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Introduction to Pingliang Vocational Technical College

Pingliang Vocational Technical College (平凉职业技术学院, website) is a public general higher vocational education school set up with the approval of the People’s Government of Gansu Province and filed by the Ministry of Education. In 2016, it began to recruit college students at the college level.

The college is located in Dongcheng District, Pingliang City. The campus covers an area of 500 acres and another 100 acres of experimental land. The total building area of the school is 210,000 square meters and the total investment is 1 billion yuan. The design concept is advanced, the front and back of the factory are built, and a modern vocational education talent incubation base of “factory + classroom + student + master” is built. The campus environment is elegant, with lush gardens, people under the trees, and cars parked underground, achieving a perfect harmony between people and nature.

The college has seven departments including education, medicine, culture and arts, construction engineering, economic management, mechanical and electrical engineering, biochemical engineering, and three departments: ideology, politics, sports, and arts; it also has a sports school and an affiliated technical school, and an affiliated hospital and Architectural Engineering Design Institute two entities. Currently there are 30 majors, and there are currently more than 7,200 college and secondary school students.

Pingliang Vocational Technical College has 512 faculty members, including 432 full-time teachers, 7 professors, 176 deputy senior titles and above, 90 graduate students, 92 “dual teacher” teachers, 2 external academicians, and 12 part-time professors The teaching team has a reasonable structure and excellent quality.

Pingliang Vocational Technical College has a total of 175 training factories, training centers, and experimental training rooms, including coal chemical, electrical and electronics, and clothing processing. These are national professional experimental training rooms, preschool education, electronic information technology, and automobile maintenance The other 6 are provincial professional experimental training rooms with a total value of 80 million yuan for various types of experimental training equipment and a total of more than 330,000 volumes of books and literature, which has established a good platform for the formation of students’ skills and the cultivation of innovative ability. .

In the century-long school running history, Pingliang Vocational Technical College has cultivated a large number of multi-level, multi-type practical talents for the society, and has accumulated a strong cultural heritage and rich schooling experience, condensing the “Chongde Duxing strong technical innovation” School motto spirit. In the new era, the college takes modern vocational education that is satisfactory to the people as its mission, and adopts the concepts of “recruitment means employment” and “graduation means employment”. It strives to train high-quality skilled personnel and provide talent support for economic development and social progress.


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