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Introduction to Ningxia College of Construction

Ningxia College of Construction (宁夏建设职业技术学院, website) is the only full-time public general technical college in the region approved by the autonomous region’s government and filed by the Ministry of Education. The college is located in the Ningxia Vocational Education Park, covering an area of more than 300 acres. The number of full-time students is 5,000. The annual education is nearly 2,000. The annual completion of professional education is more than 3,000, and the industry training is more than 5,000. There are currently 286 faculty members, including 251 full-time teachers, 9 with professor titles and 84 associate professor titles; more than 60 teachers with professional qualifications such as registered structure, geotechnical, cost, and first-class construction teachers.

The college has seven departments including construction engineering, management engineering, environmental engineering, material engineering, equipment engineering, basic teaching, and ideological and political teaching, and three centers of engineering training, engineering testing, and information technology. It mainly opens autonomous professional demonstration construction projects. 22 professional groups including technology, construction economic management, building decoration technology, and building intelligent technology, covering engineering technology, engineering management, engineering cost, engineering survey, engineering inspection, engineering safety, building materials, municipal engineering, garden engineering, construction Decoration, real estate business valuation, property management, building electrical, building intelligence and other professional and technical fields.

Ningxia College of Construction and 106 well-known companies have jointly established 106 talent training bases. In 2016, Ningxia Construction Education Group was successfully established. Industry experts and skilled artisans were invited to participate in the entire teaching management process, and the construction of the “Building Industry Education Professional Committee” was promoted. Formulate a talent training plan, discuss and jointly develop curriculum standards, jointly develop school-based teaching materials, and achieve joint education and training of talents; in 2017, it became the second batch of modern apprenticeship pilot units in the country to effectively promote the reform of modern apprenticeships.

In 2015, the “China (Ningxia) Modern Construction Technology Public Training Center” invested by the autonomous region government and completed by the college was completed. In 2018, a “Municipal Engineering Comprehensive Training Center” will be newly built. This is the national training center for construction universities. Model project. We believe that through government support, industry leadership, and school-enterprise linkage, it will become an exemplary public education base for the teaching of architectural technical personnel, training of industrial technicians, innovation in professional technology research and development, technical skills competitions in the construction field, and sharing by similar institutions.

Ningxia College of Construction trains technical backbones and engineering management backbones of various professional positions, and has sent more than 30,000 highly-skilled, skilled, and practical talents urgently needed by the society and the construction industry to the region and outside. It has become a construction talent in Ningxia and surrounding areas The cultivation base and the cradle of industry talent innovation have made outstanding contributions to the economic and social development of Ningxia.

Ningxia College of Construction has won the “Historical Collective of Education of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development”, “National Advanced Unit for Construction Talents”, “Advanced District for Employment of College Students”, “Civilized Unit in Yinchuan” and other historical brands of the college. Today, Ningxia Construction Vocational and Technical College is striving towards higher vocational colleges with distinctive characteristics of construction, such as “Ningxia Demonstration, Western Leading, National Famous”.


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