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Introduction to Shaanxi Vocational College of Finance and Economics

Shaanxi Vocational College of Finance and Economics (陕西财经职业技术学院, website) is a provincial full-time public general higher vocational college founded in April 1960. Its predecessor was Shaanxi Finance School, which has been renamed Shaanxi Statistics and Finance School and Shaanxi Finance and Accounting School. , Shaanxi Statistics Finance School, Shaanxi Finance and Economics School, etc. In September 2001, after being approved by the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government and reported to the Ministry of Education, it was independently upgraded to Shaanxi Vocational College of Finance and Economics. It is an excellent institution for assessing the level of personnel training of the Ministry of Education and a provincial model higher vocational college. The college is strong in running schools, has distinctive professional characteristics, outstanding teaching performance, and good social impact. It has trained more than 50,000 highly qualified financial and economic management personnel for the society.

Shaanxi Vocational College of Finance and Economics is located in the historical and cultural city of Xianyang, located at No. 1 Wenlin Road, Xianyang City, and the transportation is very convenient. The campus environment of the college is elegant and the school facilities are excellent. It has a single teaching building of 36,000 square meters and 181 multimedia classrooms. It has a single building of 10,000 square meters, first-class facilities, complete facilities, and can accommodate 2400 students at the same time. The large financial training center, which is shared by training and all majors, has 39 on-campus training rooms, including 3 provincial-level demonstration training bases and 2 central financial support training bases. The library has a total of 650,000 volumes. China HowNet and Wanfang Resources Database are opened at the same time. The campus network has a backbone network of 10G and an exit bandwidth of 1G. The wireless network achieves full campus coverage. There are basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, table tennis courts, Indoor and outdoor badminton courts, 400m standard plastic sports fields and other sports facilities have comprehensive infrastructure such as college student comprehensive literacy development centers, art centers, student apartments, multi-functional lecture halls, etc. The student cafeteria has been awarded the title of “standardized university student cafeteria” by the Education Department.

Shaanxi Vocational College of Finance and Economics has a total of more than 8,000 students, 520 faculty and staff, 1 second-level professor, 28 professors, and 125 teachers with professional titles at or above the deputy level. It has established 171 industry experts, enterprise technical backbones and A pool of external teachers with university professors. There are national candidates of “Millions of Talents in the New Century”, “National Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions”, State Council Experts with Special Government Allowances, New Century Outstanding Talents Support Program of the Ministry of Education, Undergraduate Teaching Review and Evaluation of Teachers, and Teacher Education Certified expert, National Outstanding Social Science Popularization Expert, Outstanding Returnees from Shaanxi Province, “Three Five” Talents of Shaanxi Province, “Three Qin Scholars”, Member of Shaanxi Provincial Decision-making Advisory Committee, Shaanxi Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee Education, Culture, and Health Work Consultant Expert. There are 1 post-doctoral staff, more than 210 doctoral masters, more than 180 dual-qualified teachers, 1 Chinese arts and crafts master, 7 certified public accountants, 4 registered asset appraisers, 4 registered tax accountants, 2 lawyers, and 1 foreign teacher. There are 3 members of the various professional teaching steering committees of the Ministry of Education, 3 provincial-level teachers with advanced personal ethics, 4 provincial-level teaching teachers, 1 provincial-level outstanding teacher, and 5 provincial-level vocational teachers.

In recent years, teachers of Shaanxi Vocational College of Finance and Economics have edited more than 300 textbooks, and obtained more than 10 national planning textbooks and provincial excellent textbooks. He has chaired 16 fund projects (12 at the provincial and ministerial levels), including the national 1 social science fund project, 1 bidding project of the Information Office of the State Council; published 2,230 various teaching and research papers, of which 5 were published in authoritative journals, 3 were reprinted in full by the National People’s Congress, and 785 were core journals. EI, CSCD, CSSCI, etc. included more than 30 papers, ISTP included 3 papers; undertook more than 70 department-level or higher teaching and research projects, obtained 4 national patents, and received provincial or ministerial level awards 7 times. Teachers have participated in more than 100 awards in national and provincial professional competence contests. The college insists on using annual vacations to arrange professional class teachers to companies for “one-on-one” social practice exercises.

