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Sanjiang University (三江学院, website) is located in the historical and cultural city of Nanjing. It is a provincial general undergraduate university approved by the Ministry of Education. It is the first private undergraduate university in Jiangsu Province and one of the earliest four private undergraduate universities in the country.

The school name of Sanjiang College can be traced back to Sanjiang Normal School (predecessor of Southeast University, Nanjing University, etc.) in 1902. In March 1992, Tao Yongde and Qi Huanlin of Southeast University, Chengyang Ding of Nanjing University, and Xing Mingcai, Nanjing Workers College, four retired and retiring professors and education management cadres initiated and founded Sanjiang University. In June 1993, the Jiangsu Provincial Government agreed to Sanjiang University to build and The trial enrollment was formally established in April 1995 with the approval of the former State Education Commission. In 1999, the school was located in Tiexinqiao, Yuhuatai District. In February 2002, it was upgraded to an undergraduate college with the approval of the Ministry of Education and named Sanjiang College. In May 2006, it passed the accreditation of bachelor’s degree award in Jiangsu Province. In May 2007, the school was the first private undergraduate college in the country to receive the undergraduate teaching level assessment of ordinary colleges and universities in the Ministry of Education. In March 2008, it passed the undergraduate teaching level assessment of ordinary colleges and universities in the Ministry of Education with good results. In 2011, the school became an experimental area for comprehensive reform of higher education in Jiangsu Province and a pilot university for the project of “Building a Modern University System” in Jiangsu Province. In 2017, the school became an authorized construction unit for master degree graduate students in Jiangsu Province. In 2018, the school was registered as a public institution legal person in the provincial establishment department.

Sanjiang University established the leadership and management system of the principal responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors. Professor Qian Zhonghan, former dean of Nanjing Institute of Technology, became the first chairman, Professor Kuang Yaming, former president of Nanjing University, became the honorary president, and wrote the school motto of “Practical and Realistic Innovation,” with Professor Tao Yongde of Southeast University as the first president. . In 2003, in accordance with the spirit of the “Private Education Promotion Law”, the school reorganized and established a council on the basis of the original board of directors. Professor Chen Wannian, the representative of the Ninth National People’s Congress, the former director of the Jiangsu Provincial Education Committee, and the secretary of the Party Committee of Southeast University, served as the chairman, principal, and party secretary Ms. Chen Xiangmei, a well-known social activist and Chinese American, was the honorary chairman of the school before her death. Dr. Li Changyu, a world-renowned detective and Chinese American, was an honorary professor of the school. In March 2013, after being appointed by the Education and Work Committee of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, the former Deputy Secretary of the Education and Work Committee of the Jiangsu Provincial Committee, Comrade Clinton Lin, served as Secretary of the Party Committee of Sanjiang University. Voted by the Sanjiang College Board of Directors: In January 2014, Professor Chen Yuntang was appointed as the president of Sanjiang College; in May 2017, Professor Zuo Ling was appointed as the president of Sanjiang College; in June 2019, Professor Wu Zhongjiang was appointed as the president of Sanjiang College.

Sanjiang University currently has the main campus of Tiexinqiao, East Campus, South Campus, Dongshan Campus, and Zhushan Road Campus. The main campus of Tiexin Bridge is located on the new Qinhuai River at the foot of Niushou Mountain, Yuhuatai District, Nanjing City, between the two mountains and three mountains. The poem “Remembering Jiangnan” by Luo Jialun, the president of the Central University, is a European-style school building, elegant and magnificent, integrated with the green mountains and green waters, with a greening rate of 70%. The five campuses cover a total area of 1030.4 acres, with a construction area of 470,700 square meters, teaching and administrative buildings of about 207,000 square meters, and a student dormitory area of 143,700 square meters. The Gigabit optical campus network covers the entire campus, and the library holds 3.4466 million books.

