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Ningxia Polytechnic (宁夏职业技术学院, website) is a multi-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary comprehensive university under the People’s Government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. It undertakes various school-running tasks such as higher vocational education, distance open education, secondary vocational education, adult diploma education, technician education and continuing education. The school is formed by the merger of Ningxia Radio and Television University, Ningxia Workers College of Heavy Industry, Ningxia Workers College of Science and Technology, Ningxia Mechanical Technician School, Ningxia Agricultural School, Ningxia Agricultural Reclamation Workers Middle School, and Ningxia Light Industry School. The school consists of three campuses: the new campus covers an area of ??1583 acres, the old university campus covers an area of ??37 acres, the original textile campus covers an area of ??30 acres, and another 508 acres of comprehensive agricultural training bases are established. The school is the first national model higher vocational technical college in Ningxia, a national high-quality vocational college, the first batch of “modern apprenticeship” pilot units of the Ministry of Education, the nation’s “first batch of digital campus construction experimental schools in vocational schools”, and the first batch of ” “Internet + Education” model school, national high-skilled talent training base and national professional and technical personnel continuing education base. Has won the “National Outstanding Contribution Award for High-skilled Talent Cultivation”, “Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Outstanding School Award”, “National Civilized Unit” and other honorary titles, won 3 national teaching achievements second prize and “National Skilled Master Studio” 1 Each.

Ningxia Polytechnic currently has 742 faculty members, including 303 senior titles, and 228 graduate or master teachers. In the past three years, 26 high-level people including doctors and overseas students were introduced, and 12 high-tech sages with corporate experience and strong hands-on skills were introduced. At the same time, relying on the national and autonomous region’s teaching masters, “313” people and other training programs, a total of 25 professional leaders, 55 young backbone teachers were selected and trained. 1 national labor model, 1 national “five one” labor medal winner, 3 Huang Yanpei vocational education “outstanding teacher award”, 1 national high-skilled person training outstanding contribution award winner, and 313 people in the autonomous region 2 “1 famous teacher”, 1 model for teaching and educating people, 1 model for ethics, 26 teaching masters in Ningxia higher education, 4 selected as the key young people of the autonomous region, 4 people, 2 people from the philosophy and social sciences Person, one technology support talent.

Ningxia Polytechnic offers 50 majors (directions) covering 10 major categories including agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, chemical technology, equipment manufacturing, modern textiles, and health services. There are currently 9,244 full-time students. The employment rate of graduates after six months has remained above 95%, and the quality of employment has increased year by year. The school adheres to the concepts of “cooperative development, cooperative education, cooperative education, and cooperative employment”, taking the opportunity of the modern apprenticeship pilot work, continuously deepening the integration of production and education, insisting on co-professional construction with leading enterprises, and based on the company’s ability needs for highly skilled talent Adjusting the professional setting makes the goal of talent training and the direction of professional development clearer and more scientific, which effectively improves the overall level of professional construction.

Ningxia Polytechnic has a total of 56 open education majors, including 16 undergraduate (junior college) majors and 40 college majors. Since its establishment, as of 2018, Ningxia Radio and Television University has trained 137,193 graduates of various types of higher education. Among them, there are 1452 general colleges, 146 five-year regular colleges (junior colleges), 47,233 adult colleges, 34,811 open colleges, 49,725 open colleges, 3,727 registered auditionees (juniors), and 89 Central Disabled Education Colleges (juniors) . From 2016 to 2018, there were 17,660 students of all types.


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