Shaanxi Vocational College of Finance and Economics has 5 secondary colleges including UFIDA Xindao Accounting College, Management College, Business School, School of Economics and Finance, and College of Humanities and Arts. 25 majors were established, and a pattern of multi-disciplinary and coordinated development was formed with accounting as the leader and majors in finance and commerce majors. The majors were relatively focused and the specialty was distinctive. It has 4 provincial first-class majors such as accounting, financial management, financial management, and marketing; 7 provincial key majors of higher vocational education such as accounting; 3 provincial teaching reform pilot majors such as marketing; and 2 centrals such as securities and futures The financially supported “Professional Higher Vocational Schools Enhance Professional Service Industry Development Ability” major includes 2 national-level boutique online open courses and 8 provincial-level online boutique open courses. The college closely focuses on the axis of “industry-education integration and school-enterprise cooperation”, and strives to cultivate high-level education through a reasonable professional setting system, first-class innovation and entrepreneurship education incubation bases, strong training conditions, and a comprehensive school-enterprise cooperation practice platform. Quality technical skills.

Shaanxi Vocational College of Finance and Economics established He Xingwen Studio, a master of Chinese arts and crafts. Strengthened cooperation with off-campus internship bases, implemented full-time internships, built 187 off-campus internship bases, and developed “accounting standards” and “accountant competency certification system” in cooperation with Zhonghui Accounting Group Co., Ltd. , Intercontinental Hotels Group, Haitong Jiahao, Jinyuan Securities, Jiangsu Jingdong Information Technology Co., Ltd. and other companies signed a joint training agreement to jointly build an “order class” to integrate the corporate curriculum into the talent training program, the company participates in teaching, and students enter directly after graduation Enterprises; cooperate with more than 30 enterprises, such as Grant Thornton Accounting Firm, Shaanxi Delixin Law Firm, Shaanxi Runsheng Financial Management Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Lidi Tax Accounting Firm, etc., to jointly develop a modern apprenticeship system.

The college steadily implements the school running ideas of open school, open school and international school, accurately grasps the tasks and missions of opening school in the new era, strengthens international exchanges and cooperation, and establishes an international exchange and cooperation center to further expand international exchanges and cooperation. , Successively with more than 20 countries (borders) including Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia, Kuala Lumpur University in Malaysia, Shinawatra University in Thailand, University of New Haven in the United States, Roehampton University in the United Kingdom, IST University of Management and Technology in Germany, and Chaoyang University of Science and Technology in Taiwan. Well-known foreign universities have established friendly and cooperative relations. Since 2019, 9 overseas cooperation promotion projects have been reached, and 2 million study abroad funds have been provided for outstanding students. The maximum amount of each student can reach 100,000 yuan.

The Shaanxi Vocational College of Finance and Economics team won the first place in the provincial competition for eight consecutive years in the skills competition of higher vocational colleges, won the second prize of the national competition once, and the third prize of seven times; the bank’s comprehensive business for two consecutive years Won the first place in the provincial competition, won the second prize of the national competition 1 time; marketing won the first prize of the provincial competition for 6 consecutive years, won the second prize of the national competition 4 times; e-commerce won the first prize of the provincial competition 3 times, won the national competition 1 second prize and 1 third prize in the competition; won the first prize in the national finals of the “UFIDA Cup” National College Student Accounting Informatization Skills Competition; the college was awarded the advanced sports in Shaanxi Vocational Education College for 14 consecutive years The unit won the first place in the Shaanxi Provincial College Students’ Track and Field Games Vocational College Group for nine consecutive years.

Shaanxi Vocational College of Finance and Economics is open to 18 provinces and municipalities. It has a high voluntary application rate and high enrollment rate. The graduates are in good employment. The average employment rate in the last five years is above 95%. Above, it has been awarded the title of “Advanced Unit for Employment” in Shaanxi Province for two consecutive years. According to a survey by a third-party professional evaluation agency, graduates’ overall satisfaction with their alma mater for more than 90% for three consecutive years, and employer satisfaction for more than 92% for two consecutive years. The college is authorized by the China Employment Training Technical Guidance Center of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security as a national training base for new vocational talents in the Northwest, and listed as a “Provincial Employment Training Designated Organization” and “Provincial Venture Training Designated Organization” by relevant provincial departments. , “Shaanxi Accounting Accounting Training Base”, “Shaanxi Accounting Vocational Education Coordinated Development Center”. There is an abacus skill level appraisal station and a Chinese marketing qualification training and certification station. Has won the “National Advanced Collective of the Financial System”, “National Advanced Unit of Vocational Education System for Sports Work”, “National Food Safety Demonstration Unit”, “National Advanced Unit of Greening Work”, “Excellent Collective of Chinese Volunteers”, and “Shaanxi Province Civilization” “Campus”, “Shaanxi May Fourth Red Banner Youth League Committee”, “Shaanxi Provincial Advanced Unit of Employment Work”, “Shaanxi Provincial University Student Apartment Management Advanced Unit” title.


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