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Introduction to Shaanxi Institute of International Trade and Commerce

Shaanxi Institute of International Trade and Commerce (陕西国际商贸学院, website) is located in the historical and cultural city of Xi’an. It was founded by Buchang Pharmaceutical Investment in 1997. It was upgraded to an undergraduate college in 2008 with the approval of the Ministry of Education. Approved postgraduate joint training demonstration units.

Shaanxi Institute of International Trade and Commerce covers an area of ??more than 1,000 acres, with a total construction area of ??362,000 square meters. It has relatively complete facilities for teaching, scientific research, sports venues, university student activity centers, and academic lecture halls. The total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 118.99 million yuan, the library’s paper collection is 1.187 million volumes, the digital books are 21.599 million volumes, the telecommunication and education network dual-link interfaces, and Gigabit broadband. There are currently 14,199 full-time students. There are 10 secondary colleges, 3 teaching departments, and there are 34 undergraduate majors and 18 higher vocational majors, covering 7 disciplines of economics, literature, engineering, medicine, management, arts, and education. In order to meet the needs of regional economic and social development and industry and industry, a multidisciplinary and professional development system featuring medicine as the mainstay and business as the mainstay supports and coordinated development.

Shaanxi Institute of International Trade and Commerce currently has 2 provincial-level innovation and entrepreneurship education reform pilot colleges, 3 provincial-level talent training model innovation experimental areas, 4 provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration centers, and 1 provincial-level virtual simulation experimental teaching center. 1 provincial virtual simulation experiment teaching project. There are 3 provincial first-class professional training projects, 4 provincial-level comprehensive reform pilot projects, 10 provincial-level excellent courses, and 4 provincial-level excellent teaching materials.

The school has 744 teachers, 230 teachers with deputy or higher titles, 546 doctoral and master’s degree teachers, 186 dual-teacher teachers, 2 foreign teachers, 1 academician, 2 “step scholars” specially appointed professors, and the State Council There were 4 recipients of special allowances, 7 provincial teachers, and 4 provincial teaching teams.

The school takes advantage of the unique advantages of running a business to actively serve local economic and social development. Shaanxi Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance was established, and was awarded the “13115” scientific and technological innovation project in Shaanxi Province-Shaanxi Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmaceutical Engineering Technology Research Center, Shaanxi Province University Key Research Base of Philosophy and Social Science-Health Culture Research Center, Shaanxi Province “Key Laboratory of Chinese Medicine and Pharmaceutical Key Technology” and other 14 provincial-level scientific research platforms. Among them, the Traditional Chinese Medicine Green Manufacturing Technology Collaborative Innovation Center, Shaanxi Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Technology Innovation Service Sharing Platform, and Biomedical Innovation Technology Academician Expert Work Station are the first private universities in Shaanxi Province. Established technology platform.

Shaanxi Institute of International Trade and Commerce actively carries out exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, introduces overseas high-quality education resources, and launches multi-level cooperative education programs. It has established cooperation with more than 20 domestic universities such as Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taiwan Chaoyang University of Science and Technology. The school has established long-term cooperative exchanges with universities in the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia and other countries, and has established joint training programs with Cardiff City University in the UK, University of Birmingham, and St. Vincent Mountain University in Canada.

Shaanxi Institute of International Trade and Commerce will continue to adhere to the road of intensive development and school-enterprise cooperation in running schools, give play to the advantages of running schools, optimize the discipline structure, and improve the quality of education and teaching.


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