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Nanjing Communications Institute of Technology (南京交通职业技术学院, website) is a public full-time general college. It is located in Nanjing, which has a long history and rich cultural heritage. The college covers an area of 921 acres, with a building area of 350,000 square meters, a total asset value of nearly 1.3 billion yuan, and a total value of 150 million yuan in teaching equipment.

Nanjing Communications Institute of Technology has more than 10,000 students and more than 5,000 continuing education students. In 2005, the college passed the assessment of the talent training level of higher vocational colleges in the Ministry of Education in 2005, and was identified as a model vocational college in Jiangsu Province in 2008. In 2010, it led the formation of Jiangsu Vocational Education Group of Transportation, and became National educational system reform pilot colleges and Jiangsu higher education comprehensive reform pilot colleges became pilot colleges for digital campus construction in vocational colleges in 2016, and were selected as high-level vocational college construction units in Jiangsu in 2018. In recent years, the college has successively won the Cradle of High-skilled Talents Award of the Jiangsu Provincial Government, the Advanced Unit of Provincial Vocational Education, the Provincial Advanced College of Teaching Work, the Advanced Collective of Graduate Employment Work, the Provincial Civilized Unit (Campus), and the Provincial Advanced Ideological and Political Work Collective and other honorary titles, repeatedly selected “National Top 50 Vocational College Service Contribution Top 50”, “National Top 50 Vocational College International Impact”, “National Top 50 Innovative Talents Cultivation and Discipline Competition”. The main core indicators and comprehensive strength of the school are ranked first in the province’s higher vocational colleges.

Nanjing Communications Institute of Technology is affiliated to Jiangsu Provincial Department of Transportation. Founded in 1953, Nanjing Communications Institute of Technology is the first specialized transportation school in Jiangsu since the founding of New China. 65 years of deep accumulation and innovative exploration, the school has achieved a lot of results: the first domestic pile testing training base serving the national highway water transport project, the national modern logistics training base supported by the Ministry of Transport, Dongfeng Peugeot, Dongfeng Citroen, Changan in East China Ford training center, vocational training and qualification center for employees in highway and automobile industries in the province. The school has delivered more than 70,000 highly qualified technical and technical personnel for the Jiangsu transportation industry, trained more than 1,000 chief engineers and general managers of transportation civil engineering enterprises, 60% of the provincial highway transportation construction project managers and technical backbones, and 60% The financial cadres of the province’s transportation system and 60% of the senior management staff of the province’s automobile 4S shops are from our school, which has provided important support for Jiangsu to build a transportation construction brand project and a transportation service brand project. It is known as the “Huangpu Military Academy” of Jiangsu Transportation .

Nanjing Communications Institute of Technology is a leading domestic transportation professional, which has helped Jiangsu’s transportation development take the lead. The college is closely connected with national strategies such as the “Belt and Road”, the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and the integration of the Yangtze River Delta. It focuses on the construction of Jiangsu’s modern integrated transportation system and focuses on building automobile services, transportation civil engineering, modern logistics, intelligent transportation, rail transportation, and construction engineering. Wait for 6 professional groups. Focusing on the “Internet +” intelligent transportation industry chain and regional pillar industries, the school develops 7 transportation-deficient majors such as the use and maintenance of new energy vehicles, the use of intelligent transportation technology, aviation services, and urban rail transit communication signal technology. The school’s professional setting is 70% compatible with the industry development. The professional layout has been expanded from “land transportation” to “public, railway, water, and air” comprehensive transportation, providing a strong support for Jiangsu to take the lead in building an integrated transportation system. The college has 2 national transport vocational education demonstration majors, 2 national upgrading professional service capacity building majors, 6 provincial brand (characteristics) majors, 2 provincial brand professional construction first-phase engineering projects, and provincial high-level backbones. There are 5 professional construction projects, 5 provincial demonstration key construction majors, and 4 provincial key specialty groups. The automobile professional group, the transportation and civil engineering group, and the transportation management group are in a leading position in the country.