Sanjiang University currently has 21,306 full-time undergraduate students, with 13 secondary colleges and 49 undergraduate majors. With the guidance of “strengthening advantageous majors, transforming traditional majors, and cultivating emerging majors”, the school has established six professional clusters that are closely connected with the pillar industries and new industries of Jiangsu Province, forming the fields of engineering, literature, management, economics, law, art, Professional layout of coordination and development. At present, it has one national comprehensive reform pilot specialty, two Jiangsu provincial brand majors, and one provincial outstanding engineer pilot major. The number and level of major construction majors at the provincial level and above rank first in the province’s private undergraduate universities.

Sanjiang University adheres to the strategy of strengthening the school by talents, makes full use of the resource advantages of the “Famous Schools to Strengthen the City” and the private mechanism, and implements the construction policy of “actively introducing, focusing on training, hiring, and gradually strengthening”. There are 569 full-time teachers and 525 external teachers. Teachers with senior professional titles accounted for 52.7% of teachers, 84.4% of teachers with master’s and doctoral degrees, and 32.7% of teachers with dual skills and dual ability. Four teachers enjoyed special allowances from the State Council, and 30 were selected as provincial talent engineering projects. Professional leaders have senior titles. The teacher characteristics of “Famous Teachers Leading, Backbone Support, and Dual Teacher Structure” have begun to appear.

The school focuses on applied research and serves local development. It has 4 first-level disciplines of key construction in Jiangsu Province. In the past three years, he has presided over 131 national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, including 1 National Natural Science Fund project, 2 National Social Science Fund projects, and 3 Humanities and Social Science Fund projects. 98 new horizontal topics were added, and the account for vertical and horizontal topics was 10.101 million yuan. Teachers published 1020 papers, including 229 papers in SCI, EI, and core Chinese journals. Obtained 64 patents. In 2017, Professor Xu Panqing of our school devoted himself to the research on the South Island Reef issue, provided strong evidence for safeguarding the sovereignty of the South China Sea Islands, and was awarded the “Top Ten Marine Figures of 2016” by the State Oceanic Administration.

Sanjiang University implements comprehensive reforms, condenses and cultivates characteristics. Adhere to the orientation of application-oriented training, reform the training mode of talents, and improve the quality of talent training. Developed “certification-oriented, industry-recognized” training standards, established a “module structure, project carrier” training plan, piloted a training mechanism of “diversion training, independent selection”, and launched a course of “vertical linkage and horizontal interaction” The reform has strengthened the practical teaching of “close to engineering and comprehensive application”, adopted “capability-oriented, diverse and multi-dimensional” learning evaluation, implemented “three teachers leading, three stages of docking” student management, and created “three teaching integration, “Autonomous shunt” training model. In the past three years, he has presided over 26 provincial teaching research and reform topics and published 485 teaching and research papers, including 44 core journals. In the past three years, he has used the school ’s teachers to self-publish and publish 84 characteristic textbooks. One school key teaching material, and one provincial open online course. Since 2001, he has won 10 provincial and above teaching achievement awards.

Sanjiang University attaches importance to students ‘innovation and entrepreneurship education, establishes the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, formulates a talent training plan for the organic integration of professional education and innovation and entrepreneurship education, sets up 8 college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship education credits, and provides a “basic + module” innovation and entrepreneurship curriculum system to build The innovation and entrepreneurship work system based on competitions, innovation project training and entrepreneurship project practice, establishes an online and offline innovation and entrepreneurship platform, and achieves full coverage of innovation and entrepreneurship activities. Since the implementation of undergraduate practical innovation training program in 2007, the school has accumulatively established 774 national, provincial and school-level projects. Since 2015, students have won 550 national and provincial awards.

The school pays attention to school-enterprise synergy and builds a practical platform together. It has established 20 characteristic laboratories (experimental centers) with Siemens, Mitsubishi, NXP, CLP Solar, Guttan Network, and other companies. It also cooperates with the Software Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Crestron China Co., Ltd., and Jiangsu Performing Arts Group. And other companies have jointly established 7 industrial colleges, including China Sanjiang Software Engineer College, Smart Home College, Jiangsu Network Literature College, Huawei Information Technology and Network Technology College, New Energy Industry College, and Catering Brand Service College, and 1 national level Off-campus practice education base for college students, 157 off-campus practice bases. The school has 5 provincial-level experimental teaching and practical education centers with 285 laboratories. The total value of teaching and research instruments and equipment is 129,359,600 yuan, and the average per student is 6,100 yuan. The resource conditions for joint construction and collaborative education of the school and enterprise have basically formed.

