate colleges and 1st in the region’s independent colleges.


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