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Introduction to Modern College of Northwest University

Modern College of Northwest University (西北大学现代学院, website) is an independent college established by Northwest University and approved by the Ministry of Education to engage in undergraduate education. The modern college inherits the glorious tradition of a century-old school, and uses the innovative mode of teaching and running schools to meet the development direction of China’s higher education. She is not only the crystallization of history, but also the proud of the times. She is a melting pot and training ground for the new generation to adapt to the new society.

The college is located in the southern suburb of Xi’an, a famous ancient city in China. The campus covers a total area of more than 1,000 acres. Here is far south of the Qinling Mountains (Qinling Mountains), and its close companion to the water, has been a treasure of feng shui in history. One of the famous Eight Scenic Spots in Guanzhong, “Cottage Smoke” is close at hand, and the prototype of the “Southern Shortcut” idiom story happened here. According to the study of Chinese cultural history experts, the main source of Chinese culture is in the Western Zhou Dynasty, and the source of the Western Zhou culture flows out of Lishui. This is the famous “Jiaohao Culture”. Li Shimin, the great king in the history of our country, worked here in the summer after taking office, and finally died here.

The campus of the Modern College of Northwest University is divided into two parts, North and South, and the South is the teaching area. It consists of Shaoguangmen, a large teaching building (grammar, economic management, art, media) and a large library. Its building complex is European classical style. South Gate (Shaoguang Gate) is one of the most magnificent and classic gates in Chinese universities, and it is also the rare main gate facing Nankai University in this area.

The main teaching units of Modern College of Northwest University are ten secondary colleges, three teaching departments, and one center, including the School of Director and Performing Arts, the School of Broadcasting and Hosting Art, the School of Art and Design, the School of Film and Television Director, the School of Photography and Animation, the School of Music and Dance, Business school, liberal arts college, national college, engineering technology college, basic department, ideological and political department, sports department, experimental training center, etc.

The college has established more than 30 distinctive majors, such as radio and television director, broadcasting and hosting arts, musicology, dance science, theater and film director, acting, photography, digital media art, visual communication design, environmental design, Chinese language Literature, Internet and New Media, Financial Management, Financial Engineering, Asset Evaluation, Drama, Film, Television, Literature, Animation, International Economics and Trade, Human Resource Management, Engineering Management, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Pharmaceutical Engineering, English, Applied Chemistry, Journalism, Advertising and so on. These majors are either strong majors at Northwestern University or popular majors in China. The society has a high degree of recognition of these professions and good employment prospects.

Modern College of Northwest University values talent education. Northwestern University sent a school-level leader in charge of teaching. The school has set up a steering committee, and the governor is responsible for the supervision of teaching quality. Northwestern University’s experts and scholars serve as the discipline leaders for each major of the university. Most of the teachers in the main courses come from key national universities.

In order to ensure the effective implementation of talent education, the school implements expert scholarship and hires well-known industry leaders to serve as the dean of the secondary school: such as the famous broadcast host artist Ms. Chen Aimei as the director of the broadcast host art school; the well-known photography artist Mr. Zhong Kechang as the photography art school Dean; well-known performing artist Ms. Yan Bin as dean of the School of Performing Arts; well-known art design expert Mr. Gao Jinmin; dean of the School of Art and Design; well-known writer Gao Jianqun as honorary dean of the Faculty of Arts, and well-known prose writer Chen Changyin as the Faculty of Arts Dean; National Second-level Professor, Deputy Dean of Northwest University School of Chemical Technology, Mr. Fan Jun as Dean of the School of Engineering and Technology; Famous Cultural Scholar Mr. Sun Jianxi as Dean of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Well-known philology expert, and former Library Director of Shaanxi Normal University Kang Wanwu is the director of the library.


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