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Nanjing University Jinling College (南京大学金陵学院, website), founded in 1998, is located in the Pukou Campus of Nanjing University. It covers an area of 1011 acres, has a campus of 310,000 square meters, and has 12,000 teachers and students. It is engraved with the university motto of “Sincere and Majestic, Inspiring to Learn”, and it adheres to the spiritual homeland of “chewing roots and doing great things”. Here, the fragrance of flowers and books are the same scenery, and the characteristics and innovation are eternal pursuits.

The school’s organizer, a century-old Nanjing University, is a key comprehensive university directly under the Ministry of Education, the country’s first batch of “211 Project”, “985 Project”, “2011 Plan” and “double first-class” construction colleges and universities. He has achieved outstanding results in cultivation, scientific research, social services, and cultural heritage and innovation, and is well-known at home and abroad. The leadership of the party and government of Nanjing University attaches great importance to the care and support of various departments and departments, and strong school support, which provides a strong guarantee for the development of the school’s cause. Relying on the quality education and teaching resources of Nanjing University, the school adopts a brand-new school-running mechanism and model, based on Jiangsu, facing the whole country, firmly establishes the school development idea of “characteristic development, striving for first-class”, and explores the path of innovation for domestic first-class high-level application universities. To actively promote the reform of the training mode of in-depth integration of production, teaching, and research, and to cultivate high-quality application-oriented talents with innovative spirit.

Since the establishment of the school, Nanjing University Jinling College has steadily improved its comprehensive education, and its social reputation has been increasing day by day. In recent years, the admissions admission line of similar institutions has ranked first in the province, and the comprehensive evaluation has ranked first in Jiangsu, and has entered a popular rank in the country. The school boldly reforms, actively explores the path of scientific development, implements the dean’s responsibility system under the leadership of the council and the secondary management system of the colleges and departments, and has been listed as “Jiangsu Province’s National Education System Reform Pilot Universities” and “National Institutional Legal Person Governance Structure Construction” Pilot units, “Jiangsu Province Service Outsourcing Talent Training Pilot Universities”, “Nanjing Service Outsourcing Talent Training Base”, were rated as “Jiangsu Province Advanced Teaching Work University”, “Jiangsu Province Safe Campus Construction Demonstration University”, “Jiangsu May Fourth Red Banner Youth League Committee” “” Jiangsu Province University Advanced Collective of Logistic Work “” National University Advanced Collective Work of Food “and so on.

Nanjing University Jinling College always adheres to the discipline construction as the leader, and “strengthening applications, focusing on innovation, cross integration, and showing characteristics” as the professional construction guidelines, closely connecting the industry chain and innovation chain, and constantly seeking new application discipline growth points. There are seven secondary colleges including the School of Communication, the School of Business, the School of Foreign Languages, the School of Information Science and Engineering, the School of Chemistry and Life Sciences, the School of Urban and Civil Engineering, and the School of Art. There are 27 departments, 43 majors, and liberal arts. Multidisciplinary studies in medicine, economics, management and arts have been conducted, and a number of brand specialty programs have been cultivated. All of them participated in the professional construction sampling inspections and comprehensive evaluations of similar universities in the province. Awarded first-class undergraduate major in Jiangsu universities. The school has also planned a series of important academic activities to enhance domestic and foreign influences in various subject areas: the successful hosting of Chinese university student micro-film festivals, the China Underwater Robot Contest and the first International Underwater Robot Open, the Spanish Latin American Cultural Week and other important events. TV stations, People’s Daily, and other mainstream media competed to report, which aroused intense public attention. Hosted the Jiangsu Provincial SME Prosperity Index Press Conference for 5 consecutive years, and became a vivid example of effective integration of three major functions of talent training, scientific research, and social service in application-oriented universities. After receiving a batch of national experimental teaching demonstration centers from Nanjing University, the school invested tens of millions to build media fusion, quantitative finance, simultaneous interpretation, modern communication technologies, virtual cities, prefabricated building BIM laboratories, and nursing teaching skills A group of modern laboratories with advanced concepts such as digital media, established more than 200 industry-university-research platforms and practice bases inside and outside the school, and have carried out in-depth school-enterprise cooperation with well-known companies such as China Unicom, Hong Kong Favor, Founder Electronics.

