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Introduction to Minxi Vocational and Technical College

Minxi Vocational and Technical College (闽西职业技术学院, website) is a public higher vocational college. The college was founded in 1983 as Longyan Industrial and Vocational College, and changed to Longyan Technical School in 1980. In 2004, Minxi Vocational University and Longyan Technical School merged and changed its name to Minxi Vocational and Technical College. In 2008, it was identified as a model vocational college in Fujian Province. In 2010, it was identified as the backbone construction unit of “National Model Higher Vocational College Construction Plan” by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance. Identified as “Fujian model modern vocational college construction project” cultivation project college. In February 2016, the national backbone higher vocational college construction project passed the acceptance of the “two departments”, and the college ranked among the country’s 200 demonstration (backbone) higher vocational colleges. According to the “2018-2019 Competitiveness Rankings of Higher Vocational Colleges and Universities in China” published by the China Science Evaluation Research Center and the China Educational Evaluation Network, the college’s competitiveness ranks No. 4 in Fujian Higher Vocational Colleges and National Higher Vocational Colleges. No. 212.

Minxi Vocational and Technical College is located in Longyan City, Fujian Province, a well-known revolutionary old area in the country, a transportation hub on the border between Fujian, Guangdong and Jiangxi, and the “Maritime Silk Road Economic Belt”. The college covers an area of 550 acres, with a planned land area of 690 acres and a construction area of 228,000 square meters. At present, there are 534 staff members, including 164 senior titles (professors, associate professors, etc.), 209 intermediate titles (lecturers, etc.), 239 master degree teachers, and 92.71% of dual-qualified teachers. There are 3 provincial teaching teams, 1 famous vocational school principal, 1 provincial professional leader, 3 provincial teaching teachers, 2 “Yan Pei Pei Outstanding Teacher Award” teachers, and “Million” talents in the province 1 person. There are more than 7,000 full-time students, and there are 39 higher vocational majors, including 1 national-level education reform pilot major, 7 provincial-level specialty majors, 9 provincial-level demonstration majors, and provincial professional college service industry characteristic professional groups. 4; 3 provincial-level modern apprenticeship pilot programs; 2 provincial-level innovation and entrepreneurship reform pilot programs; 5 provincial-level “dual system” reform pilot programs; 2 provincial-level vocational college-industrial-education integration demonstration programs; 2 14 provincial excellent courses. There are 148 on-campus training rooms, 12 productive training bases, and 263 off-campus training bases, of which 4 are central and provincial financially supported training bases. The total value of teaching equipment is more than 130 million yuan, and the collection of paper documents is 630,000. In the 2012-2013 quality evaluation results of professional construction in higher vocational colleges in Fujian Province, 26 majors in the college ranked among the top ten in the province, of which 15 majors ranked in the top five. In 2013, it began to cooperate with undergraduate colleges and universities to develop two applied undergraduate talent training pilot programs, namely, “Mechanical Design and Automation” and “Electronic Information Engineering”.

Minxi Vocational and Technical College adheres to the school’s tenet of “based on Longyan, facing the whole province, and radiating the surrounding areas, training technical and technical personnel for production, construction, service and management, and promoting regional economic and social development.” “Vocational colleges” are positioned to run schools, and adhere to the development path of connotation. Promote the integration of production and education in an all-round way, take the initiative to connect with the development of regional industries, and comprehensively strengthen the majors of modern manufacturing, information cloud interconnection, building technology, cultural and creative design, business services, environmental protection and biochemistry, medicine and health, and early childhood education. Group construction, with professional groups as the core to create teaching teams and professional brands to form a characteristic professional system for docking industries. Actively innovate the school-running system and mechanism, promote school-enterprise cooperation and deep integration, cooperate with more than 300 enterprises in talent training, base co-construction, technical services, etc., jointly build professional colleges such as the New Longma Automobile College, and build a total of 17 “schools” “Factory-in-factory” and “factory-in-campus” have jointly piloted the training of modern apprenticeship talents, and held order classes and naming classes for 7 industry companies. Actively promote the construction of the Minxi Vocational College Alliance, set up branches in secondary vocational schools such as Shanghang, Wuping and Yongding, and give play to the role of national backbone schools as a model. Accelerate the construction of municipal vocational education public training and training bases that are public, public, open, vocational, and advanced.

