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Mianyang Polytechnic (绵阳职业技术学院, website) is a comprehensive higher vocational college organized by the People’s Government of Mianyang City. It is now a national model higher vocational college. The school originated from Jiangsu Suqian Glass Vocational School, which was established in 1933. It was approved by the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government in 2001. It was merged and upgraded to the Vocational and Technical College by the Sichuan School of Building Materials Industry, Mianyang Technical School, and Mianyang Mechanical and Electrical Industry School. 2015 In Mianyang Water Conservancy and Electricity School, some majors were merged into the school. Since the establishment of the school, the school has adhered to the “good faith-based, ability-based, innovation-oriented soul, characteristics as wings” school running philosophy and “quality-based school, characteristic school, talent strong school” management strategy, always relying on and docking technology City construction and regional industries, with social services as the purpose, employment and entrepreneurship as the guide, vigorously promote the integration of production and education, collaborative education, the quality of personnel training and the level of schooling have been continuously improved, sending a large number of high-quality technical and technical personnel for the society. The school has won honors such as the National Advanced Unit for Vocational Education, the Best Civilized Unit in Sichuan Province, and the Advanced Unit for Graduate Employment in Sichuan Province. It has been listed as the first batch of high-tech technical undergraduate pilot universities in Sichuan Province, and the first batch of modern apprentices in Sichuan Province. System pilot universities, and Sichuan province ’s comprehensive innovation reform pilot universities. The school is the executive deputy director unit of the Vocational Education and Teaching Steering Committee of the National Building Materials Industry Ministry of Education, the vice president unit of the Sichuan Higher Education Society, and the chairman unit of Mianyang Vocational Education Group.

Mianyang Polytechnic covers an area of more than 700 acres, the school building covers an area of nearly 300,000 square meters, and the total assets reach 630 million yuan, of which the number of teaching and experimental training equipment is 12,958 units (pieces), with a total value of 12.49988 million yuan. The school takes engineering as the main body, and has eight departments including materials engineering department, mechanical and electrical engineering department, information engineering department, computer science department, construction engineering department, management engineering department, humanities science department, art department, and Marxism college and innovation and entrepreneurship training college. Two secondary colleges, with 55 higher vocational majors, covering 13 major categories such as electronic information and equipment manufacturing, 30 professional fields, including 5 national financial support majors such as national demonstrations, and 2 training base projects; Sichuan There are 3 major provincial majors; 1 national-level excellent course, 15 provincial-level excellent courses, and 11 provincial-level excellent resource sharing courses. There are more than 11,000 students in vocational colleges. There are 784 faculty members, including 29 with a senior title and 149 with a deputy senior title. There are 5 members of the Industry Vocational Education Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education; 2 outstanding teaching teams in Sichuan Province, 2 engineering innovation teams in colleges and universities, 1 teaching teacher; 29 provincial and municipal scientific and technological achievements review experts; Huang Yanpei Outstanding Teacher Award Winner 1 There are 3 people and 3 outstanding national talents award winners, and one of the top ten entrepreneurs in Mianyang City.

Mianyang Polytechnic has vigorously implemented the higher education quality project (8138 quality project). It has successively built 8 specialty programs, 68 excellent resource sharing courses, 20 excellent video public courses, 7 open training bases, and cultivated 18 outstanding teaching teams. Explore the training model of top-notch innovative talents for higher vocational education and include it in the pilot project of reform of the education system of Mianyang City, and train 75 recognized top-notch innovative talents. Organized to participate in international and domestic skills competitions to achieve success, with nearly 1,000 award-winning students, including 159 national awards and 244 provincial awards. Vigorously build an integrated model of internship, practical training and employment. The rate of obtaining “double certificates” for students has reached 90%, the employment rate has remained at about 98%, and the quality of employment has been rising year by year. Cooperated with Southwest University of Science and Technology and Sichuan Esheng Group to carry out pilot training of high-end technical skills undergraduates in materials science and engineering, mechanical manufacturing and automation, established a complete professional training program and curriculum system, and initially formed a “1 + 3 The talent training model and the undergraduate culture with innovative characteristics based on the community platform, the first batch of 93 graduate students in 2017, with excellent comprehensive quality and professional skills, were favored by a group of well-known enterprises, of which 11 were admitted to Southwest Communications University and other universities for master’s degree.

Mianyang Polytechnic has implemented strategic school-land cooperation with Mianyang High-tech Zone, Youxian District, and Jinjialin General Economic Pilot Zone in Wucheng District. It has implemented and completed more than 30 cooperation projects. The Mianyang Branch of the China International Electronic Commerce Center Training Institute of the Ministry of Commerce and the Mianyang E-commerce Talent Training Center provide talent guarantee for the development of emerging industries. It has successively cooperated with a number of military-civilian research institutes, backbone enterprises and a large number of small and medium-sized scientific and technological institutes, such as China Academy of Engineering Physics, China Armor Research Institute No. 58, Changhong Group, Jiuzhou Group, etc. Promoting the integration of production and education, collaborative innovation, and joint education, a group of “school-in-factory” and “factory-in-school” models have been formed to promote the technological progress and growth of enterprises, and achieve a win-win situation between schools and enterprises. Leading the formation of Mianyang Vocational Education Group, through the establishment of teaching, scientific research, development, service, information consulting and other multi-collaboration platforms, has achieved a number of cooperation results, was included in the “National Vocational Education Group Education Typical Cases Collection” outstanding cases, among the best Among the 10 backbone vocational education group construction projects in Sichuan Province. The “Fule Mianyang University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park” created through multiple co-constructions integrates education, training, communication, service, and practice, and cultivates 93 incubating enterprises, attracting nearly 500 college students to employ, and has been identified as provincial and municipal university entrepreneurship. Incubation base, a new type of co-creation space, co-creation space. In 2016, it successfully ranked among the national co-creation spaces of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Mianyang Polytechnic is under the strong leadership of the Provincial Party Committee Education and Work Committee, the Provincial Department of Education, and the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. The core is to use reform and innovation as the driving force, with the attitude of invincible confidence and decisive battle, to concentrate on efforts, deepen reform, innovative development, and strive to build the school into a regional first-class professional university with distinctive characteristics.


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