Sanjiang University focuses on international exchanges and broadens educational resources. It has established stable cooperative relations with universities in 12 countries and regions including the United States, Britain, the Netherlands, Canada, Japan, and South Korea. In recent years, it has implemented undergraduates, graduate students, and teachers with the University of New Haven, Purdue University, the University of Huddersfield, the University of Adelaide, Australia, the University of South Korea, the University of Science and Technology of Macau, and the University of Applied Sciences of Saxon in the Netherlands. Training project. In 2013, the school began to receive scholarships for foreign students from the Nanjing Municipal People’s Government. In 2014, the undergraduate education project jointly conducted by the school and the University of New Haven in the United States passed the evaluation of the Ministry of Education.

Sanjiang University creates a positive, healthy, lively, civilized and harmonious campus culture atmosphere, cultivates students’ cultural and artistic accomplishments, improves students’ comprehensive quality, and highlights students’ dominant position. Based on university culture and art festivals, community ceremonies and “one hospital, one product” and other campus cultural brand creation activities as the main line, all flowers bloom and hundreds of schools contend. Various themed education, art performances, top ten singer contests, calligraphy contests, essay contests, photography exhibitions , Debate contest, aerobics competition, instrumental music competition, college student style image display, elegant art introduction campus, drama festival, folk music concert, symphony recital, appreciation of Chinese and foreign famous songs and other series of activities, strengthened the cultivation and cultivation of students’ culture and art Feelings, exercised ability, enriched college students’ extra-curricular cultural life, and effectively promoted the development of campus cultural activities in a comprehensive, systematic, multi-level, and high-level direction. In the 2017 Jiangsu Province Fifth College Student Art Exhibition, the school won 1 special prize in the performance category and 2 third prizes, and won the Jiangsu Province Fifth College Student Art Performance Excellent Organization Award. At present, the school has a total of 57 student associations, covering science and technology, academic, culture, art, sports, public welfare and other categories. Each year, the association organizes sports activities such as football leagues, table tennis competitions, badminton competitions, and top ten writer competitions. Cultural and artistic activities such as teacher and student calligraphy and painting exhibitions, drama performances, and hip-hop performances fully demonstrated the style of the student community and won the favor of the majority of students. The school’s Dragon Boat Team, Taekwondo Association, and basketball team have won awards in various international and domestic competitions.

The quality of school personnel training has been continuously improved. The pass rate of students’ English level four in the last three sessions has remained above 70%, ranking among the best in private universities nationwide. Since 2015, students have won 710 provincial or higher awards in various competitions, including 13 international awards and 234 national awards. The school registration rate has always remained at 100%, and Jiangsu Shengyuan’s first voluntary admission rate has always remained at 100%. It is maintained at about 94%, and the employment rate remains above 95%. It is easy to use and durable. Since its establishment, the school has sent more than 100,000 first-line talents in production, management and service to the society.

Sanjiang University school has complete study and living service facilities. The modern library provides reading and information inquiry services for students; the open multifunctional gymnasium can meet the needs of students for a variety of fitness exercises; student accommodation enjoys apartment-style living, and is located in the catering, supermarket, medical, savings, washing A living environment that integrates telecommunications, postal services, and telecommunications; uses the campus “one card” to achieve zero cash consumption, and conveniently realizes campus consumption, borrowing books, and access control. The student dormitory is managed by a dedicated staff 24 hours a day, and the campus traffic management is orderly to provide students with a safe living environment. Each student dormitory is equipped with air conditioning, fiber optic broadband network interfaces, etc. Each student has a separate desk and wardrobe.


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