Minxi Vocational and Technical College follows the school motto of “honesty, dedication and success”, and actively promotes the reform of the talent training model around the talent training goal of “cultivating a skill in the hands of modern sunshine craftsmen”, and constructs a course based on “systematization of work processes” System, promote the teaching mode reform of “doing teaching as one” and teaching methods such as task-driven and project-oriented, and try out flexible and diverse teaching organization forms such as multi-semester and segmentation to promote the alignment of curriculum content with professional standards, teaching process and enterprises The production process is docked to improve students’ professional ability, learning ability and development ability, and improve the quality of talent training. Insist on building people with Lide as the foundation, strengthen ideological guidance, and comprehensively implement the “1234” system of humanistic quality education (with socialist core values as the main line, strengthen the construction of ideological and political education teachers and bases, and use courses, activities, and expansion of the three platforms This way, the implementation of the four modules of Lide, Lishen, Lixing and Liye) to promote cultural education and improve the comprehensive quality of students. Adhere to the student-centered orientation, improve the “Min Da Guan” school-running concept, and strive to implement the “three-dimensional education” centered on the “ideological and political education” of the instructor, the “collectivist education” of the class teacher and the “individual care” of the instructor as the two wings. “Innovation system”, exploring the characteristics of higher vocational education in western Fujian, and casting a new brand of higher vocational education in western Fujian. In the past three years, college students have achieved excellent results by participating in skill contests, and have won 4 first-class awards (industry), 10 second-class awards, and 6 third-class awards; 12 provincial first-class awards, 28 second-class awards, 67 third prizes. In the past three years, the annual employment rate of graduates has always been above 95%, and the satisfaction rate of employers has been above 94%.

Minxi Vocational and Technical College firmly establishes the concept of opening and running schools, actively serves regional economic and social development, and improves the contribution of service development. Establish environmental testing center, accounting service center, Putonghua training and test center, automobile generator research institute and other technical services, training and testing institutions, carry out social services, topic research, product development, employee training, skill appraisal, entrepreneurship training, community training, etc. . Established 7 scientific research and innovation platforms such as “Management Innovation and Applied Arts Research Center” and 9 innovative teams such as “Environmental Scientific and Technological Innovation Team”, “Internet of Things Innovation Team” and “Enterprise Information Management Scientific Research and Innovation Team” to create first-class scientific and technological service teams Provide intellectual support for regional economic and social development.

Minxi Vocational and Technical College has always taken service development as its purpose, promoted employment as the direction, and devoted itself to the supply-side reform of personnel training. It strived to build the college into a gathering height of regional technical skills accumulation, scientific and technological services, and cultural heritage and innovation. Fundamental (take Lideshuren as the root) Two wings (both academic education and continuing education), three-dimensional progress (technical and technical personnel training, scientific and technological services, cultural heritage and innovation) Four-party integration (government, industry, enterprise, college) . The college has successively been rated as Fujian Civilized School, Fujian Vocational Education Advanced Unit, Fujian Provincial Advanced Vocational College Graduate Employment Work Advanced Group, Fujian Green School, Safe Campus, etc. Standing at a new starting point, the college will consolidate and develop the achievements of national backbone higher vocational colleges, and fully implement the construction project of a model modern vocational college in Fujian Province, focusing on connotation, innovation, strong characteristics, branding, building demonstration, casting Famous schools strive to build the college into a high-quality vocational college with accurate schooling positioning, advanced schooling philosophy, distinctive professional characteristics, strong service ability, leading comprehensive schooling level, and high economic and social development needs.


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