Nanjing Communications Institute of Technology has advanced training and internship conditions. It has 4 training bases supported by the central finance, 3 training bases supported by the provincial finance, 1 training base supported by the Ministry of Transport, and training by the provincial department of transportation There are 7 bases; 188 training bases and 105 internship bases have been established by the school and enterprises. Teachers are strong, with senior titles accounting for 53% of full-time teachers, master’s degrees and above accounting for 88.5% of full-time teachers, “double-teacher” quality teachers accounting for 88%, and one of the country’s “ten million teacher projects”. There are 16 provincial and ministerial teaching teachers, and 3 outstanding teaching teams in provincial universities. They have been selected as talent projects in Jiangsu Province, including the “Six Talents Peak”, “333 Talent Project”, “Qinglan Project”, and “100 Talent Project” of Provincial Transportation. 42 People, with 2 provincial outstanding teaching teams, 13 “dual-teacher structure” teaching teams, 80% of professional teachers have practical experience in key transportation engineering construction or enterprise front-line posts, and have a part-time teacher pool composed of 441 enterprise technical backbones . The curriculum materials are rich in resources, including two national excellent courses, two national excellent resource sharing courses, 19 provincial online open courses, 19 excellent courses, 49 national planning teaching materials and key provincial teaching materials. The campus informatization construction has achieved remarkable results. The “digital campus” has been initially established and it has been listed as a national digital campus construction experimental school in vocational colleges. More than 60% of teachers have adopted informatization teaching methods such as “cloud classes” and won the first prize of the national informatization competition. 2 awards and 11 provincial first prizes.

Nanjing Communications Institute of Technology graduate employment monthly income and employment competitiveness index are among the highest in the province’s higher vocational colleges. Establish and improve the system of quality education for all employees, the entire process, and all-round “Three-Quality”, build a quality education platform such as “Tianyin Grand Lecture Hall” and “Jiatong Academy Stage”, and implement the industry culture of “One Academy (Department), One Product” , “One person, one art” training plan and elegant art into the campus and other cultural education brands, forming “three enters and three walks” campus cultural activities. Establish a training mechanism of “combination of education and teaching”, and build a practical training system with progressive capabilities of “basic skills-core skills-comprehensive skills”. Students participate in national vocational skills competitions and subject competitions with an average of nearly 100 awards each year. The award-winning level, quantity and gold content rank among the top universities in the country. Represented Jiangsu Province in the National Vocational College Skills Competition and won 10 first prizes, 6 second prizes and 4 third prizes.

Comply with the overall situation of national openness and expand new space for internationalized schooling. The college has become a pilot institution of the “Sino-German Vocational Education Automotive Electromechanical Cooperation Project (SGAVE)” of the Ministry of Education, and has carried out exchanges and cooperation with universities and educational institutions in more than 10 countries, including the United States and Britain. The school is the only vocational college in the country that conducts “recognition of credits” with Coventry University in the United Kingdom, and jointly launches the “3 + 1 + 1” junior college and master’s program to enhance the level of international cooperation in running schools. In recent years, nearly 300 teachers and students have been sent to study and exchange in Taiwan. In response to the “Belt and Road” construction, full-time international students are recruited. In conjunction with Jiangsu Transportation Engineering Group and other large transportation construction enterprises, the “Jiangsu Jiaoong Nanjing Jiaotong Academy Vietnam Branch” was established, and road engineering international talent training programs such as “Road and Bridge International Engineer Class” and “Port and Shipping Construction Master Class” were established to participate in partner companies. Foreign traffic engineering construction. The first Toyota “T-TEP” school in Jiangsu was established, and a professional teaching system that complied with the requirements of international standards was established. More than 500 teachers and students obtained international certifications, forming a fruitful practical action and development experience in line with the “go global” strategy.

By 2022, the Nanjing Communications Institute of Technology will achieve the overall goal of continuously strengthening its schooling strength, continuously improving its service development capabilities, and significantly increasing its internationalization level, and build the college into an industry-leading, domestic first-class, and internationally influential vocational education The institute provides talent guarantee and technical support for Jiangsu to build a “transportation power” provincial demonstration zone.


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