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Mianyang Teachers’ College (or Mianyang Normal University, Chinese: 绵阳师范学院, website) is a full-time undergraduate college in Sichuan province. The college is located in Mianyang, known as the Science and Technology City of China, and the birthplace of famous poet Li Bai.

Approved by the Ministry of Education in 2002, the new Mianyang Teachers’ College was formed by the merger of the former Mianyang Teachers College and Mianyang Education College. In 2006, it became the unit for granting bachelor’s degrees. In 2007, it passed the evaluation of the undergraduate teaching level of the Ministry of Education with good results. In 2011, it was approved to be a pilot unit of “Serving National Special Needs Projects” and began to recruit master degree students in environmental engineering. Since the establishment of the college, the college has formed a spirit of “self-improvement, hard work, pragmatic innovation, and the pursuit of excellence”, a school education philosophy of “educating people, serving the locality,” a school motto of “honesty, erudition, dedication, and perseverance,” emphasizing both learning and thinking, unity of knowledge and action “. In total, more than 120,000 outstanding students have been trained for the country.

Mianyang Teachers’ College currently has three campuses including the High-Tech campus, Youxian campus and Fenggu campus. The college has modern libraries, teaching buildings, experimental buildings, stadiums, etc Service Facilities. There are 16 secondary colleges and 52 full-time undergraduate majors, covering 9 university disciplines. At present, there are 529 teachers with senior professional titles, 249 doctors, 81 Ph.D. and master’s tutors, and one academician from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, who enjoys special allowances from the State Council, experts from the “Thousand Talents Program” of Sichuan Province, and “Tianfu People Program from Sichuan Province”. “Professional, Sichuan Province academic and technical leader reserve candidate, Mianzhou Yucai program and other provincial and municipal titles of 32 talented people, won the” Excellent Teacher “,” Sichuan Province Model of Morality “,” May 1 Labor Medal ” There are 5 honorary titles of “Famous Teaching Teachers in Sichuan Province”, and 2 were selected as typical representatives of teachers’ morality in Sichuan universities. Now it has formed a talent training system for graduate education, full-time post-secondary higher education, adult-level post-secondary higher education, and international student education. There are more than 19,000 postgraduates, full-time post-secondary students, and international students.

Mianyang Teachers’ College has won 6 provincial first-class professional construction sites, 7 provincial special specialty construction projects, 7 provincial “excellent plan” projects, 6 application demonstration majors, 10 provincial application demonstration courses, and provincial innovation 2 entrepreneurship demonstration courses, 5 provincial ideological and political demonstration courses, 1 provincial fine online open course, 18 provincial fine courses, 3 Sichuan province experimental teaching demonstration centers, 1 provincial virtual simulation experiment , Sichuan Teachers Continuing Education Training Center 1. In the past three years, the school has completed 931 items of quality engineering, excellence engineering and teaching reform at all levels. The students won 43 awards in the Sichuan Province and National Teachers’ Teaching Ability Contests.

Mianyang Teachers’ College has built an outstanding teacher training model for innovation education, integrated innovation and entrepreneurship education into the entire process of talent training, and achieved fruitful results. The school has the China Science and Technology Association Innovation Studio, the China Creation Society Experimental Base, and the Sichuan Youth Science and Technology Innovation Education Base. In the past three years, students have undertaken 1,508 scientific research, innovation and entrepreneurship projects at all levels, and authorized 30 patents. They have won 365 awards at various levels in non-disciplinary competitions such as the “Internet +” university student innovation and entrepreneurship competition. Won the national gold medal of “Creating Youth” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

Mianyang Teachers’ College adheres to scientific research to serve local economic construction and social development, and has formed the main research direction of “one mountain, one water and one city”, and is committed to building three major brands of “education services”, “technological services” and “cultural services”, and actively promote Construction of “integration of government, industry, university and research”. The school has 1 Sichuan Provincial Key Laboratory; 4 Sichuan Social Science Key Research Bases, 1 Science Popularization Base; 2 Provincial High-Level Research Teams; 2 Sichuan Province University Key Labs, and 3 University Engineering Research Centers ; 7 key research bases for social sciences in Mianyang, and 1 science base. In the past three years, the school has undertaken 58 research projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Social Science Foundation of China, and the provincial and ministerial levels, and published 472 papers in core journals, including 126 SCIs and 43 academic works. More than 180 projects including school-land cooperation and service; actively participated in the national rural revitalization strategy, connected with Pingwu County, Yangtang County, Santai County, etc. to carry out education, intellectual, and cultural poverty alleviation, and organized teams to assist local villages Planning, industrial poverty alleviation, etc., make positive contributions to the development of local economic, social, cultural and educational undertakings. Give full play to the characteristics of teacher education, and promote the professional growth of primary and secondary school and kindergarten teachers. In the past three years, more than 40,000 primary and secondary school teachers have been trained.

Mianyang Teachers’ College focuses on cultivating campus culture, implementing themed education month, festival day activities and” one hospital, one product “construction. Collected and sorted nearly 3,000 national and provincial non-heritage project directories. The venue education model won the National Award of Excellence. The “Dream Voice” choir has performed many times inside and outside the province. College students’ science, technology, culture and art festivals, community style festivals and other brand events have become A beautiful scenery line has formed the campus culture atmosphere of “broad, elegant, interesting and lively”.

Mianyang Teachers’ College cooperates with universities and research institutions in Germany, the United States and other countries and regions to carry out activities such as teacher training, scientific research cooperation, academic exchanges, and student exchanges. Mianyang Teachers’ College adheres to Xi Jinping’s thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and thoroughly studies and implements the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC and the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Plenary Sessions of the 19th CPC National Congress, and actively adapts to the new needs of national strategic development and higher education development. The new trend revolves around the development strategy of “one trunk, multiple branches and five districts in Sichuan” in Sichuan Province, focusing on comprehensive reforms, advancing transformation and development, improving the quality of education, and striving to build schools into applications with distinctive characteristics and prominent advantages that have certain influence in western China.


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