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Introduction to Nanjing Audit University Jinshen College

Nanjing Audit University Jinshen College (南京审计大学金审学院, website) is a full-time general undergraduate university that mainly develops audit, accounting, and finance talents, and develops in a coordinated and multi-disciplinary manner in economics, management, engineering, education, and art. The school is located in the ancient capital of Jinling, which is Zhongling Yuxiu and Huying Longpan, and is located in the center of the beautiful Xianlin University Town in Nanjing. Here are 12 universities including Nanjing University and Nanjing Normal University. The cultural atmosphere is strong, the campus has beautiful scenery, and convenient transportation. It is a good place for students to study and study.

Nanjing Audit University Jinshen College is a public full-time private undergraduate college of the ordinary full-time undergraduate level established in 2002 by the Education Department of Jiangsu Province. On November 17, 2015, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, Nanjing Audit College was officially renamed Nanjing Audit University, and Nanjing Audit College’s Golden Audit College was also renamed Nanjing Audit University’s Golden Audit College.

The school is committed to cultivating outstanding talents with comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, and physical beauty, social responsibility, innovative spirit, and international perspective. The school enrolls students nationwide, and currently has about 10,000 full-time undergraduates. The school shares the quality education and teaching resources of Nanjing Audit University and Xianlin University Town. There are more than 600 faculty members, including more than 200 teachers with senior titles such as professors and associate professors. Among the young teachers, more than 80% have doctoral and master degree degrees. A high-quality faculty team with a reasonable structure, superb business, and a combination of full-time and part-time jobs has been formed.

Nanjing Audit University Jinshen College currently has 7 secondary colleges and a basic teaching department of the School of Accounting and Auditing, the School of Finance and Economics, the School of Management, the School of Information Science and Engineering, the School of Teacher Education, the School of Art and Design, the International Business School There are 21 undergraduate majors such as auditing, accounting, finance, computer science and technology, pre-school education (normal), environmental design (art).

The school adheres to the international school running philosophy and strives to improve the level and level of international exchanges and cooperation. Established Sino-foreign cooperative education programs and institutions, and carried out extensive exchanges and cooperation with more than ten universities including Curtin University in Australia, Reading University in the UK, Puqing University in South Korea, and the Chartered Institute of Science and Technology in Singapore, which opened up a broader international perspective for students. Multi-level international exchanges and development opportunities for studying abroad.

Nanjing Audit University Jinshen College adheres to the construction of characteristic majors such as auditing, accounting, finance, and preschool education (teacher class), and continuously meets the personalized development of students going abroad for further studies, postgraduate studies, civil servants, and high-quality employment through modular teaching Demand has won widespread praise from society. Nearly 40% of graduates are employed in financial systems such as KPMG, Alibaba, the national tax authority, Bank of China, large and medium-sized enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises and government agencies. A large number of graduates were successfully admitted to top-ranking domestic universities such as Nanjing University, Southeast University, Tianjin University, and Hong Kong University, as well as graduate students from top-ranking international universities such as University of California, Los Angeles, National University of Australia, University of Sydney, Australia, and University of Edinburgh. For many years, the employment rate of school graduates has remained above 96%. The graduates ’job and professional relevance, satisfaction with employment status, and career expectations are among the top universities in Jiangsu Province.


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