Nanjing University Jinling College always adheres to team building as the core, and has carefully created a high-level team of teachers with noble morality, superb business, reasonable structure, and vitality. Many teaching teachers and well-known scholars have worked hard on the front line of teaching. Academician Guo Zijian is the chairman of the committee and a teaching supervisory committee composed of senior professors from Nanjing University. While introducing high-level discipline leaders, the school has adopted diversified training measures, established a teacher development center, focused on promoting the training of young key teachers, combined with a sound cadre selection and appointment mechanism, and implemented the “Excellent Counselor Growth Plan” to form multiple channels for faculty and staff Development of the “three promotion” plan. A group of outstanding young teachers has grown rapidly, and many have been selected into the “Blue Project” and “Domestic Visiting Scholars Program” of Jiangsu universities. With more and more outstanding teachers, dual-teachers and foreign teachers from Nanjing University joining, the teaching team continues to optimize. Adhering to the fine traditions and humanistic spirit of Nanjing University, the school opened the “Jinling Boya Lecture Hall”. Academicians of the two academies, well-known scholars and industry celebrities, and celebrities infected the students with academic style and personality charm. A group of young and middle-aged management backbones of Nanjing University has formed the backbone of the school’s management. They have pioneered and innovated, forged ahead, and the school’s career has been succeeded and passed on.

Nanjing University Jinling College has always adhered to the cultivation of talents as the foundation, and has continuously introduced new measures to improve the quality of cultivation. In 2011, he undertook the “Comprehensive Credit System Reform” project of the implementation of the national education system reform pilot in Jiangsu, fully drawing on the successful experience of Nanjing University’s “three-three systems” undergraduate teaching reform, co-building and sharing in high-quality curriculum resources, etc., to realize the individualization of students development of. In recent years, the “Professional +” action plan has been implemented to build an experimental area for cross-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary talent training such as “news drones”. At the same time, it has strengthened innovation and entrepreneurship education, and explored school-enterprise cooperation and education through “assembled buildings”. Mechanism, innovation to create a two-wing industry-university-research in-depth talent training model. The school invests special funds to organize teaching reform every year, undertakes a number of national project establishment projects and education reform and innovation projects of the Ministry of Education, has been awarded the Jiangsu Province Teaching Achievement Award and provincial key textbooks, and published more than 50 engineering engineering and other suitable applications. Excellent teaching materials for talent training goals. The school established the Applied Technology Research Institute in 2015 and cooperated with Nanjing University to open a new model of professional and master training; in 2019, it established a disciplinary research institute to further promote cross-disciplinary integration. At the same time, scientific research has been further advanced, and a series of breakthroughs have been made, such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Humanities and Social Sciences Program of the Ministry of Education. One of Nanjing’s key cultural projects in 2013, which was created by the Academy of Arts, was the old city south memory hall exhibition design, which was highly appraised by provincial and municipal experts; in November of the same year, the micro-documentary “Sun Ming Jing: The Back of Jinling Away” produced by the School of Media At the 8th Paris Chinese Film Festival, she won the best documentary film award for her abundant humanities and grim historical expression. The school actively docks and actively integrates into the construction of the national-level dual innovation demonstration base of Nanjing University, strengthens the cultivation of students’ practical innovation and employment and entrepreneurship capabilities, has successively won a number of projects of the Provincial Education Department’s “University Practice Innovation Training Program”, and vigorously develops academic science and culture. Art, volunteering and other college students ‘second classroom and social practice activities provide a broad space for students’ healthy growth and all-round development. In recent years, talent training has been fruitful. The passing rate of various grades of college students continues to lead the similar institutions in the country. It has repeatedly made achievements in various national and provincial university student competitions, and has won the first prize of the Summer Social Practice of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League. It is second to none among similar universities in the province. The Information Engineering Institute team participated in the National Robotics Competition and won 20 championships over the years. In 2018, the business school ERP team won the first prize of the National College Student Sand Table Simulation Management Competition for the fifth consecutive year with the outstanding results of the first place in the national online competition area and the gold medal in Jiangsu finals. Jinling students volunteered to serve a number of international competitions such as the Youth Olympic Games and the Asian Youth Association, which has won widespread praise. The graduates have a high employment rate and good career prospects, especially in the country (overseas), and the rate of further studies is high, such as 46.23% in the Spanish major in 2017, and 43.75% in the accounting major in 2018. Graduates will go to top domestic universities such as Tsinghua University, NTU, Fudan University, National University of Science and Technology, as well as world-class universities such as Columbia University, Cornell University, and University of Edinburgh.

