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Shaanxi Institute of Mechatronic Technology (陕西机电职业技术学院, website) was approved by the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government in November 2015 and filed by the Ministry of Education in April 2016. It was established by the State Key Technical Secondary School and the first batch of national reform and development model schools established in 1986-Shaanxi Electronics Industry School It is a provincial full-time ordinary vocational college formed by the merger and reorganization with Shaanxi Electronics Industry Workers University. For more than three decades, the school has made full use of the advantages of the disciplines and majors of electromechanics and manufacturing, and has continuously strengthened the teaching staff. It has formed a distinctive system of equipment manufacturing majors such as electromechanical, electronics, automotive, information, processing and manufacturing, integrating higher vocational education, secondary Vocational education, labor skills training and adult continuing education are integrated into one, and a large number of high-quality application-oriented talents have been trained, which have made important contributions to the transformation and development of the equipment manufacturing industry in the province.

Shaanxi Institute of Mechatronic Technology has been awarded as the National Advanced Collective of the Education System, the National Advanced Collective of the Information Industry System, the first batch of National Vocational Education Reform and Development Demonstration Schools, 100 National Pilot Schools for Part-Time Work, Advanced Units for Vocational Education in Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi The first batch of demonstration secondary vocational schools in Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi Provincial Advanced Employment Unit and Shaanxi Ping’an Campus were identified by the Ministry of Human Resources and Information Technology and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as “National High-skilled Personnel Training Bases for Electronics and Information Technology” in 2004 and included in the Ministry of Education in 2004 The implementation institution of “National Manufacturing and Modern Service Industry Skilled Shortage Talent Cultivation and Training Project” was identified by Shaanxi Provincial Education Department as “Shaanxi Manufacturing and Modern Service Industry Skilled Shortage Talent Cultivation and Training Project” (in the field of numerical control technology). The training base led the formation of Shaanxi Electronic Vocational Education Group in 2008, and in 2015 established the Baoji Modern Equipment Manufacturing Vocational Education Group. At the same time, the academy is also the first batch of “modern apprenticeship” pilot institutions in the country and Shaanxi Province.

Shaanxi Institute of Mechatronic Technology Baoji, the second largest city in Shaanxi Province, covers an area of 315 acres. It has 8 on-campus training bases with excellent equipment and full functions and more than 100 laboratories. 2 automobile training bases for vehicle operation and maintenance, 1 professional training base for vehicle operation and maintenance at the provincial level, 1 professional training base for mechanical and electrical technology at the provincial level, and 1 provincial training center for professional application of the NC technology It has built cultural and sports venues such as libraries, auditoriums, gymnasiums, badminton rooms, basketball courts, 400m standard plastic track and field athletics stadiums, etc .; it also has relatively complete infrastructure such as teaching buildings, student apartments, student cafeterias, and multi-purpose lecture halls, with a construction area 120,000 square meters.

Shaanxi Institute of Mechatronic Technology currently has more than 300 faculty members, including 178 full-time and part-time teachers, of which 65 have a technical title of associate high school or above, and 101 “double-teacher” teachers. Actively organized teaching and research and scientific research activities, and the overall academic level has been continuously improved. Since 2000, 48 types of teaching materials have been published, more than 130 papers have been published in various journals, and more than 30 teaching and research results have been obtained. Awards.

The school has six secondary colleges, including the Intelligent Manufacturing College, the School of Electronic Engineering, the School of Information Engineering, the School of Automotive and Transportation, the School of Civil Engineering, and the School of Economics and Management, and offers eight five-year colleges and three three-year vocational colleges 27, including mechatronics technology, numerical control technology, electronic information engineering technology, communication technology, construction engineering technology, engineering cost, automotive electronics technology application, automotive application and maintenance technology, computer graphic design, computer animation and game production, accounting electronics Computerization, marketing and planning, e-commerce, etc. There are currently more than 5,000 full-time students, and the annual training volume for various vocational skills training exceeds 2,000.

The school aims at cultivating post-type, skill-type and application-oriented talents, and adopts a superimposed teaching system of “professional knowledge + employment skills + entrepreneurial qualities” to continuously deepen the talent training model, curriculum setting, teaching content, teaching methods, teaching management system Reforms in other areas have gradually formed their own style and characteristics of running a school. The “integrated theory and practice” teaching model and “school-enterprise dual” education mechanism have been deeply influenced throughout the country, and the quality of talent training has been widely recognized by the society. The school adopts two methods of self-run enterprises and introduction of enterprises to enter the school. It combines Bachelor Xinzhi, Xinchuang and Xinyuan with electronics, CNC and computer majors, and introduces Baoji Leyu Measurement and Control and Baoji Hengsheng in combination with the major of electromechanical and mold. The two machinery companies and the school-enterprise jointly formulated a talent training plan and took the lead in piloting the implementation of the modern apprenticeship system in the country, forming a “school-enterprise dual education” mechanism that attracts enterprises to enter the school and integrates the two. 2018-2019 successively with Schneider (China) Co., Ltd., Baoji Geely Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Ruitong Investment Management Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Fast Gear Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Baoguang Vacuum Electric Co., Ltd., Chongqing Deckert Information Technology Co., Ltd., Demagison Precision Machinery Trading Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Changdian Technology Co., Ltd., Ningbo Geely Luoyou Engine Parts Co., Ltd., Zhumeng Hi-Tech Construction Co., Ltd., Germany BSK International Education Institution, Baoneng Automobile, A number of domestic and foreign companies such as Beijing Geely College / Geely Holding Group have signed school-enterprise cooperation agreements.

In recent years, Shaanxi Institute of Mechatronic Technology has won 114 first-class awards in national and provincial vocational college skills competitions, “Internet +” innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, national college student mathematical modeling competitions, and national college student electronic design competitions. He has been ranked among the best in six consecutive years; on behalf of Shaanxi Province, he has achieved outstanding results in participating in national competitions. He has won two first prizes, 15 second prizes, and 43 third prizes, and his reputation and social impact are increasing. At the same time, we attach great importance to student employment guidance, take the initiative to go out to contact high-quality employment units, establish graduate employment information networks, do a good job of employment services, and strive to train and resettle students. With Tianjin FAW Toyota, Xi’an Samsung, Shanghai Volkswagen, Shenzhen ZTE, Jiangsu Changdian Technology, Hangzhou Hikvision, Shanghai Electric, China Coal Fifth Construction, Geely Automobile, Fast, Fenghuo, Lingyun, Baoguang, Shaanxi Automobile, Baoji Petroleum Steel Pipe, China Railway Baoqiao, Qinchuan Machine Tools and other well-known enterprises have established good cooperative relations. The employment rate of graduates has remained above 98% for many years. Many outstanding graduates have become the backbone of the unit.


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