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Introduction to Qingyuan Polytechnic

Qingyuan Polytechnic (清远职业技术学院, website) was established in 2002. It is a comprehensive public higher education institution organized by the Qingyuan Municipal People’s Government. The college is located in Qingyuan, an excellent tourist city in China known as the “Pearl River Delta Back Garden” and a livable city in China. Qingyuan is only 60 kilometers away from the center of Guangzhou, adjacent to the Baiyun International Airport, Guangqing Expressway, Guangle Expressway, and Beijing-Guangzhou Railway runs through the north and south. The Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway has Qingyuan Station in the urban area and has convenient transportation.

The college has 7 secondary colleges, including the School of Nursing, the School of Foreign Languages and Economics, the School of Mechanical and Electrical and Automotive Engineering, the School of Tourism, Housekeeping and Art, the School of Information Technology and Creative Design, the School of Food and Drug, and the School of Continuing Education. There are 11,600 full-time vocational students. The college implements the “Strengthen Teacher Project” to strengthen the construction of the teaching staff. Currently, there are 27 high-level talents in Qingyuan City that are in short supply, 2 leading talents for higher vocational education majors in Guangdong Province, and 3 outstanding young teacher training programs for Guangdong colleges and universities. 3 1 person, Guangdong Yangfan plans to train high-level talents project, 1 key sailing project of Qingyuan City, “Sail Plan” project.

Qingyuan Polytechnic put forward the development goal of building higher vocational colleges with national influence and competitiveness. The college has been awarded “Guangdong Province Civilized Unit”, “Guangdong Province Civilized Campus”, “Guangdong Province Safety Civilized Campus”, “Guangdong Province Staff Moral Construction Advanced Unit”, “Guangdong Province College Public Security Comprehensive Management Advanced School”, “Guangdong Province Recruitment Work Advanced Unit” And other honorary titles, in 2013 was identified as a model higher vocational college construction unit in Guangdong Province. In 2005, Zhang Dejiang, then the secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, affirmed the work of the college when he inspected the college, and wrote an inscription for the college: “Promote education talents, scientific development, Qingyuan ambitious, and take off.” Qingyuan Vocational and Technical College was built into a national first-class vocational and technical college. . ”

Qingyuan Polytechnic Biopharmaceutical Technology is one of the first batch of national health service model demonstration specialty. Nursing, pharmaceutical production technology, electrical automation technology, and other three majors are the key specialty of provincial vocational education. Food biotechnology, mechatronics technology, and tourism management are three major professional construction projects of provincial vocational education. The three majors of drug operation and management, housekeeping service and management, and computer network technology are provincial brand professional construction projects. The two majors of rehabilitation technology and electronic information engineering technology are projects supported by the central government to support higher vocational colleges to improve their professional service industry development capabilities. The six majors, such as medical cosmetology technology and mechatronics technology, are the majors of the Ministry of Education’s modern apprenticeship pilot program. The quality of college education and teaching has been continuously improved, and students have repeatedly achieved good results in participating in various national, provincial and municipal skill competitions.

Qingyuan Polytechnic has relatively complete teaching facilities and equipment. Nursing, mechatronics technology, and computer application technology group training bases are vocational education training bases supported by the central government. Biopharmaceutical technology, food biotechnology, car maintenance and testing technology, midwifery, accounting, business English and other 6 training bases are provincial-level higher vocational education training bases supported by the province’s finances. The public training center for culture, education and arts, the training center for information technology and creative design, and the public training center for Internet technology innovation and entrepreneurship are the public training centers for higher vocational education in Guangdong Province. The college has established school-enterprise cooperative relations with more than 520 enterprises (industries), and each major has established a large number of high-quality off-campus training, internship, and employment bases. Nursing specialty, tourism management, computer application, automobile testing and maintenance and other professional college students’ out-of-school practice teaching bases are key construction projects in the province.

Qingyuan Polytechnic strengthened international cooperation and exchanges, actively responded to the national “Belt and Road” cooperation initiative and the development plan of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Colleges and universities establish cooperative and exchange relations, cooperate in talent cultivation, curriculum system construction, teacher training, exchange student learning exchanges, etc., learn to introduce internationally advanced, mature and applicable professional curriculum standards, teaching material systems and other high-quality educational resources, and strive to cultivate Vision of high-quality technical and skilled personnel.

Qingyuan Polytechnic has established a comprehensive employment guidance and service system, and the employment rate and quality of graduates have continued to improve. The college strengthens the construction of campus culture and strives to build a green campus, a beautiful campus and a scholarly campus. The college attaches great importance to safety management and has built a safe, stable and harmonious education environment.



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