Nanjing University Jinling College has always adhered to the path of international education, and has established long-term stable cooperative relations with more than 50 well-known overseas universities such as the University of Essex, the University of Missouri, the University of Toulon, and the Madrid Business School in Spain. International exchange students and cooperative training programs to create a multi-channel, wide-caliber “overpass” for students’ future development. Each year, the School of Media and the School of Journalism at the University of Missouri jointly host a media integration teaching week. Professor McKinn and other academic authorities are invited to give lectures, which has generated a warm response in the field of new media. “Spanish Latin American Culture Week” has been successfully held for 13 sessions. Spanish and Latin American embassies and consulate officials regularly visit and conduct face-to-face exchanges with students. CCTV’s Spanish language channel has conducted two exclusive interview reports. The awarding ceremony of the first short story competition, “Chinese Story at the End of the World”, jointly held by the Consulate General of Argentina in Shanghai and our school in October 2019, was covered by the national radio and television station of Argentina and reported positively to China. Voice, promoting China’s image.

As an important base for Nanjing University to carry out applied personnel training and applied scientific research, and to take root in Jiangsu to serve the country’s economic and social development, Nanjing University Jinling College is currently located in the Nanjing University Pukou Campus, with beautiful scenery and beautiful surroundings. Sexual landscape, known as “one of the ten most beautiful universities in Nanjing”. In the Hall of Fame, hundreds of world-renowned personalities and academics, such as Gary, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations, and Yang Zhenning, the Nobel laureate, have grown into trees and trees. The modern library of 31,000 square meters is rich in books and is an inexhaustible source of knowledge for students. The 2,400-seat science hall is a magnificent place, which is the best stage to show the style of teachers and students. Various advanced laboratories, well-equipped student apartments, restaurants with North and South flavors, convenient and efficient life services, create a superior environment for students to grow and become talents.

At present, facing the national strategy of regional integration and development of the Yangtze River Delta, Nanjing University has put forward the overall strategic concept of building the Suzhou Campus of Nanjing University and promoting the transformation and upgrading of Jinling College in combination with the “double first-class” construction. On March 16, 2019, Nanjing University and the Suzhou Municipal People’s Government signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with Nanjing University Suzhou Campus in Nanjing. The two parties will adopt the four-in-one collaborative promotion of “talent training, technological innovation, international exchange, and industrial development”. Cooperation model to jointly build a Nanjing University Suzhou campus that integrates domestic first-class high-level application universities, innovative graduate schools, first-class international colleges, and a number of first-class innovative technology research and development platforms and industrial bases. As an important part of the coordinated development of the “Four in One” of the Suzhou Campus of Nanjing University, Nanjing University Jinling College will be relocated to the Suzhou High-tech Zone as a whole in September 2022. Social development needs, to optimize the professional structure, to build a number of high-level brand specialty, specialty specialty.

Famous cities and famous schools are deeply integrated and developed. Standing at a new starting point in the new era, Nanjing University Jinling College will continue to pursue new visions, compose new chapters, and create new glories!


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