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Introduction to Rizhao Marine Engineering Vocational College

Rizhao Marine Engineering Vocational College (日照航海工程职业学院, website) is a full-time general college with the participation of social forces and the approval of the People’s Government of Shandong Province. It implements a two-level management system at the provincial and municipal levels, with Rizhao as the main management system. It is one of the first 12 pilot colleges and independent admission colleges for comprehensive evaluation of higher vocational education in Shandong Province. It has a 21-year history of running schools. Shandong province school-enterprise cooperation (industry-education integration) demonstration unit, intelligent elevator engineering training and appraisal center, and luxury cruise simulation training center are included in Shandong province’s colleges and universities basic capacity construction project.

Rizhao Marine Engineering Vocational College has perfect conditions for running a school. The planned land is 1,200 mu, and 515 mu has been constructed and used. There are 2 national maritime bureau compliance test centers, 8 basic laboratories, 45 professional experimental training rooms, 4 on-campus training centers, and 20 off-campus training bases. The 360° full-view navigation simulator is currently the first ship manipulation simulator with advanced domestic level equipped in Shandong Province. The Intelligent Elevator Engineering Training and Appraisal Center is included in the basic capacity construction project of universities in Shandong Province.

The college has a team of highly qualified teachers. There are currently 294 full-time teachers, with titles of associate senior or higher accounting for 32% of the total number of full-time teachers, and more than 50% of full-time teachers are “double-teacher” teachers. It owns one high-level innovative talent in Rizhao City and one expert member in the expert database of Rizhao Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau.

Rizhao Marine Engineering Vocational College has rich teaching and research achievements. Leaded the preparation of the “Shandong Mariner and Mechanics Professional Teaching Guidance Program” in Shandong Province, participated in the completion of a number of textbook editing tasks such as “Navigation”, “Ship Structure and Freight Transport”; hosted or participated in “Navigational Meteorological Fax Map Evaluation System” Research on Captain Intelligent Software ”and other projects above provincial level. College teacher Zhao Xiaoli won the first prize in the National Vocational College Informatization Teaching Competition, which is the best result in Shandong Province since the competition was held for 7 years. GMDSS, marine English, ship electrical and automation, and other single subject pass rates have ranked among the top universities in the province for many years.

Rizhao Marine Engineering Vocational College has three maritime advantages majors in navigation technology, marine engineering technology, and international cruise management. The school has a history of running school, and its schooling strength ranks among the top universities in the province. Each port and shipping specialty has a speciality that meets the strategic needs of Rizhao’s “port-based city” strategy. Elevator engineering technology, fire engineering, e-commerce, hotel management, computer network technology, and mechatronics are major emerging social needs. Strong employment competitiveness.

Employment of college graduates is fully guaranteed. Majors in marine technology, marine engineering, international cruise line management, etc., together with China Merchants, COSCO, Yangtze River Shipping Group, China Energy Shipping, Beijing Huayang Maritime Center and other central enterprises and Hong Kong Minghua, Hong Kong Hualin, Haihong Steamship (Hong Kong) , Foreign companies such as Costa, Singapore OCEAN TANKERS and Rizhao Port, Lanqiao Port; mechatronics, computer network technology, e-commerce, hotel management, elevator engineering technology, fire engineering and other majors, and Haier, Hisense, Thyssen Elevator, Otis Elevator, Shandong Iron and Steel, Rizhao Steel and other famous enterprises have established long-term employment cooperation. As soon as the students entered the school, they signed an employment agreement with the above-mentioned enterprises without any worries about employment.

Rizhao Marine Engineering Vocational College seizes the country’s implementation of the “Belt and Road” development strategy, bases itself on sunshine, serves the whole province, and radiates the whole country, and strives to build high-skilled talents with distinctive characteristics and high-quality first-class careers around the cultivation of economic and social integration and development needs Colleges.


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